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What kind of content(s) do you enjoy reading?

I'll be using the names of steemians to explains the kind of contents I usually like because I think it's not just the content alone but the technique and the the style, first I like the content of @d-pend because it's got a 100% aesthetics, it has the quality of a well edited content with top knotch quality editing style and attributes which makes his content so graceful to look at even before reading it.

I love @lizanomadsoul's contents this is because it's a content that always contain videos, analysis and descriptions as well, it's usually a content that explains events with images and videos which allows a reader or consumer to understand their contents further and this is something I like.

I like @abigail-dantes content because it's indept and coincise, mind-blowing and totally thrilling, it's also detailing and filled with anecdotes which makes it's easier to supplement her point of view to a reader when she's finally written them.

The characteristics I've mention in the works of the authors I mentioned above is what I love to see when I'm reading, because it makes if fun and enjoyable for me, so those are the kind of content I enjoy reading.


Quality content, well written and nicely presented with high quality photos if it has photos. 

I've seen many posts and unfortunately a waste majority is low quality. 

I love photography post with great description or stories. The other category is the educational materials about blockchain, steemit, witnesses, engagement, tutorials.  etc. 


I enjoy reading technology related stuff which is written well in the best quality. This I get lots o information that what's going on in the Tech world. 

I followed some websites which provide good content every hour about Tech world. I found a few questions about STEM over here, and I'm enjoying them too.

Musing is an excellent platform to read and share the thoughts about any random stuff. This site is all rounder!

I also love to read AI app guides detail. Shocking News attracts me the most of the way. I liked to read latest news as well.

Thanks for Asking..!! Have a GOOD Day!


I like to read decent high quality stories. real life events that have some humor and make it real. Sometimes I can identify with it and that brings it to life.

I don't really like fiction or poetry as it doesn't have a whole lot of meaning to me as such. I like true and real things that tell me a bit about someone.


I love contents related to travel , life ,food and anything funny. I love the posts which have original pictures with them.

I am not at all fond of poetry , philosophy and all those complicated crypto news.

I like simple topics which gives me happiness while reading.


I like content about racing and cars, I also like in depth crypto trading articles. Not just someone posting a graph and taking a guess at what will happen.