Have you had a near-death experience or seen anyone die? If yes, how was the experience?

I had a near death experience when I was a child due to health complications. I was too young to remember but my father always tells the story how this is considered to be my second life

He would narrate that I needed to undergo an operation and we do not have money so he did everything he can to finance the medications. Back then, he does not have a stable job and my mother do not have one. Our money was just enough for our day to day living and circumstances like me being hospitalized was very hard to finance.

He borrowed money, he sold things even if the doctor told him that there is a huge chance that I will not be able to make it because it was a little late. He contacted all our relatives to ask for help just for me to live.  Still, he pursued and he found a way to have the money needed for the medications. I remember him saying that he put his trust in the Lord that I will be able to make it. It took days for me to wake up and my body was still very weak but my family and I were very thankful that the Lord gave me another chance to live.

He told me that after I woke up what I immediately told him was "Let us go home." which made him cry because he thought he would lose me. The health complication gave me a scar until now even if that was years ago. The scar is still visible and I do not wear clothes that would expose it because I was ashamed of it before but looking at it now, I am proud because it is a proof of how I stayed strong and that I still have purpose in this world that is why I lived. 

When I feel discouraged and overwhelmed with life's difficulties, I would look at that scar to remind me that the Lord gave me a second chance for life. The scar also reminds me of my family's unconditional love that they never gave up on me and they didn't lose hope. Up to this point and in the future to come I am grateful that they didn't lose hope because if they did, I am not here typing this story, I would not be here existing. 


Never did I had near-death experience unless a bad dream counts. I had a number of dreams that are horrifying. Yes, scary dreams and dreams which awakened me breathing deeply because it got me tired.

On the other hand, I saw my father nearing his death. It's 3am in the morning at the hospital. I woke up and replaced my brother to watch for him at the ICU. He was bathed by the nurses, yet he is unconscious. After more than an hour, the doctors and nurses approached him. I am just disoriented and nobody told me what's happening. They did CPR, and I am just there clueless, without thinking my father is dying. I never noticed the clock is ticking and it is almost an hour that I am there standing looking at what's happening. Until I came to my sense and realized my father is dying, and I started to cry. I went out of the ICU because I don't want to see his actual death. I don't even want to hear the doctor declare his death. I woke my brothers up, and my younger brother went in with courage even if he is hurting.

My mother also died in the hospital, but I didn't see her actually died. I saw her though few hours before her death as I left to go home and get some needed things. I went back to the hospital she's already dead. I approached her lying on her deathbed, and touched her for the last time. I just ended up crying there with my family.

It's never easy to look back about what happened because it gets me teary-eyed. Those are just the moments that I don't want to happen which happened.


i have seen someone die, this has been my greatest phobia as i tend to be paranoid afterwards but there are things that are just inevitable as a medical practitioner. 

i remember a few incidences , but i will mention my very first encounter with the dying.

it was in a government hospital and i was a student nurse on duty. I remember this particular ward was nicknamed the "death ward" as patients in there are all critically ill (not ICU), and in at least every 8 hours shift, there must be a death, or two.

this time around it was an old lady, her bed side was filled with relatives, she started struggling for breath but she did not give a fight, until she gave up. as this was happening, the Nurses were calling for the medical interns to resuscitate her.  It was a rule that when a patient is dying, resuscitation is done for as long as possible until the Doctor decides, and finally calls the time of death.

so these two medical interns arrived on time and they were doing the CPR turn by turn, they went on and on but there was no sign of revival. The family seemed to be getting more anxious with every chest press and oxygen pump, until the Doctor came around, assessed and called the time of death. 

At this point the relatives were already in tears , saying good byes. from what i have been taught in Nursing school, that hearing is the last sense to go when a person dies so we were always encouraged to say good byes and keep talking to the person until after about 30mins later. So that's what the relatives kept doing and the student nurses that did the after care, until the body was taken to the mortuary.


I have never experienced and issued directly, but today I just grabbed someone who was so close to me, she even met me every day at every job opportunity.

Last night was the last time we joked and met at 10 a.m., she was fine, there was nothing that seemed to have a problem or a sickness, even she just gave me some advice so that "I didn't buy toys carelessly for my son".

Today is Sunday, we are do not working and spending time in our homes, at 2 pm in the afternoon I get news from another my best friend, telling me that our friend has passed away, she fell down in the bathroom, and was rushed to the hospital, only to reach it. Medical treatment, her life was beyond help, she breathed last breath at 2 o'clock this afternoon.

I felt very devastated, she was one of the best friends who often shared the problems in the place where I worked, which was frustrating, We kept hanging out weekend together.

Seeing that she was not there I could not resist feeling sad, she had two sons and a daughter left behind. They are still very children once, I am very lossing her my best friend by my side.

I am stunned, I can only think to myself, That time so close to us, no one knows for sure when the time comel, aware of everything in this world is mortal, when death picks up, we will immediately leave of all the things we love in this world .


About two years ago, I had one of the strangest experiences I've ever had. I think someone tried to kill me! I remember the night I had that experience, I had gone to bed early because it had been a tiring day. While I was sleeping, I felt someone riding me. As I sleep on my stomach, I felt something riding on my back and wouldn't let me get up! I tried with all my might to do it, but nothing. Then I felt them grab my head and push it against my pillow and leave me breathless. I felt like I was drowning and my lungs were aching and about to explode. As I could, I took a breath and threw my body up. I got up! But I was coughing and drowning and I felt like my whole body was hurting. Everything was so real that I doubt it was a nightmare! That night I had trouble falling asleep again!  The next day, conversing with several people made me see that I had had an experience with an evil being, an Incubus, which are those who try to have sex with you and kill you. In this case, if you get rid of them, they leave you in peace for a while, until they come back to haunt you. If an incubus fixes on a person, the mark and at the least expected moment, comes to look for it. I'm very afraid of going back to live an experience like that! 


Actually, I had a frightening experience when I saw someone die, and that was my own friend while in the hospital.

Hmm ... before he died, it seemed that my friend was holding back the inevitable pain, my tears dripped without me noticing. At that time, he didn't shout or couldn't even shout anymore, only his hand grasped very strongly, and his whole body trembled. To be honest, after seeing that, I was very afraid of death.