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Do you like people who are confrontational?

I respect people who have the guts to come forth and say what's on their mind instead of keeping quite with hard feeling on someone without the person even knowing. Communication is key in every aspect of life,

please speak out, its good for your soul and mental health (peace of mind).

I however strongly encourage peaceful confrontations, and mindful discussions to get down to the bottom of the issue without arguments or hard feelings.

No matter how offensive a confrontation may seem to someone, there is a way you can put it across to someone, carefully and they will reason with you, or calmly argue their case.

Most times people avoid confrontations because they feel attacked but i say its all in the way you put and present your case to someone that will make you pass across the message effectively. It's important to Be mindful of someones else's feelings.


Hey !

Yes i do like them heres the reason why i like them.

Ordinarily, somebody who is angry is stayed away from and typically not took a gander at as a decent cooperative person. This isn't the situation. We require angry individuals the same amount of as we require harmony guardians. Indeed, angry individuals are reckless, blunt, and some of the time downright inconsiderate, yet they are likewise solid in their convictions, exceptionally faithful, and are without a doubt not weakness. They generally come clean which in this day and age isn't generally something to be thankful for. Individuals need to be mollified and made to feel extraordinary and a victor. A fierce individual can deal with being separated from everyone else and doesn't will in general need thankfulness yet when the time comes to confront a test, the champs will offer a route to the angry individual who is prepared to meet the circumstance head-on. Fierce does exactly what it says, stands up to. Regardless of whether it be a basic inquiry or through and through war, we require somebody willing to talk their brain and not fear the blowback that may happen to it.



Generally, we do not want in our lives conflicting people, negative people, toxic people, or people who hurt us and violate our peace too easily.

However, we have no choice but to come up against them all our lives.

These people have a special ability to provoke confrontation, and it seems that they seek an explosion without consideration between their thoughts, their opinions, their emotions, their behavior, and ours.

Their confrontational aspect generates in us a great-bad-being and blurs the image that we have of ourselves.

They probably have no personal problem with us. On the other hand, it is possible that they fight a great battle against themselves. Finally, as Gandhi said, a person at war with herself is a person at war with the whole world.


I think that being confrontational is good when there is a valid point that is needed to be discussed.

There are times that in order to get the facts out from the person that is being questioned, an act of aggression is needed to accomplish it.

However, it doesn't work all the time and it should not always be the option for everyone.