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What consumes your thoughts most of the time?

This question is amazing .  I was just thinking about all the things that take up the time in my head.  

The biggest thing that consumes my thoughts is work.  As I have stated before, I am a school social worker in a rural elementary school of about 400 students.  These students, their issues, problems, and needs are what consumes most of my thoughts throughout the day and night.  It is difficult to shut your brain off to many of the things that these students struggle with.  If I am not thinking about them, I am looking for lessons  or resources to help with them or teach them the following weeks.   Many times, I have to force myself to shut my brain off from work or tell myself I need to stop for the night with the research.

Another thing that consumes my mind most of the time is my health.  Not that I am paranoid that something is wrong, but what I need to be doing to make myself a healthier, more fit person.  My blood pressure has been crazing up and down lately, so thinking about that sometimes and consume my thoughts especially if I have recently taken my blood pressure and it is on the higher side.  

Thoughts that consume me, sometimes prevent me from sleeping at night.  I keep a notebook near my bed and if I have a hard time sleeping, I write down all the thoughts that are going though my head so that way I can shut down and sleep.  I am a person that always has thoughts inside my head that consume me. 


It has be my work :(

I work more than 8 hours per day. And even though I'm in a vacation my mind is constantly thinking about it and it will easily occupies my day. Even so, whenever I leave my office, as much as possible I will always try to think of something else, then Steemit comes to play :)

So aside from work, it has to be Steemit :)

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Most thoughts of human beings have been centred on regret what they could have achieved and they didn't achieve or the prospect of what they must have done right and they actually did it wrong if you even check your own thoughts now you discover that sometimes you resent yourself for not making the right choices in the past and these thoughts fill your heart or mind in a long time and actually takes some sort of stronger thoughts to actually move this original thoughts.

So for me what consumes most of my thoughts is regret do not actually understand this kind of thought, it makes you feel unworthy and makes you resent the kind of person you are it may be that your life turned out differently as a result of circumstances it may be that your parents have made some mistakes in shaping your life and you wish you could have gone back to the past you know to either the make the choice of another parent well basically teach them so that they couldn't make the decisions that actually gives you problem in life currently.

In a nutshell I want release a some other people are consumed in thoughts like relationship woes , scandals , business problems and prospects and even the thought of failure or having to fail in a business they haven't even started yet this kind of thoughts are called uncertainty in torts and can also trouble the mind but in my own opinion he grateful thoughts are much more rampant because they bring disappointment, low self-esteem, self worthlessness and a whole lot of other things so for me regret is the kind of thoughts that takes centre stage so much in my life and my mind.


MONEY and IMPACT. hahaha. This sounds crazy but the zeal to make money consumes my thought most of the time. Also the quest to have a lasting impact on people's lives drive me to think crazy thoughts.

What can I do to make an impact on people's life and at the same time make me more money? This thought gets me drooling on ideas and most of the time, when I'm alone, not busy with activities, I start thinking on a lot of things I can do to achieve this. Apart from these things, if I'm not thinking of making an impact or making money, then I'm thinking about my boyfriend. hahaha


Paranoid thoughts.


Oh man, that is a thought provoking question indeed. 

The state of humanity. 

I find myself in this torturous revolution of thought process. 

I see a humanity that has progressed technologically, and regressed morally. 

I see a humanity that cares more for likes and snapchat filters, than that of a humanity that embraces love for thy neighbor. 

I see a tumultuous roar of political bias and hate in the world.

I see an over sexualized, superficial, beast of a creature, who idolizes false virtues. 

I see the downfall of our species, in a collective sense.

The worst part....

It's only just begun.