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If you were to die now, would you be satisfied with the type of life you've lived?

To be honest I would rather not. The reasons behind it are there are plenty of things that are still undone for me and those plans were there for such a long time and not completing them would sure kind of be an unhappy situation for me. 

For instance I would like to be at a holy place (one of the sacred place in my religion) in the coming days before I get expired. While as for the investment part I really want to be a successful person in the coming days and want to make sure that I leave no regret at the end of the day. And there are many more things that is likely to be done by me in the coming days.

Meanwhile if it comes to that point of dying without doing the things above than there is nothing we can do. 


I would not be satisfied with my life that I am living now IF I am going to die now. I still have a lot of things to do . I wanted to help and share what I have to those needy people and I haven't had a lot of good deeds to make me satisfied. I still have many goals to achieve so I hope to do it before I die.



I believe it goes without saying that I'm not particularly pleased with the way I'm living my life.

Now that you ask, I feel compelled to work on myself and create the person I want to be.