What advise would you give someone who wants to go into crypto trading??

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To be honest, if you're still a beginner, don't take a shortcut by jumping into the world of crypto trading. There are a lot of risks and dangers that lurk your funds, and at any time you can lose most or even all of your investment.

Ok, let's start! There are some suggestions from me:

Don't use money that important for your life

The first thing you should note, and I emphasize carefully is never to use hot money that is used for your life expenses.

If you insist on using it, I guarantee you will FAILED 100%! before you get a dime profit.

Hot money will make your psychology chaotic !, and you will only risk bigger when you experience a loss.

So, what money can be risked?

is it savings? NOT !, once again not !, saving money is your guarantee money when you really need cash quickly.

Then what should I do?

Make a Plan!

Calculate your savings, maximize it first according to the needs of you and your family in the future. After that, if there is more money, you can risk it in crypto trading.

Indeed, there are many people who are instantly rich because they enter the world of crypto investment earlier. But not for now. Crypto market has found a more terrible price volatiity, and not only focused on UP TREND, but also DOWN TREND. This is even more dangerous than forex trading that I have done.

Diversify Your Crypto Portfolio

For this point, you can read a very good reference from here:


Portfolio distribution is very important to do. Proverb says :

"Don't put all of your eggs in one basketball" - Quoted.

It can be true, but it can also be wrong. The sure thing is, you must prepare yourself with all the risks first.

Watch News and Fundamental

If you have already entered the professional stage, you can analyze which Altcoins have the most chance to rise.

News like Hardfork, Regulation, Hacking, Airdrops, Adoption, etc.l, you can make the right reference for your trading.

Don't Play PUMP & DUMP

Indeed,  newly released altcoins can provide hundreds or even thousands of  percent of profits IF YOU ARE TRUE !, but what if you are wrong, and  actually side with the DUMP ???

Never play fire that you can't control!

Make Crypto Trading a Side Job

Before you can really "LIVE" from your crypto trading activities, don't let you leave your main job. This can be a boomerang that can destroy your life briefly.

The burden of life will burden your psychology in trading, it is not good, and should be avoided.

Lastly, think wisely

There is no way to get rich quickly in this world, unless you have high level of luck and courage.

Trading is a dangerous activity. Even though it offers maximum ROI (Return of Investment), you have the same bad coin side.

Think wisely, risk what you can lose. Risk money that if you lose it, it will not have an impact on your lifestyle. 



buddy i have some points to share with you i hope it will helps.

  • Compose an exchanging plan.
  • Begin an exchange diary.
  • Take in all that you can about market control and how cutting-edge calculations utilized by huge speculators move markets.
  • Learn optional closeout advertise exchanging standards.
  • Just purchase Cryptos which are entrenched and are on the radar of enormous financial specialists and governments.
  • Try not to focus on self announced Crypto specialists who know nothing about how budgetary markets function and are just member advertisers. 

Thank you for asking using the musing platform, I will try to answer your questions as well as possible.

To be able to answer your question "what advice will I give to people who want to enter crypto trading" then I will answer this. hello dude, you should first analyze the cryptocurrency currently available. The analysis can be in the form of fundamental analysis (related to news on the development of cryptocurrency) or through technical analysis at the price of bitcoin, ehtereum, litecoin, etc.

If you do not do an objective analysis and only follow gossip or suggestions from others, then I suggest not investing in cryptocurrency because of course even though the price of the cryptocurrency has increased, you cannot estimate which cryptocurrency will be able to meet your expectations except you have carried out both fundamental and technical analysis that can support these suggestions.

Wisdom in investing is the main key to your success and the wisest attitude in investing is you do your own analysis of risk and profitability. That is because only you know for sure about your finances as well as the conditions that you are facing.

hopefully useful, and good luck