How was your first month on steemit like? What did you earn on your first post?

I really don't remember what I earned on my first post but it was definitely under a dollar. For sure. It was my introductory post and I have had some votes to it but nothing significant. The painful part though was what it came after. I had tens of posts with three or four cents in upvotes and it felt like I will never cross the one dollar mark. 

I was really disappointed and worked a lot to write my posts but I didn't stopped. At that time I was spending about 4-5 hours a day writing about three or fours posts a day. It was a though month I have to say and when I look back at it from where I stand now it feels like a lot of work and a lot of passion invested in. What I did wrong in my first month was to think that only blogging will bring me rewards and act like a lone wolf which was definitely a bad idea. 

I then discovered that interacting is important and without a community my posts would remain worthless for much more time to come. I was also a bit frustrated at that time when  I saw other posts from older users getting tons of upvotes and they didn't seem as "hard worked" as mine and I also didn't knew that in many cases very high amounts of upvotes were paid votes. 

I don't like bid bots at all and consider them definitely a harm to the platform but if I knew about them at that time I would probably used them for some time because I was really frustrated with my payouts. It was promising though. The Steem world as I discovered it and the price that Steem had at that time motivated me to continue blogging and give my best and I don't regret a single minute spent on Steemit. 

Bottom line my first month on Steemit was challenging but definitely a strong first step for my Steem experience. I usually quit pretty easy when things get hard but on this one I didn't and I am glad I didn't because it's worth it. 


It was pretty awesome even though I did not make any penny on my posts lol. But I liked the community from the beginning and in the first month I think I learned a lot about how Steemit works. 

For someone new it can be a pretty hard system to understand. I was looking at my wallet and saw SBD, STEEM and Steem Power and I had no idea what any of that meant. But that's what made it fun to be fair. The fact that you learned something new each day. I was also watching the trending section and I was in awe at how much people were earning there. It was a proof that someone is making money here and that was enough motivation for me to keep going.

Also, after about 2 weeks of posting and not earning anything I realized that as someone new with no followers, an awesome way of earning money is by commenting on other peoples posts, especially the ones with high Steem Power. More often than not, as long as you left a thoughtful reply you were rewarded with an upvote.

So, to sum it up, my first month was pretty awesome. Learned a ton of new things, made a few followers and also got a 1$ upvote on a comment that I made. My first upvote that was worth something. I was so happy that day it was like I won the lottery lol. 


I can't remember clearly the payout for my first post but I know I managed to gather like 20 - 30 followers right away, people that I knew from another platform. I got some upvotes as well but I'm not sure how much, must have been less than $1 for sure.

My first month was bittersweet. The first two weeks were ok, but then the honeymoon ended, I had to find out the 15 SP was in fact a credit from Steemit and had to learn about bandwidth restriction that make my life miserable. I had to learn to schedule my posts, make draft and use my time wisely. This was an important lesson for me. 

Powering up was my first priority so i can be my own boss and get rid of restrictions. Also had to learn to create meaningful content and to engage. Engaging is extremely important here. I've seen users registered before me and they are not even half way where I am now. Posting and waiting for big upvotes and comments is not a good strategy, it's the fastest way to nowhere. You're left behind and forgotten. 

However, one month is not enough to learn, I'm constantly learning, improving, trying out new things and this is how it's going to be. We always learn, there's always something new here and that makes is fun and enjoyable. 


"How was your first month on steemit like?"

It was a weird (good), new feeling. But not completely new. 

This is the first website, where I can earn cryptocurrency, but not the first, where I can earn money. I used Tsú, which was shut down. The minimum payout was $100 USD on that site, and I did not earned that amount, so I could not cash out anything, but I used to donate the earned money to verified charities, for example "Charity: Water".

"What did you earn on your first post?"

I did not earned anything (monetary) on my first post on Steemit. I didn't remembered, but I checked it with Steemd. It was a blog post. The title of that blog post is "Hello Steemit!". Posting that blog post was my very first action on Steemit. It was more than a year ago. I posted it on 2017.05.17. I have opened my first blog post on Steemit.com today, and I have noticed that I have 3 comments under my first blog post. 2 human comments (1 is my own as a reply to the only human comment), and 1 bot comment. The first comment on my first Steemit blog post was written by @arnel. He welcomed me on Steemit. I thanked him. The first bot comment on my first Steemit blog post was written by @steemitboard, congratulating me mentioning the fact that I made my first comment, and gave me a new (my first) badge on Steemit. This is how my Steemit experience started.


I think it wasn't just my first post but more like my first 10 or 15 posts earned not 1 c. I upvoted myself obviously as that was all they were going to get at that point.

I laugh now but those were rough times. You guys are so lucky as we never had a musing or steemhunt to run to and make extra income. It took me 60 days to pay back the 15 SP that Steemit had lent me to start with. That was a celebration but a real struggle.

I think it is better that we all struggle in the beginning as you appreciate things a lot more. Maybe not at the time but definitely afterwards.It makes sense to me why people give up and only a small percentage make it.

I had work colleagues laugh at me saying wow you made 3 c or 5 c but now they are keeping quiet. They are secretly wishing they had joined with me.


Honestly, it's like Hell XD.

My first month on steemit is very bad. I can't earn anything, and guess what?, i jump on the #NSFW category to earn some upvote(that's the stupidest thing I've ever done).

My first earning comes when i joined Steemhunt. It's like a miracle because i can earn a lot of STEEM / SBD / SP in short time.


My first month on steemit, December last year was my most awesome time on steemit. The price of SBD and STEEM was heading to the moon.

I was earning 2 to 5 STU averagely on a post. For a beginner couple with the price then, I was making more than my teaching job then. With the financial motivation there, I would wake in the middle of the night to write my post before going to work early in the morning.

The feeling was great. I was not new to doing business or Investment on the internet but steemit was the most steady and profitable activity I have engaged in. I was so motivated I would spend up to 6 hours writing and proofreading my posts.

Have I mentioned I bought a new Laptop. I was struggling to save enough money to buy myself a new Laptop. I bought one in two months of joining steemit (plus little income from another stream).

Though the conditions were right then, it still took a lot of dedication and determination. I knew few a few guys who joined at the same time but could not put in the efforts. Some of them have left for good.

Then apart from churning out good posts regularly, the key then was engage with other steemians through well thought-out comments and gain a good numbers of followers. The drive was real then

How I wish every month would be like my first month *smile*


It was a discovery. At first I felt alone because all of my friends are in facebook and I only knew 2 people on steemit back then. It was also confusing but thanks to discord, I found new friends, I found people to approach and ask information from. My first month was full of reading information and asking questions and reaching out to other steemians. I did not earn that much on my first post but I felt the warm welcome in the comments.