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I think steemians should have more influence on other social platforms as a means of creating more awareness about steel. A major event like steemfest did not trend on Twitter. I think we need to capitalise on the existing tools of other social platforms. What is your take?

Steem is definitely not ready for Mass Adoption and Steemit's faucet sign-up proves that.

I have invited some of my irl friends to try out Steem but it still take days to get an account. People in general hate waiting and if we want to onboard new users unto the platform, there should be an effective, efficient and instant sign-up process like how other social platforms does it. I believe this was the whole point of the RC system to create free discounted and instant accounts but it seems it still is too expensive at the moment for one to claim an account.

There's also the issue of user-retention, I think it is easy to invite people unto the platform (who can resist the possibility of earning some extra money just by posting and liking?) but the problem is retaining those people. We don't want to see Steem having 1000+ daily sign-ups but only 1% of that remains on the platform after a month. 

What I believe Steem needs right now are developers and investors, to which most of the people who attended SteemFest are. Now is the time for those guys to create awesome and exciting new DApps and platforms for the time when Steem is ready for Mass Adoption.


As much as I want to on-board majority of users from other social media platforms to join Steemit, I honestly think that we are not ready, yet.

We have to rebuild the Steemit's reputation from the ground-up. We have to improve the way we curate contents, we need more communities that will be able to accommodate the influx of content creators. Otherwise, the incoming users will have false hopes that their contents will receive the support that they expect.

By the time that Communities / SMTs are ready and in full operation, then I can confidently say that we can create campaigns outside Steemit.

For now, let's keep the current count of loyal Steemians and let it grow organically.


I think it is still too early and we are not ready for mass adoption yet. There has been talk we may need one or two more hard forks before SMT's start launching from March next year.

We currently have around 16 000 users on Steemit everyday and that is just a drop in the ocean. Patience is required until next year and one should only be thinking about growing.

When we have 100 x more users you understand that Steem will be much harder to earn. the reward pool stays the same size and it now shared with everyone. I am not in a hurry and see this as a time for everyone to grow and give you the opportunity to become established.

Not all of us were early adopters and have only been on here for 6 months or less and need to climb away from the bottom.  The on boarding of new users will happen and it will happen fairly quickly. Let the platform get ready first.


I've always held the opinion that steemfest is always stereotyped instead of being decentralised in a way and manner where everyone can reach it and certainly be partakers, steemit is a decentralized platform but the whole steemfest stuff looks like only for a faction of people that's why you see 80% of those who attended the first one, in the second and definitely the third without any much significant addition.

and certainly sacrosancted for people who can afford to attend it, as a result of this factor it leaves only the influential and wealthy members of steemit the only people who are capable enough to attend steemfest.

This will make steemfest unable to trend on twitter because it doesn't carry the populace and the electorate along, it's like an oligarchial meet up that's only for the influential how then will the masses and main population of steemit make the event trend when they're not a part of the excitement, they don't know how if feels or how it seems, how should they make it trend?

The number of people attending steemfest is just like 10% of the steemit population and they alone cannot make it trend, that's if they have time to even be or twitter and the rest of the community won't make trend because they aren't partakers, my take is that if most of steemit population aren't involved in the action then steemfest can't trend.


While it would be awesome for Steem Fest to trend on Twitter and other platforms, consider how many people are actually attending the event. It’s not many.

Steemit is still relatively new and still building it’s user base. We are essentially the early apotpters of the platform, even though Steemit has been around since 2016.

For something to trend on social media, you’d need 100s of thousands of people talking about it. And we only had a few thousand. If that.

There’s around 50,000 active users on Steemit. Don’t let the 1 million accounts fool you. Many accounts are dead after people discovering that making money on Steemit is hard. And many people own multiple accounts. I personally own 6.

So while it would be great for the active users to promote Steemit to their audiences on other social media platforms, let’s not go thinking that we can yet get a small event like Steem Fest into the trending tags. We still have a lot of growing to do there.

But there’s also one other thing to consider. We don’t yet have the big personalities at these events to make them worthwhile getting in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

Do you really want the likes of @joeparys in front of many thousands of people? That guy is no better than @jerrybanfield and should not be seen as a representative of this platform.

We need a much higher standard of person at these events before we go big. So let’s work towards that instead of going big prematurely.


I agree with that.   but when I try to share about STEEM (steemit, and some other dApps), nobody even trusts me (in my city). Ironic isn't it? 

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