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If you had the opportunity to go back in time, which specific time or period would you want to revisit and why?

It depends.

If it is "just a simple visit", then I would go back probably to 2001, 2002 or 2003 (I don't remember exactly), where we played "Grand Theft Auto III" and "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" in a PC club. And we also played a lot of MS-DOS games on a Pentium 1 (133 MHz) PC, but I don't remember the first years of this gaming either. Maybe 2000, 2001 or it was also 2002 and 2003. These gaming moments are one of my nicest memories so far. 

If I could change the past (and the future with it, which is obviously my current present, then I have some other ideas. I would done many things differently in the past with my current memories and with my current experience(s).

I would probably choose 1999 in this case. That was my first year in the elementary school. I was born in 1992, so I would have done almost my entire life differently.

I have done many things in my life that I am not proud of. Or to be more precise, I have done many things in my life that I am ashamed of, and I regretted these things. Or maybe they are not many, I just done most of those things multiple times. Or even often/continuously in some cases. What things? Actions, doings, sayings and even thouths! They were serious/bad/. Some of them were horrible. Or at least I consider these things as serious/bad/horrible. Some of my thoughts was horrible. Horrible thoughts, but not intentional thoughts. My horrible thoughts made a horrible result. I feel like I caused a disease to (and killed) one of my relatives (my mother) with my thoughts and the (early) mourning feeling connected to those thoughts. Because I thought exactly about that things. Okay, not exactly. I didn't thought about the "killing", I thought about she get in bad shape (getting some disease) and about the dying of her and I felt early mourning. I thought and felt these not intentionally, but this is what happened! Continuously for weeks. Even for a few months. I don't know why! I don't know why I thought and felt these. I loved and I still love and miss her very much. My thoughts came into reality quickly/very fast. But I didn't mean them. These thoughts and the early mourning feeling wasn't intentional. I didn't wanted to do this at all. This is hard to explain, but people must know that our thoughts and feelings are very strong and affects our and other people's life on Earth (our Earthly life).

 I don't expect anyone to understand this and me, because even I can't understand myself in some cases. This is especially true in the case of thoughts. My thoughts and my personality has been gone through a very serious change in the last 26 years. All I can say is I would like to be a good person. Deep in my heart/soul I know that I am good person with full of good feelings and love. I know it and I feel it. But the previous year (2017) was horrible for me and for my family due to the above mentioned horrible thoughts and the feeling. 


if i have the opportunity to go back to the past, i would like to go back to year 2009. this was a year in which happens to be one of the best and one of the worst at the same time. it was a year in which i was very loaded with money, that i have a very huge amount of money in my bank account. i lost all the money i had in a business that i invested into. the business crashed not long after i have  invested all my money into it. 

if i could go back to 2009, i would have invested in bitcoin and would become a multi-millionaire by now. all the money i lost from investing in a wrong business would have actually made me a multi-millionaire by now or close to becoming a billionaire. bitcoin went on to become a big and successful business in which you get value for any amount invested in it.  

so yeah, 2009 would be the year i would return to and i would have invested all the money i have back then into bitcoin business 


My high school to college years for sure. I have had some great time back then and I would definitely want to re-live it and of course to also improve it. That was the time when I chose my path in life and I have made some mistakes that affected me for years and I would definitely go back and do some things differently. 

I would also like to have the possibility to cut down some habits that I developed in that time frame and to grow some better ones. I consider that period of time some of the most important ones in my life with both the good and the bad and I would surely like to go back in time to myself when I was a teenager. I would definitely enjoy some things that I did back then but I would also "kick my ass" for some. 

I would definitely appreciate love more, I would take life more seriously and choose a career and I would also change my eating and drinking habits that affected me over the years to come. I can't say that I was a genius or a total idiot at that time but yeah, that's the time I would definitely want to revisit and tweak the most out of my life. 


My heart swings between the time of the Pharaohs and that of the Maya. I find these two civilizations very interesting and I would like to learn more about their remedies, their way of life, their sciences etc ... They were much more educated than us.

Concretely if I had a machine to go back in time I think I would try a little at all times. I like the past and what we have learned and even forgotten thanks to him. I like their clothes styles for the most part. To go back to the time of Louis XIV, Babylon or that of the Gauls I would like a lot too. The must would be the 400s at the time when Great Britain knew the great King Arthur (well, if he really existed ^^)


If I had that opportunity. I would go back to my secondary school days. When I am my class mates rented an apartment outside the school premises. We used to go partying on weekends. Weekends was always mad fun.That was say 2002, when G-unit (beg for Mercy) album was released. We used to listen to that album repeatedly while playing video games. Play Station 2. It was so much fun living with my class mates and learning how to become a man on my own. That was when I started becoming perfect in cooking different delicacies. I also had a girlfriend too that time. It was really fun man. We also bought a television set which we used to play the video game. I like games like Tomb Raider, Pes (soccer), Medal of honor. You can imagine such fun.


 It depends on whether I will just be able to visit and view that period like looking through a camera lens or actually go back in time and change few things or decisions that I had made in past which may have better impact if had been done differently.

If only visit the period as if looking through camera lens :

I will visit my high school years,because I believe they were among the best of my life. I studied a lot, played a lot and enjoyed thoroughly during those years. I have made best of my friends during those years, had my first crush, played hockey at State level. During those teenage years we tend to do everything with lots of passion and zeal and I would like to revisit that energy and incorporate at least a part of it into my current life.


If I could actually go back in time and change few of things: 

I will visit my graduation days specially the second year of my college where I was given a impression that it doesn't matter how much grades you get or even that a degree is not necessary to succeed in life. So I had joined a group of YOLO mentality batch-mates, partied a lot, watched every every TV series ever produced and almost skipped an entire semester. As a result I ended up having four back-logs in a year which had a 12 course syllabus. And the courses which I cleared, I did with just passing grades in most of those subjects.

I was so ashamed of what I had done but when you are in hostel it becomes very difficult to change your friend circles or also the way you have accustomed yourself to spend your day.

But I did recover in my final years and eventually passed my degree with First class even though I still have doubts in some basic concepts of Mechanical Engineering which were taught in the year I almost wasted my education fees.

So if given opportunity I will visit the second year of my college and throw away the illusion created around me and start in studying without any doubt in my mind. In that way I wouldn't have missed out in attending other interactive courses on different interesting subjects or back out from participating in annual and sporting  events because I had to study.

I missed and had to sacrifice many things in my final years including a date, because I had to study to clear my backlogs I had in my second year.

 Also I know this is the nerdiest answer you can get for this question.


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No one can ever experience progress in life by looking backward. History was told to us for us to learn the lessons not for us to relive such history. Why would I want to go back in time when I can go into the future? I wouldn't want to go back in time for any reason because the past is already past and can never be changed. Rather, I would love to go into the future so that I can channel my actions and effort to the right ventures


I would like to go back to 5 years ago. I had just lost some really substantial money which also included my school fees. I was scammed, and it was because of my stupidity, naivety. Given the opportunity, I'd go back to that time so I can correct my mistakes. I also made some friends who are not worth being called friends. I wish I never had anything to do with them. They contributed to the loss of my huge some of money which could have practically changed my life and that of my family.


If given the chance to go back in time, i'd go back to when my mom was still alive. She died when i was a little kid and i didn't know much about her.

I would like to go as my grown self, so i can be able to learn and observe her as a grown up. You know kids forget things as they grow up, but an adult would remember.

That's basically the only reason i'd go back in time, cos i've lived and wouldn't wanna relive my life.


I want to go back to 2010 and buy about 7000 bitcoin.