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Do you ever consider the possibility of musing.io being a medium where you can create new relationships with other steemians?

Of course the platform is already serving that purpose for me. It is less than a month since I took the platform more seriously and I have already made about two friends from the platform.

Although the platform isn't much interactive as when on is blogging directly on steemit, or on other social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their likes, it served as a networking platform to some extend and can be improved to challenge other platforms. Already it is trafficking a great number of bloggers and so has great potentials to break its current status.


I don't think so. It is rather the place where you can grab a piece of information that you don't have by just asking a question. You can share your knowledge and opinions if you feel like doing that but at the end of the day we are all visitors in here. Most of the people that are answering my questions don't follow me on Steemit and I don't follow the majority of the ones that I am answering to or the ones answering my questions. So, it's mostly a place of "shoot and go", but I have to say that I've noticed some people that are around here almost daily and I have a feeling of familiarity with them because I kind of learned their way of answering or asking questions. Over time I became a bit more familiar with such persons but nothing as close to creating relationships. I think though that it is highly possible. 


No, I consider musing to be a medium for exchange of information. 

Not the kind of information that would create a potential relationship. 

I believe it's possible to meet new people here, and develop friendships, and even collaborations, but personal relationships would only happen by chance. 

If you are actively seeking a relationship, musing would be a poor choice to start looking for one. 


Musing is not made to create relationships. It is a place to get answers for your questions and to share your knowledge with the other Steemians. Still there is such a possibility.

Users can connect with each other on Musing Discord, start discussions on this platform or just learn more about a Steemian. So yes, there is the possibility even though it isn't made for that purpose.