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We have people running multiple accounts here, who are trying to drain the resources of this platform. What do you have to say to such people?

I think I would need a little more clarification as to what you are talking about.  I think there are a lot of people who have multiple accounts.  I have more than one because I was gifted one through the kickstarter campaign for Steem Monsters.  

My wife uses it for Musing, but other than that, I control pretty much every aspect of it because she has no desire to mess around with it.  Nor does she have the time.

I have the account setup to support several users that I know are posting great content through auto upvotes.  

I understand there are people out there that are abusing the system, but that is going to happen everywhere.  Eliminating the ability to have multiple accounts is not the solution.  It will just force them to find a different way to game the system. 

Bot accounts are a different story and should be cracked down on, but two accounts run by an actual human are not the biggest issue Steemit has.

Here is a great example.  @slobberchops has a second account called @chopssupport that he uses to give votes to new users that are struggling and need a little boost.  He has SP of his own delegated to that account as well as SP from other users to give it a pretty significant upvote.  In fact his secondary account is almost as big as my main account.  

The only reason his secondary account exists is to give back to others on the blockchain.  I think that is pretty awesome and wouldn't be possible if people weren't allowed to have multiple accounts.


Since this question is under the "musing" tag/category, I am assuming that you are referring to the Musing.io platform here and not generally Steem. 

I have also seen some new accounts here that are most likely just alt accounts by some Musers. A lot of people still think that Musing has a maximum number limit of upvotes per day and their way-around for this is to create multiple accounts to maximize @musing's upvote. They probably think that @musing will not upvote more than 5 answers per  account per day or something like that. XD 

Well I am here to tell you that, NO! That is not true! There is no such thing as a maximum number limit of upvotes that @musing gives daily. As long as your answer/question is of quality then you are likely to get an upvote. 

Even if you create 10 accounts and give 10 different answers to one question, Musing will only upvote the answer that has substance and is of-quality. I don't think this scenario is happening though as it is very hard to think of 10 different opinions but Kudos to them if they could do that. Lol

I for one think that It is much better to just stick with your main account and use that account to answer questions here as the curators will likely and will easily recognize your work and contributions to the platform. 


There is no limit on the number of account people can have.  I guess it is limited by whether or not it is worth it and they want to put the time into growing a number of accounts.


I estimate that there's at the very least 150,000 "Free accounts" created by various groups and individuals solely for the sake of farming votes and draining the platform.

The biggest network I have seen so far was of over 10,000 accounts connected via wallet transactions to a single source.

What can you say to such people?

Not much, they will not read it. They don't care.

But I encourage you to down-vote them. :)


To run multiple accounts and be able to drain serious resources, you also need money, investment.

There are many people with multiple accounts who are upvoting those accounts and making max $1 a day, or even less. Those alone are harmless, but together might mean something.

Those who have serious SP in their wallets, those are indeed draining the resources

I've seen discussions about this on the platform, people were arguing, even fighting but I don't think there's anything you can do.

As long as there's a possibility for this, they can't be stopped, like it or not.


I don't see a problem in that at all. Some have alt accounts that follow them on a curation trail. I think that these accounts can be useful and think that they have been very smart.

If your main account has 10 000 SP and you don't upvote your own posts but have alt accounts supporting you and growing then I have no issues with that. It is minimal and doesn't have a huge impact. 

It may or may not work out to be a very smart move on their part. When Steem gets to a decent value they could have a small fortune amongst all their accounts. These accounts take time to grow so not being their main account won't grow as quickly.