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Please do you know any group helping new onboarders, so they can get to know and understand the blockchain better. Please I have some people asking me about steem and I want to lead them to the right place.?

If you are looking for a group that can assist onboarders on steemit, a lot of communities are available that can help them in guiding through how they can make it on here such communities as

@curie @air-clinic @steemjet @minnowsupport @altruistic @wafrica and many more of them.

The best thing for the onboarders to do is to join the discord servers belonging to this communities and they will definitely get support after contacting the community.

If the onboarders follow the steps given to them by the community experts then they stand a chance of making it big on the steem platform.


Start with Steem Center, basically Wikipedia of Steemit.


Be sure to get started, your reading must lead to some action, imperfect action is always better than inaction.

You will know things that you need to know along the way.

Feel free to contact me @libert #3361 on discord.