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Asides steem, what other 3 coins are you willing to invest in and why?

when i first started out in cryptocurrency everyone used to say to me that i should just buy BTC "Bitcoin is crypto gold, bitcoin will hit $20,000 by the end of the year, blah blah blah" but if you do the math and are prepared to speculate you could make substantially more money investing in what is now a penny coin but with the potential to boom. Here's my picks:

Cardano (ada) - built by the co-creator of Etherium, Charles Hoskinson. It is similar to Etherium and NEO in that it has it's own blockchain which allows the building of dapps and smart contracts. the team have been working on scalability, sustainability and transaction times. It also plans to introduce cross chain integration with all other major cryptocurrencies via 3rd party. Cardano could explode and to my mind is a great investment for a few cents.

Tron (TRX) - the brainchild of Millennial Chinese entrepreneur Justin Sun, who appeared on their 30 under 30 list. Justin wanted to create a decentralized version of the internet with entertainment and gaming apps. Justin's mentor is Jack Ma, for those of you who don't know him he is the founder of Alibaba, a company heading towards 5 billion dollar market chokehold. Indeed many of the programming team at tron come directly from Alibaba. So if you agree with the adage that the first thing you should look at when considering a coin is the team they dont come much stronger than TRX.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) purely on transaction volues alone i would recommend this! Visas annual transaction volume? $10 trillion. XLM DAILY transaction volume $5 trillion. Stellar has taken a bit of a beating with the bear market but adoption by banks and financial institutions and the mere fact that they are one of the few teams who continue to hire to continue work on upgrading their software says to me that there are big things possible for this coin.

So i'm going to give the usual disclaimer about not being a financial adviser and only investing what you can afford to lose but you already know that. I think that they are good projects which i have a small investment in (what is small is up to you)

hope this helps!


TRON (TRX), because it seems to me that it has a lot of potentials, especially because soon they will leave the ETH platform and use their own developed platform to get the most out of their network. Also because it has allied with some computer and commercial giants in China, and finally because the current price is extremely attractive for anyone who wants to invest in the long term.

Ethereum (ETH), For no one is a secret that most of cryptocurrencies and blockchain have opted to take as the basis of their projects the network Ethereum and to generate there their tokens, then I consider that ETH is the blockchain that has more potential and better platform, leaving a huge growth margin for their investors.

Byteball Bytes (GBYTE), with this platform I stumbled by chance when we all started to claim the reward they gave to steemit users, but I kept using it and I loved it, their wallet is very good and has many great exchange features. It is also a blockchain that supports many health-related projects so mining it is not too complicated.


I'm not a crypto expert but I have invested in 2 other cryptos where in I powered down and invested about 400 steem, 200 each for the other 2 cryptos.  These are. 

Weku - Weku is a copy cat of Steemit, it's basically like the old Steemit when it was starting and it's not yet out on the market but as of now, it has an ongoing pre-sale for its members. I invested here because like Steemit, I can make blog posts there and earn and since Weku is still new, the earnings for each post is really big. I've gained 2000 weku power similar to steem power in a matter of 1 month that is almost impossible to do on Steemit unless you have a whale backing you up.

Golos - Like Weku, Golos is also a website and crypto similar to Steemit but it was made for the Russian community though any nationality is fine to open an account there, I'm a Filipino and don't understand Russian. I was able to create an account there and invested 200 steem in it for a whopping almost 14,000 golos. They're in the market already and I think they're 2 years more or less. 

I'm planning to circulate these cryptos and invest in them more since they have different exchange rates and I can earn from them through blogging which is something I have been doing and loving it. 

I was suppose to invest in Smoke, a steemit like clone which is also in the market already but they're posts are about cannabis which I don't use so I am still looking for some more sites to invest more. 


Steem, bitcoin, whaleshares at this time and dogecoin because I love that little guy. I have other coins but I am really bad at giving reasons why I bought them. I like coins I can earn.