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Some people are angry that their questions/answers are not being upvoted by @musing, what do you have to say to such people?

I think they need to step their game then.  If they are not getting the upvotes that they used to get it is probably because they have become complacent.  

The competition on musing has grown quite substantially.  If you are not getting the rewards you think you expect there is a good chance that you need to put a little more effort into your answers. 

This isn't a free-for-all and it isn't a gimme type thing.  You are entitled to nothing on the Steemit blockchain or musing besides your own opinion.  If you want the rewards, you have to work hard for them just like everyone else.  

There are no handouts here.  There is only just rewards divided out for a job well done.  

When first started on musing they did not have the delegations that they do now.  I posted some questions and answered some questions and I was happy if I got a response.  Upvotes were few and far between.  I persisted though and eventually they got their first delegation.

I was doing pretty well along with couple of other users because there weren't that many using the platform still.  There were some abusers out there and other users that were posting questions hoping to get upvoted, but for the most part there still wasn't a ton of use.

Eventually, the second big delegation came along and more people started to realize what was going on with musing.io.  My rewards started to diminish because there were more users to share them with.  Even though they have a huge delegation, they still have limited resources.  There is a certain point where they can't sustain their VP if the vote too much. 

We just have to accept that and try harder next time.  Just because you spend a long time typing an answer doesn't mean it is a good one.  You can ramble on for paragraphs about who knows what without actually answering the question and it probably won't get upvoted.

Just to summarize.  If you aren't happy about the upvotes you are or aren't getting for your questions and answers.  Step up your game.  You need to earn it, it's not a handout.


It's funny that people get angry for this reason. First off, most of these so called angry people are those who haven't invested a dime in the steemit platform. They're those who are there for the money only and don't care about the growth of either musing or steemit. My advice for you is to chill, it's definitely temporary and I'm sure very soon everything will be back to normal.

Second, I'll advice any angry person to step up his posting game, double your creativity so as to impress the moderators more during these winter days.

Everyone should chill. Whatever gets hot must become cold.

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There are many different perspectives to look at the musers whose questions or answers dont get upvoted. 

In the initial days immediately after musing got delegation, it was comparatively easier for the musers to get upvoted as the size of the vote was big enough and the musers were limited. 

But as the popularity grew up, many more musers joined the platform and obviously vote got divided between more users, as a result the vote value reduced and number of users increased.

One should please note here that steem blockchain has imposed certain restrictions on the upvotes. 

Additionally, musing moderators curate the content manually, which adds to additional restrictions due to human capabilities, there are restrictions in terms of number of times and value. As more and more people would use this platform, it will not be possible to keep everyone happy. 

So please keep posting good and quality answers without expecting upvote everytime.


I guess there are those writers who don't spend alot of time writing the contents. I think that any one writing here should take some time to think of the things they write and whether it answers the questions.

Quality more than quantity

I think it is best to focus on quality of work rather than quantity where you write a lot of non related things. (not referring to you, the one who ask the question but the ones who are probably angry). Quality work needs time.

Language improvement

Read more English books and do more research to find out what answers can be possible for some questions. Without enough reading, there would be many questions that are hard to answer. I usually only answer the questions that I think I can answer and sometimes I just abandon them if I felt that I can answer. Write more and improve your English so when you write an answer, the readers who read it understand what is written. Sometimes, I as i read some question firstly, it doesn't answer the question or is Googled and copied and paste. Then is very repetitively answered with really generic and inconsistent sentence construction.


This is really important to just keep writing,. The more you write the better you become. Writing would become fun. Those who read your contents would feel a sense of joy reading those passages. When we just write with money in the mind, I Dont think it's gonna work out at all. The first thing you will be checking everytime would be if musing has given any money for your work. It is just like a footballer who doesn't live football. I don't think that person can really perform well.


I don't see myself getting angry with @musing by not upvoting some of my questions/answers, why would I?

As a start, Musing.io is a great platform where (based from my observation) likeminded individuals are exchanging opinions / ideas / insights in a constructive way. Unlike other platforms, where there is so much hate that are being spread and are stressful to consume.

The votes from @musing is just an incentive, "a tip" if I may call it that way. Your best take away from this platform are the things that you learn from amazing people that answer your questions and or offer a question where you can also express your opinions.

As musch as I want to expect to make a living out from Steemit / Musing or any other DApp, it's not always the case, and I feel better thinking that these platforms are another form of social media where I can interact with optimistic people out there.

So if I were those persons who complain about their earnigs, I'd stop it, and just enjoy creating network among the other users and make new social media friends.


I say step your game up.

The days where I spend less time, and expel less energy asking and answering questions, it reflects in the rewards I receive. There is really nothing complicated to figure out. You simply have to put the work in to receive rewards. Musing knows who is working hard, and they know who is slacking. 


Do you know the definition of musing is a period of reflection or thought.   These questions are here for you to think about. Just because you thought about it and answered doesn't mean that you answer was helpful or valuable.   So read on; answer and maybe even learn something but don't expect anything... because value is subjective.


Angry with Musing or with themselves? That's the big question! The same goes on on Steemit. Some people are any because their posts are not upvoted.

When I first started here it was a learning period. I'm not saying I wasn't getting upvotes, but not every answer of mine got upvoted. Like I said, it's a learning period we're all going through at the beginning. It becomes easier after a certain period of time, you just have to take it seriously and give accurate answers.

Being angry at Musing or Steemit users or both for not getting upvotes won't get you anywhere. You need to work it out, to find a way to be better. You can't force anyone to upvote your posts, comments or answers. That's not the way things work around here. Some people are using bidbots exactly for this reason. Good thing there's no such option here on Musing.

Those people need to improve and they're going to get upvotes. No need to be angry.


If I can give advice, be patient and keep trying until the musing comes to your post.

I have been in a difficult position like that, but I am not angry. I am assuming that my answer is not weighty at that time.

I then read the Greek answers that received curation from the musing, and it turned out that all the answers were very good and worthy of curation by the musing.

This is learning for all of us, in order to pay attention to the criteria desired by this platform.

My advice, instead of waiting for upvote and complaining about why not getting upvote, is better to use more of your valuable time to post high-quality answers or questions.

Try starting now and tell your friends out there to keep trying until they succeed. Have a nice day.


No guarantee upvote in all platform, try to be the best and rest assured that you can.


All I have to say to them is, if you're doing the right thing, then you just have to be persistent.

Currently, musing doesn't have the graceful delegation they had anymore to keep meaningful upvotes to both questions and answers.

But asides having their delegation taken away by Steemit Inc after hardfork 20, I think people can also look forward to be Upvoted by other communities and people as well.

But if you don't get Upvotes, it may also imply that there's something you're not doing well. Maybe you're not answering the questions correctly or you're not asking the right questions.

Or maybe your contents are grossly bereaved of quality. Fine, you're entitled to your opinion on musing. But how good is your opinion?

It's not all about making a few rants in order to form paragraphs as content reply to a particular question. Your replies must atleast address the question and should be able to provide a solution or additional information regarding the subject of discussion.

The game on musing has stepped up, though the platform seem underused yet there are thousands and hundreds of people who make meaningful contributions daily and deserve upvotes from musing. If musing is upvoting, they have limited resources, they can't get down to everyone, there is a form of invisible competition here. However, improve on the quality of your responses to be discovered easily hopefully.

Thank you for reading.


To be honest this is something that will be heard (Upvote issue) in every applications of Steem Blockchain. 

In this case of Musing is not that different. While I have seen people are giving a lot of time while delivering answer to a question and clearly satisfying the user who asked a question by which the curators are showing the appreciation of that effort by upvoting their comments and like wise if the question is of value to the Steem Blockchain or of any help to others than it is also being rewarded with handsome upvotes.(You do know what I mean)

While without doing any kind of effort people are expecting rewards in return which is kind of a invalid request from my point of view. Every answer/question that is rewarded by the curators means that answer holds a particular value to the question. Thus getting that reward. Which is worth it.

So from my personal experience I should share that if an user answer a particular question with valid points, with valid reasons and with own words and maintaining all the rules of Musing.io than the curators of Musing will sure give appreciation to your time and the naswer that you have given. The same goes for Questions.

While do something that the curators of Musing gets bound to upvote your questions/answers !!

Give something of value and you will get what you seek, it works in this way in every applications of Steem Blockchain !! 


I would honestly tell them to just improve and just keep going.

Nothing is guaranteed in life and the same applies to musing. Taking your time and understanding the question is the key.

Using your own words with fairly decent grammar will help you achieve a vote at some point. I don't understand these users who just expect and feel hard done by. I have been on here for a few months now and have noticed that musing are upvoting more questions lately.

This is a good thing but someone will be disappointed at some point. I can recall I had about 15 answers left unvoted after a marathon 4 hour musing push.  Musing has a limited number of votes per day and on busy days questions and answers will be skipped.

I would say keep going and just do your best. 


If I personally say the first one is patient and keeps writing whether it is through questions or answers, don't expect to be voiced by @musing only, but try every question and answer we give to have value and benefit others ...

Then the second don't give up quickly, keep working through writing, you know that someday we will get more votes, but if we give up it won't be achieved. for example, maybe we can see successful people, those who are successful must pass through very difficult times, but they never give up, even they learn from these failures as evaluations to fix them so they can succeed ...


If I encounter such, I will tell them to join other similar platforms. Only musing with such sort is giving rewards. Besides, it is funny that those who are complaining are the ones who do not give good answers.

Also, curation was done manually. With the rise in numbers of questions and answers, curators and moderators' jobs became even more difficult which can lead to unintentional overlooking some posts.


There are an extensive variety of perspectives to look at the musers whose questions or answers dont get upvoted. 

In the hidden days immediately in the wake of considering got assignment, it was moderately less requesting for the musers to get upvoted as the degree of the vote was adequately colossal and the musers were obliged. 

Regardless, as the unmistakable quality grew up, various more musers joined the stage and plainly vote got isolated between more customers, thusly the vote regard decreased and number of customers extended. 

One should please note here that steem blockchain has constrained certain confinements on the upvotes. 

Likewise, considering middle people serve the substance physically, which adds to additional impediments as a result of human limits, there are repressions to the extent number of times and regard. As a consistently expanding number of people would use this stage, it won't be possible to keep everyone cheery. So please keep posting extraordinary and quality answers without expecting upvote everytime.


Three words: Get a life!

Entitlement mentality is too rampant.


Ha ha ha ha, it's so funny, but its real we can find easy the people like that. One thing I want to say is whether he is required to answer questions from people here! Is participation on other platforms given upvote? The extent to which the quality of the answer is yes and what are the benefits for others.

How far is the expectation using musing.io, is it just an upvote! Be aware of musing.io is just an application so that we can interact on social media on steem blockchain by prioritizing discussions that are useful for others and for us personally. For me, people like that don't understand the context of the blockchain system, not all works in Steem Blockchain are upvote, upvote is just a part of the system to make the platform more attractive with the advantage of getting coins, but what needs to be remembered is that coin is not everything here, build relationships continuous is the main goal, upvote will certainly come naturally. For me personally, I don't care how much upvote I get, at least I haven't found a platform that has great people like in steem blockchain while using social media, and another platform that teaches me how important authenticity is and not a plagiarist who is free there come on social media, hope useful sharing!


Stop hating.


if I personally say the first one is patient and keeps writing whether it is through questions or answers, don't expect to be voiced by @musing only, but try every question and answer we give to have value and benefit others ...

then the second don't give up quickly, keep working through writing, you know that someday we will get more votes, but if we give up it won't be achieved. for example, maybe we can see successful people, those who are successful must pass through very difficult times, but they never give up, even they learn from these failures as evaluations to fix them so they can succeed ...