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I've been in quite a number of communities on discord and I have discovered a few things, one of which is: most groups leaders are more concerned about the growth of the group rather than the individual growth of each group members. What's your take on this?

Nonsowrites, you are full of good questions today!!!!

Steem is among one of the most interesting social experiments ever created.  Here, we have the ability to monetize our thoughts, talents, abilities, ect, in an environment where we create the rules. If you pay attention, you will learn a great deal about people in general, in a place like this. Some of the most powerful people here, have major insecurities, and/or normal human deficiencies, and how they deal with this deficiencies tends to show up in blog posts and comments. Sometimes it's not very pretty. 

When a person will take food off someone else's table because they didn't agree with their opinion, and are seemingly oblivious to the implication of this behavior, it's starts to paint a picture about humanity now doesn't it? I don't want to get too philosophical here. Let's address this question now. 

This growth of the group you speak of, is usually encumbrant upon their own personal growth, and this personal growth increases in speed when the group thrives. 

Some discord group leaders remind me of political leaders, in the sense that they pitch some good stuff, economic growth of Steem, community building, content promotion, ect ect.. And then go boost their posts to a level that rapes the limited sharepool. It's akin to when political leaders create tax breaks, and increase pay for themselves, while insisting they are making changes for the benefit of middle and low class citizens, and of course all you need to do is be a good tax payer and agree with them!

It's not my place to talk poorly about bid bots. There are some positive, legit uses for bidbots, (Would also be a good question to post) taking too much out of the sharepool, and taking from others, is not a good use of this system, in my opinion.

If you are the leader of a community, why do you need to boost for visibility to begin with? Isn't it safe to assume you have plenty of eye's on your blog because you are in a leadership position to begin with? 

This is greed, bubble wrapped, and packaged up with a cozy little message that reads, "Hey, if I grow, we all grow together!"

People are not this stupid and naive. There are very selfish motives in some communities on the Steem blockchain, and it's my prediction that they will implode because of this behavior. 

There is nothing wrong with community support, mutual support, and growth. Some call mutual support circle jerking, but when you have two individuals who mutually agree on the quality of their content, this is support. When you have an entire community who adheres to a set of standards, and has a screening process to determine quality, this become a large circle of support, and it's positive when all the appropriate social/economic factors are present for long term growth. When their motives are to produce a mere transaction that can be paid, there is no intellectual property present, except for greed.

We can all mostly agree on one thing. The purpose of the Steem blockchain is proof of stake, to reward quality content. If we are not in agreement with this, it creates detriment to the system, and for the system to work correctly, we must strictly adhere to these principles, or everything comes unraveled. Sure SMT's are going to attract new users, and many of these new users will be new to the blockchain, and cryptocurrencies in general, but SMT integration is also a solution to another problem, and that is limited sharepool. This sharepool cannot support an explosion of new users, especially with people dipping in for more than is rewarded to them organically. We have to think of creative solutions, because of exploitation, as well as other factors of course, but sustainability is drastically affected in a negative way with greedy behaviors, and therefor, is a detriment to Steem. 

I hope I am answering this effectively. Really what I am suggesting, simply put, is that it makes more sense to focus on the group, rather than individuals, because there is more to be gained if overall growth is achieved. So if one or two users are struggling, and taking time to help them would create stagnant conditions for the group, those poor souls will get left behind. Think in terms of pack animals. They don't wait for the hungry and hurt, the weak get left behind, because carrying their weight is detrimental to the herd. 

Great question!

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That is an absolutely generalizing statement and may be totally valid a position depending on the focus of the group.

The dig in OP’s question implies that every Discord server should focus on the development of every member. First and foremost I will assume that OP insinuates Steem specific Discord servers.

Next, I will ask why OP seems to imply that every group should revolve around the improvement of all of its members? If it were a sports team that would obviously make sense, also in smaller groups after all the best teams are more than the sum of its single parts.

Yet, most Steem related groups are not necessarily personal development focused and for groups to find more delegation to possibly support all their members, size and scale of the group - as well as average output quality - can be an important metric.

That combined with whether a group can actually bring additional attention, i.e. drive traffic to its activities.

This doesn’t only apply for Steem related Discord servers, or communities, though. Traffic and scale is an absolutely important thing for many communities who wish to grow, by which I think of content driven focused platform communities. You will find similar on newer forums and alike communities. The team will mostly be driven in trying to get more eyeballs, rather than focusing on being the self help guru for everyone.

Generally, while selfhelp group approach can be helpful and many can benefit from it, the OP’s question seems to imply a that each group has an obligation to improve everyone. Yet, what if growth and scale could trickle down? Wouldn’t that be a better system than a system in which the focus in on each person individually?

There are several communities on Steem who have achieved this. Helpie, SurpassingGoogle’s hashtag driven communities and now Ulog, MSP. Most started small and most develop because very few were absolutely driven to grow the initiative and focused mostly on that.

They would never have become as big and have been able to help as many as they can now if it weren’t for their focus. But such groups may not be able to always give everyone what they hope for and that, that’s life.

The internet, and Discord servers aren’t an Utopia where everyone is catered for. Groups need to make a decision: focus on everyone or focus on becoming big. That’s up to each leading crew.

I, personally, think that life’s too short to stay small... go big or go home.


You have raised a very good question.

I must stress though first that not all think this way but I have seen it. If you think about it though it makes perfect sense. A very simple way to harbor support for the long term.

The group receives support from all the members and the leader gets support from everyone. A small group of 500 users would be ideal for someone to grow at a rapid rate no matter how small everyone was.

The more the group grows the bigger the leader becomes as their account would grow. I am a member of a few groups and haven't seen it happening even though the leader would benefit from everyone's growth. What I do like though is that everyone as  a group does grow quicker than not being in the group.

I have declined a few groups because of this and saw straight through it from the start. I don;t believe in this and would rather walk away.

This is still a  very good question and I like it that your eyes are wide open. Circle jerking does happen all over the platform so i am sure there are loads of things happening similar to this.


Hi Nonso,

The above dont apply for discord server or any steem community alone but it goes far as our daily activity, work place and even home.

Definitely if you own a product be it a mobile phone or a car, the tendency to safe guard it and always ensure its always at its optimal capacity will be there, same apply to a job.

If you working under someone or the boss, you wouldn't handle your company anyway you feel like but rather ensure it moves and become great generating whatever need that made you set it up the first place.

Going back to the discord community, for you to create a server or room, you already have a vision and a goal as to were you would like to see your community next month to come or even years and there is where the management comes in.

You wouldn't want to manage it anyway you feel like, knowing fully well that there are many other servers out there hoping they had a community like yours and humans me and you the followers that makes up the community can decide to leave anytime we feel the community not what it promised or becoming somewhat of an unfair place.

So as a community builder you would work to your maximum potential to ensure the community stands out and always delivers


The average of them are investors, they have the main goal, namely the return of capital to the investment they have given.

They will focus on the community first, when the community has started to grow, individuals in the community will also benefit from this growth.