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Are there employment opportunities on the steem blockchain?
I see a lot of companies and projects on the blockchain and I believe these projects are run by human beings. Is it possible for one to get employed here , that's what I want to find out

Incase you didn't know, Steemit Inc. did look for someone who can code and help developed the blockchain and they posted the job order via steemit post. That alone, you can tell that employment opportunities are available in steem blockchain. There are also dapps that are looking for collaborators and programmers in steemit but it is very minimal to get hired even you are skilled enough to do the work. Somehow, a lot of developers chose to create their own steem apps and provide jobs to other users by creating a community to manage and to prosper. It is more on voluntary with rewards and support than being called employed. There are a lot of opportunities in the steem blockchain.


Steemit inc. is on top of the list looking for developers, coders, writers, engineers, and many more to work for them for the Steem ecosystem.

While they are on top of the list on that, there are a lot of job seeking opportunities existed on the Steem blockchain.

One, I consider being a curie curator a job because you are compensated for finding best unrewarded posts publsished in Steemit and you are paid per "Post" approved eligible for curie upvote.

Two, a lot of dApps like Steemmonsters, esteem, busy.org, etc are constantly looking for coders and developers to work for them. Most of them are paid in Steem.

Three, companies venture out in Steemit to widen the field of selection process by posting job vacancies via blog reaching out the community.


There are a lot dapps where you can be a part of. I can't say it being an employment, rather be a part of the project. Some dapps look for programmers who can be part of developing and maintaining the apps. Some looks for moderators or curators who will look for quality posts to be curated. In Discord server of dapps connected to Steem blockchain, you can contact the owner or the master to become a moderators of the server. With the service you provided, you will receive rewards. Again, these are not employments rather being part of the projects.


You are better off creating a Dapp. This way you could employ yourself. It is highly unlikely to happen as users have been here over two years and would most likely be first in line.

I suggest growing your account and maybe in a few years time it is big enough to provide you with an income. A lot of the discord groups have mentioned taking a couple of people on part time once the value of Steem rises.

I wouldn't bank on anything like that happening as we arrived here way too late and there would be hundreds of users considered first before any of us.


In case you didn't know 1 week ago steemit fired 70% of their crew. The ceo Ned made some stupid mistakes, he wrongly anticipated a bull market and took to much risks so now they run out of funds. Therefore they don't hire any more people at this moment so it's very unlikely you get employed by steemit.

You can get a job in the blockchain space if you are skilled. Most jobs involve coding, if you are a good programmer you can find work easily. 

Where are you good at? If you don't know how to code you can try get a job in marketing , etc. Look at job site's if there are good jobs available for you. 

It may also depend on your location. If you live in Africa it might be very hard to get a job in blockchain. If you are from Europe or USA it will be a lot easier. 


Yes there are, but chances are low. It's like hitting jackpot