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Spamming on musing. How do we effectively curtail this menace ? (More details in the description section)?

The truth is that spamming is relative in every social media platform but the truth is that the only way to stop it is to find an alternative that wouldn't be so harsh and yet not so appealing and currently I do not think there is something like that, just like the person you met on discord pointed out however as for me I wouldn't take a neutral ground because I also support the fact that spamming should stop on the platform so that quality contributions and engagement can get a whole lot of attention and credibility.

I wonder why there aren't any responses on this post yet and the reason why this is so is because your question is very thoughtful and relating to spam and how to stop it and that is why we do not have spamming comments here so I think you yourself have even provided and answer to stop spamming just like you have done by asking a meaningful and viable question.

And as for spamming questions I do believe that the creators of this platform should make description of questions really compulsory and if you do not have meaningful description then your questions would not post at least the description box should be enabled to check for spammy comments and actually disallow it, but will take a whole lot of resources in order to create such a solution. I think the reason why spam is plenty is because there are no rules on what you can post and what you can't post I do believe that the answer and question box should be enhanced to detect spam comments and also spamming answers and when this is detected the person can be banned but like I said earlier I think the creators are considering it too but the resources to pull it off may even be expensive considering the fact that the price of steem is currently low.

So the only thing they can do currently and for now, is to actually ignore these spam comments and answers another words my solution is very variable but to pull it off may be difficult I also have problems with people who spam the platform and I wish they can be dealt with