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Do you upvote a post based on its quality or because of its potential award so you can learn curation reward?

I have an 9k plus steempower and I only upvote contents on the criteria that I want to support people who have proven to be good content creator, the truth is that my full upvote is worth $0.48 at the current rate of steem and when I see a quality content that the writer or creator doesn't have any chance of automatically being curated, I usually wait for 15 minutes and I usually vote at 50% of my power which is around $0.24 really and after seven day I usually get around $0.123 as my curation reward and when I upvote five quality posts at 50 % of my power I earn almost $0.615 as my curation reward which is above half of a steem in a day and in seven days that's $3.5 steem in steempower in a day which is enough curation reward for me for supporting good contents.

I also supports the content of big authors who really write good  content and are in auto curating of others I vote them at 14 minutes because I know that auto upvotes arrives at 15 minutes, I upvote them at 10 % Which is $0.4 of my power, and I upvote like 20 of the posts as a result of this I earn close to $0.615 almost the same as voting for the authors with smaller accounts and in a week I'll be earning close to 6.5 STEEM in steem power in seven days, so this is the analysis of how I vote.


Honestly at this point I rarely vote because my Steem power is less than 100 and this isn't worth even the normal $0.01 it comes and goes sometime so voting is hard for me now because I feel I don't add anything to the post, if I really love the post all I do is to resteem the post for more views and possibly my followers with high SP to upvote.

But some months ago, I had 600 SP and it was worth between $0.06 -$0.08 and at that time I was a curator for bigwaves all we went for was quality, so it got inculcated in me to vote only post with high quality. Many interesting post with very good contents are not appreciated so I was go to tags I enjoy reading and upvote those post with less attention but with high quality even though the upvote was small.

Another way I upvoted funny though but I did it, anytime I scroll past my feed and I find a post that has like $0.01 to $0.02 in order to make a whole number I always upvoted that post. Funny but I did it.

Voting for curation reward is not a bad idea but I still stick to voting on high quality post because some post are with less quality and tend to rip rewards based on influence, that's why I prefer voting for quality to ensure the community continues to bring out quality products rather than quantity.


It is pretty rare that I pay attention to curation rewards.  Quite honestly my account is just to small to realize any kind of profit on them.  I am guessing the case is probably the same for most other users out there.  The fact is that  most users on Steemit have under 1000 SP.  It is actually probably about 99% of the users on Steemit have less than 1000 SP. It could even be higher than that.  

I upvote posts from users that I respect and follow because they consistently put out good content.  Besides making sure I wait until the 15 minute window is up, I don't purposely vote or not vote for someone because I am hoping to maximize my curation rewards. 

I think total I can maybe expect $1 per week in curation rewards.  If that.  I have actually never measured it to see where the amount falls.

Again, depending on the size of your account, I think you are far better off just spending your time finding people that you enjoy following and whose content you always come away satisfied after reading.

Additionally, make sure you are producing good content yourself.  In this way you will grow your account without having to focus on the curation rewards and those will just come naturally.  If you have to put too much work into it, it won't be fun anymore and you will not want to do it.


It's a good question based on psychology. We have principles, but there is also reality.

Ideally, I try to ignore the number of votes that a question / answer already has. I believe that (ideally) voting should always be based on content and not on other external elements. I do not take into account that other people have already "liked" the message, but I just wonder if I find the message interesting.

If the question is interesting and is not simply a statement of a problem, then I will proceed to a subsequent vote. I could also vote if I think a question is well formulated and shows the context. I never vote according to who asks / responds. From time to time, we can meet a muster who, in general, poses "bad" questions and it is tempting to reduce everything that this user publishes, but I abstain.

I also often vote questions that I answer. If I think an issue is worth asking, I think it deserves and deserves the lead.

Sometimes I see a "hot issue" in the sidebar and from there I am directed to the question. I will then sometimes sometimes upvot the question and the best answers.

I often vote competing answers too.


To be very honest i don't vote now, Because i have taken sp on lease and i am selling upvote. Still i do upvote randomly.

But if we go 2 or 3 months ago, I got free sp from @dimimp who is the boss of the @steemjet,

At that time i was curating people who were posting Good content, Curation wasn't the purpose at all, the only purpose was to support others, and i did it for i think two or three weeks, 

I also made some videos on it too, that are on my blog.

Voting for curation is also not bad, Steemit is built in this way, and investors have invested to get curation along with supporting others, Not a bad thing in front of me.


No, I think I can honestly say I don't because if I wanted to maximize curation rewards, I'd front run Trending, which I don't do.  LOL

I do try to maximize my curation rewards by timing my upvote. I have SteemAuto upvote some of the people I regularly upvote. That way, I get better curation rewards. (Before HF20 I wouldn't bother because I'd gladly let them keep the portion of my curation rewards that I lost as early upvote penalties. after HF20, early upvote penalties go back to the pool and I'd rather keep them for myself.) I know these people and find them pretty consistent in their quality so I don't feel bad about not evaluating the quality they put out on a post by post basis. 


Both. For curation I up-vote with Little %. Can earn more.

On quality posts I vote 50% or more. So they can earn.


I use all my votes for quality content and for users I follow. I rarely have votes left over to try and look for curation rewards.

I have tried it in the past and know I can make close to double on what I am doing now. The only problem is that i wouldn't have enough VP for everyone that follows me.

If it was just about me and not worrying about anyone else then yes you can do quite well but you can't grow on your own. It would be suicidal to do this and you would have no future. A vote should normally be given alongside a comment. If you stick to this method you will make 4 or 5 times whatever you would chasing curation on posts.

An example was today I made 2 comments and voted on the posts and received 68 c back plus the curation on the posts. I wasn't expecting this so it is a pleasant surprise when it happens.


The first one. I do manual curations and this is what the blockchain needs instead of looking at the numbers that speak little about quality. I would drop a comment along with the upvote whenever I can. I also do autoupvots for authors that I consistently see posting quality just to show that they got support from me even during times I'm inactive on Steemit. 


In all honest probably a mixture of both. I aim to just upvote content that I enjoyed, and think that the author is deserved of more rewards. However, if I see that a post has got $200 in rewards I dont bother to upvote it for a couple of reasons -  my tiny vote wont make much difference, and I know that I probably wont get any curation rewards.

If the system was working correctly then everyone should just be upvoting content they think adds value, but with the addition of bidbots, and automated voting it has become much more complicated!


Well to be honest whenever I visit someone's blog/vlog if I find it interesting or if it is useful I sure would upvote it while earning a potential reward is also a thing for the users but I rather not go to the trending page (The bid bots boosted post, not interested, well not all of them are you know.... ) instead there are users who are creating good contents and getting handsome amount of upvotes and by sharing your concerns you can as well get some reward from the curation reward.

So yeah both the facts should be kept in mind and use properly the SteemPower of yours as every single penny counts.

So yeah i would upvote posts with good quality and if other users content is good and potential reward is cool than I would go for that as well.


I used to vote based on potential reward in the beginning, but not anymore. Now a days I only vote for the posts I genueinly like of the people I follow as well as the people I don't follow. Also for under rated posts . I also follow some community curation trails. I am a steepshot user and upvote good quality and interesting photography posts.