How do we(you) define value on the steem blockchain?

TL:DR - How much money companies/brands spend to load on Steem Power to market themselves on the Steem Blockchain.


I'm a Fundamental Analysis kinda guy. So I already have a cookie cutter answer for you.

Bitcoin's value is in the open, neutral, global, censorship resistant, decentralized nature of the Bitcoin Network to allow a bitcoin to be a ubiquitous Medium of Exchange and Store of Value.

Ethereum's value is in the computability of the Ethereum Network and the interopability of all the ERC20/ERC721/ERC777 tokens.

Steem's value is in the global censorship resistant, zero entry barrier content platform to allow instant non-minimal-limited compensation to creators.


So how I define the value of the Steem Blockchain? Bear in mind that the value of the Steem Blockchain may not immediately be reflected in the price of the STEEM Token. Token price works via simple supply/demand economics where the real value of the blockchain may not be the overwhelming driving factor.

The value of the blockchain may be proportional to the MAU of the Dapps especially in content creation and engagement.

One quickest use case of the blockchain may be for brands to build their community and followings. From what i know, @coingecko has powered up 22000 SP on the Steem Blockchain (maybe about 3 Bitcoin at the time) so that they can upvote users who talk to them whether via comments or posts that mention them. 

This drives word-mouth-advertising as more people talk about @coingecko and how it's different from all the other coin price websites. Most people don't know about @coingecko and presses the first result they see when googling "Steem Price". 

Unlike other forms of marketing, money spent on buying steem power can be reclaimed by selling the Steem, so rather than being a cost it's now an investment. Assuming the price stays constant, the only thing spent is time to engage on the steem Dapps, rather than a sunk cost for other forms of advertising.

So, is the Steem community effective enough in being mobilized as a marketing vehicle? will it worth @coingecko's time to be on here, will it worth the 22k Steem power they spent?

This may be the easiest way to define the value of the Steem Blockchain, and personally i'm watching closely to see what happens


Steemit is a life changing platform.

yes, you heard it right, 

But first you need to understand, how it works? how you can be successful on this platform,

What are the things you Should not do here?

I will explain them Below.

But here i want to share my little story,

Before joining steemit, i was jobless and was looking for job, but My every try shows me the face of failure and then i decided to join the steemit and in my first 2 month of steemit, i didn't earned anything, i kept learning, i kept testing new things, that could work on this platform, I worked on @dlive, i worked on @busy.org, I worked on @esteem, i worked on @dtube, I must say all these are really wonderful and amazing, Oh i forget to mention I also worked on @steemgigs too. My ultimate love is @steemhunt.

all these dapps are Supporting newbies in a great way.

Now i am earning more than i expected from steemit, Though we are going through tough days, but i am hopeful that steem will get back to track soon.

you can use all these dapps and see what works for you.  Every one knows them better.

Below are the something newbie should prevent doing on steemit.

1 - Don't use plagiarize or spin content.

2- Don't beg for upvotes.

3- Don't copy other's comment.

4- Don't spam by doing multiple comments.

Something you should do/ follow.

1 - Always quote the source.

2- write meaning full comment.

3 - Don't fight with big whales,

4- Find big whales to comment on their profiles.

5- Make good relationships.


Value on the steem blockchain like value on any other place,really. It is whatever YOU or any other individual brings to a community to make it stronger and more advanced in any aspect of life and human endeavor.

And usually as it is in real life, value is one of the main things that is rewarded and should be rewarded the most. So that any individiual who supplies this "advancement" I mentioned earlier, has the right to seek a reward from the community for his or her effort.

Now to continue the comparison between steem and offline communities. The number one thing, I think, that is most valued in both instances is Money. Because, well, money itself is value: it is the end and reward of most values. So if you have money that means you have a real large advantage of adding more value and generating more money.

It's like, basically, you have the end product of value at hand. Which is quite a valuable thing obviously LOL because you can use it to generate even more value. And that's how it is on steem also. So I'd say the number one parameter that determines value on steem the currencies themselves. Whoever has them automatically adds value on the blockchain.

Which is why the investors are the most prioritized. Because they are the ones literally bringing the value to the currency, by importing the end products of prior valuable endeavors off the chain. Without them investing their money, steem would have zero value. Zilch, nada!

And then we move on to the content creators. These are also people who bring value to the blockchain. Just like we have the creatives in real life who nurture the soul and the mind. These are the people who brings the gravitas and the substance. These are what the investors invest in. These are the people responsible for the contents.

And then we have the curators. People who discover the creators. Because without them being discovered everywhere would just be a scattered playground with blindfolded running heater skelter. Imagine if musing doesn't have curators who discover and reward answers here.

Everyone would just go around finding the best contents his or herself and it can get really tedious. So the curators are here to help us discover the best among the pile and give them the reward that they deserve. So that the content creators don't have to waste their energies and can focus and be more encouraged on actually creating the contents.

And then we have the DApps like musing and co. who are sort of like departments in a company or states in a country. Which helps everyone direct his or her energy and capability to the suitable tasks at hand. And also helps the various members of that community determine what they're good at. So that in the end everyone is useful at something and contributes to the growth of the community in one way or the other and are rewarded for their various efforts.

So ideally its all supposed to be a symbiosis. A hive where everyone shares the same goal and everyone has his or her function to perform. Each person's duty is important and they all complement each other and are rewarded for it.

Sadly though the system here on the steem blockchain is nowhere near perfect yet. Hell no system anywhere is near perfect yet. But of course we keep trying. We keep pushing. We never give up.



I guess we can't define that. It's an individual process and it is in everyone of us to decide what is valuable. What might have value for me, in your case might be a total garbage and vice versa so we can't draw a line of value applicable to any post on Steem. However I do believe that as in "the real life" we can find in here also our tribe that appreciates our vibe and what we are sharing on our blogs. 

These that like to make posts about how to be successful and what a valuable post is are only expressing personal opinions and nothing more than that. Moreover as you might have seen also on the Steem blockchian are always being created new apps and ways of posting so what was of a great value two years ago now might be just a boring post that would waste your time rewarding it while what was spam on that time now it might be just a normal post. 

When I joined the platform there was the fashion of creating long bllog posts and everybody was trying hard to make them long and add lots of pics. That somehow remained as a standard of value but not entirely. We now have Steepshot, actifit, musing and so on. Apps through which you can post just one pic or a bit of text sharing an idea and that's it. That is a post that might have a lot of value for some and to get upvotes. I have a few recent posts containing just a pic and some thoughts and have been upvoted more than others that I've worked more for writing them. 

Value has become very subjective over time on Steem and it's natural to be this way. I guess the best way to ensure you are creating value is to adapt and to offer something through your posts, not just chase upvotes. Some people do read and pay attention to details and for some length doesn't matter that much. It's all on you to make your posts of a great value and originality is in my opinion the best ingredient you can have to the recipe to achieve that. 


The first thing I would look at is how popular Steem is. It's just like Facebook, even initially it did not make much money and was running at a loss but there were so many users that it proved the company to be really popular. Steem Is if i am not mistaken at top 50 for cryptos which is quite good. The value is in the way we see it.

Since the removal of the gold standard in 1971, the US dollars is valuable due to only true and worldwide use. Even knowing that it is only based on trust. It is currently still the most important currency in the world. I would gladly keep lots of us dollars if I can.

Steem is somewhat denominated in the US currently. Knowing that makes it really valuable. I don't know what do US citizens think or US residents think of Steem. Maybe low in value. In my country, one US dollar can be converted to four times of RM. At its peak, I checked just 3.5 Steem could be converted to 186 in my currency. That is groceries for two weeks. The pricing in my country is the same as in the US but it's in my currency.

Milk is only rm 4 and I guess in the US is about 2. Converting us 2 it becomes 8. 2 packets of milk. I guess, it will be valuable in the future. It is a matter of time. I am sure one day it will reach an equilibrium price which would stabilize to be the price everyone would have.


Img source : nano.do/gum-sequence-player

For me, Steem blockchain is stil the best. Why ?, there are several reasons for this:

First, this is the best platform for blogging.

Yes, it's no secret that we can produce crypto currencies from our blogging activities in Steem. Therefore, this platform is very interesting, especially when we can get money from the platform.

Second, I can interact with various people from all over the world.

This is the factor that I like the most. I can get to know various people from other countries, and ask each other, share and give. I usually comment on each other, joking with them. This is a cool platform, even better than other blogging and social media platforms. 


 I am sure that the STEEM blockchain will be bigger and bigger. Especially when other people already know the various benefits of this platform. But the problem up to now is that the usage curve is too complicated, so ordinary people are reluctant to use it. But, the more days more people will share tutorials that will facilitate the learning process using this platform. 


Value on the steem blockchain can be 

any good post that talks about the improvement of a platform.

post that helps others to be successful rather than deceive them.

 Valuable content = positive content