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What do you want for christmas?

First of all I want health for me, my family and loved ones. Health is very important and if you have it, the rest you can either buy it or make it. 

Usually I don't want presents. it's nice to get one and I'm always buying presents for my loved ones but I don't have expectations. If I get something, I'm happy. And I'm always getting something. 

This year however Christmas came early for me, I got something I was not expecting at all and I'm very happy with it. So I think it's right to say I got the most beautiful Christmas present. 


I want happiness and the grace to have an inner peace within my heart,I know many people might expect me to mention any kind of gifts or monetary items,but sincerely what I want for christmas beyond that,I currently feel i lack enough happiness and I do not get the kind of inner

peace which I desire so I wish to have all this for Christmas so that I can enjoy the season and make it one my best and most memorable Christmas...


I want joy in abundance and favour this Christmas. It is a season of love, so I also want that. I will be very okay if I happen to achieve the aforementioned factors.

Also, I would appreciate the rise in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and steem to be precise, that would make a colourful Christmas for me and also my friends.

I am grateful to God for life, because that is the principal thing. Without life, I won't have the opportunity to enjoy these factors. So when there is life there is HOPE.

December is always a month of smiles, so I am rest assured that this one won't be any different.

So I will appreciate these things I've mentioned this Yuletide season.

Getting a Christmas present won't be bad atall. Gifts puts smiles on faces and it is an expression of love. If I have the capacity to give someone a gift this December, I will definitely do so.

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