So I asked today if you guys think people care about what you write. Majority of the response I got was no. So now I ask: why then write? Why put in effort into writing a quality post? Is it of any value if people don't read it? Or are you just more concerned about earning alone?


I enjoy it. I generally have something to say, or some story to tell, or some experience to relay, so I do it. What others do with it, I can't even begin to control. Would I rather they read what I write? Absolutely. I'm not writing strictly for pleasure. I would love an audience who reads and then interacts. I've been looking all my life for such a forum. Perhaps I will need to continue to look, but there has been decent interactions on the posts I do write of late.

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And let's face it. I also write because there is the opportunity to earn something.  Can't say that about virtually anywhere else. As difficult as content discovery can be around here, I still have more of an audience period, and more of an active one, than anywhere else I've ever tried.

So, the combination of enjoying to write, with the potential for interaction with readers and perhaps gaining their upvotes, is why I write.

Particularly for musing, I write because there are community managers who are supposed to be curating, determining what answers and questions get rewards and how much. While it's not quite the same audience, it's still a form of manual curation, and so while the interaction part isn't the same, I'm still enjoying writing and receiving some kind of upvote because someone actually did read.


Realizing that quality is subjective, I keep turning out what I consider to be quality posts simply because that's what I'm geared to do. I want to do the best I can on every topic I address. Since I enjoy writing, I primarily write for me, and hopefully what I write resonates with someone else who comes across it. If not, then at least I wrote something I enjoyed, and I did it my way.

I'm not so crunched for time that I can't take a couple of hours to produce something that I will be happy with. I want to be able to go back some time in the future (if I can find the post) and still be good with what I wrote. In the end, I'm the one I have to be able to look in the eye in the mirror and be content with what I've done.

Then, too, if someone does come across what I wrote, I believe they should get the best of me, not the worst. I'm not sure how putting up trash would help them come back for another round. And since they might not even like what I write regardless, I still have a better chance of picking up regular readers, comments and votes if I produce something which I feel has value.


Because I took the time and did what was necessary to produce a quality post, I believe that yes, the post has value, even if no one sees it. The value just goes unrecognized. What difference does that make? Well, I know it has value, whether anyone else actually sees it or recognizes, likes it, or agrees with it. I believe people would get something out of it if they chose to read it. Again, whether they do or not is not up to me. I do all I can do to entice them, then it's up to them.


I think I've already touched on this. It's not all about the money, but there is certainly an element to it. I couldn't continue to spend as much time as I do if there weren't the prospect of some earnings. I don't need all of the socialization just by itself, and if I did, I would probably be better off seeking out people I can interact with face to face. Maybe I could do that by going to Steemfest or going on a road trip and meeting up with STEEM users or something. Socializing on STEEM just isn't my sole reason for being here.

To reiterate, I enjoy writing. STEEM gives me an outlet for that writing. I also like to create. STEEM offers a place for that creativity. STEEM offers a place where those who can see my work can interact with me about it. They can carry on conversations and upvote if they so choose. For a creator, knowing that someone saw your work, cared to discuss it, and then threw some nickels into your hat, is about as good as it gets.

So, no it's not all about the money, but yes, there needs to be some to round it all out with.


Surely the truth is that sometimes people right contents just to monetize it for example if you look at people who blog on blogger.com or wordpress.com sometimes these people actually do not get comments on their blog post because people do not actually comments on them but however they get the views which is much more important in there ramification the truth is that the days of constantly consuming contents on steemit are definetly over this is because things like automatic or boats have replaced the natural reading and curating so people actually concentrate more on the automatic volts instead of actually having people to read their posts.

So the reason why people right quality contents even when they may not be read is because the more quality the content the more bigger the reward I'm saying this because there are groups like ocd and curie that actually still reward contents that are actually very good and when you ride quality posted there's a 50% chance that these cureton bodies might actually notice your content and avoid them curie functions mainly on quality of contents and when you who write a good content get noticed by one of their curators then you have a chance of having maximum reward on your post.

Apart from these you cannot definitely say because people do not bother to read your content then you have an excuse for producing poorly written contents steemit is still a blockchain that pays you and therefore you'd still strive hard to produce quality contents because if we do not then what is the essence of a blockchain that pays you? There's a saying that says what is worth doing is worth doing well. so in essence the excuse that people basically do not drop feedbacks on your content is not an excuse of not producing quality content if we talked about viewership definitely people views your content but they do not leave feedback to show that they have seen them


What you write about will depend on whether people care about it or not. If you write what people are interested in, people will certainly care about it. Every time I make a post on steemit, the intention is mainly to reach out to people. The truth is that if you can reach out to people and catch their interest with your writing, you'll certainly get their support

I don't write for writing sake. I write to pass a message and hope that someone see the message and benefit from it. Up vote is good, but if your post has the highest up vote with no one caring about it, that's a wasted effort. This is one of the reasons why I always try to respond to anyone that comment on my most because it creates a feeling of joy in me that someone actually care enough about the post to leave a comment. That gives every true blogging joy.

The joy of every true blogging is to see that the post that he/she spends time to write actually catches people's attention, not just the reward the post earns


what I wrote in steemit is the knowledge I have learned, then I return it in my language in steemit.

So what do I write in Steemit?

first, I tried to repeat my lesson, at least it would make my memory stronger for my knowledge.

second, because in steemit there is an opportunity to get a prize.

so, I don't care whether there are readers or not.


Writing is something that gives me joy. It's an

hobby to me. It's just something I love doing.

Getting appreciated is something I do love and also serves as a form of motivation to me but even though I don't have the appreciation and motivation from people that I want I will still keep on writing, for writing is a part of me. It's what makes me, ME

I also do write as a form of earning and once I put my mind into something I love doing it perfectly well. I write quality write up's to make my earnings a worthy one and I never know who may stumble on my write up someday.

Thank you


Personally I read the answers of others musers. What interestto come here, if not? As open a blog, if it's for a monologue!

Sometimes I write my answer before I read the others, for fear of seeing my ideas disperse. But I avoid. No need to intervene if there is nothing new or constructive to add: in these cases, the vote is enough; or a comment, to bring a nuance.

I often give up answering because someone has already expressed my opinion perfectly.

Or has shown on the subject of knowledge far superior to mine. What happens very, very often.


Well, I guess is something that fills missing gaps of free time. Many rock stars who are huge now started small. Only a few fans but they just went on and went on. One day eventually, you will be noticed. I guess it is not a complete total no read or someone doesn't care about what we write. I do read the answers to the questions I usually post as it can be enlightening to find out answers to things I have not been able to solve.

This is a place where I can be anmoynymous about and not wore about the sorts of privacy matter. I am doing it for the long term. Alot of my post get no cash or maybe no one reads it or maybe someone reads it. But who knows doing it and showing up all the time surely gets my work out in a way.

When I started working out years ago as I was quite a fat boy with lots of fats. The first eight months of work yield nothing. Slowly and eventually I saw some results. Then I was sure that just doing it could make a diference. I am glad I did it.

I guess lots of things we do if we love it. We won't mind doing it even if no one cares. We long we we ourselves care and is persistent. Eventually, we will become a master.

Signing out

The great one