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What current steem related project do you support and how?

The steem related project I support for now is Musing. Musing is one of my best dApp which I can't do without visiting because it has helped me a lot when we talk about learning and earning. Most Steemians are now making use of Musing because they are able to earn and learn at the same time. Musing is a decentralized Question and Answer platform built on steem blockchain such that you are able to earn more Steemit tokens (steem, sbd and SP) just for asking questions or answering questions. This is why I sometimes call Musing "a Quora Blockchain platform".

Musing has brought a sense of hope to most Steemians on the platform because you will surely be rewarded if your posts deserves a reward. There is no bias relation since the curators are also doing their jobs effectively. Musing has really impacted my stay on Steemit positively by giving me a sense of hope on the platform. I am able to ask questions to things I find ambiguous in return with good quality and explicit answers and I am also able to earn. I am also able to impact people's lives on the platform by providing quality answers to questions they don't understand. If there is a project like this on the steem blockchain which enables people to learn and earn, then why shouldn't I support such a great platform?

How do I support Musing?

There is nothing more preferable other than supporting the growth of platform that has influenced many users lives positively. I do support Musing as best as possible and I hope to do more on the platform. These are my below methods of supporting Musing.

1) INVITING OTHERS TO MUSING: I believe the more we invite more people people to the platform, the more users we have on Musing. I always invite many of my friends on Steemit to musing most especially when they feel like giving up due to low upvotes. I also meet with new people and I tell them what musing is all about such that they do develop the interest to take part in the platform. Ever since I am doing this, most of my friends do thank me for showing them such an easy and convenient way to learn and earn on Steemit.

I also invited someone yesterday and he was just so happy as he saw how Musing is operating. I will keep inviting more people to the platform as this will help us integrate the platform.

2) ADVERTISING MUSING: I love clicking the post to blog icon after answering questions on musing mainly for the purpose of enabling other Steemit users including my followers such that they can be aware of Musing. I also love to share my answers on my social media platform so as to enable more users get aware of Musing. These are one of the best means of advertising the platform to earn more users on the steem blockchain.

3)ASKING QUESTIONS ON MUSING: One of the purpose of Musing is to ask questions since we have great experts and knowledgeable people who can answer your questions more explicitly which make it easier to comprehend. I love asking questions on Musing instead of visiting other websites or other people. I have also be getting good and explicit answers from various musing users and I am always happy to ask questions on the platform since it is one of the reasons why musing was created.

Also, if we don't ask questions on Musing, there is no how we can develop the platform as users never because there won't be anyone to provide answers. Let's keep asking questions on the Musing. Let's increase the number of questions asked such that we will have more musers busy providing answers to questions and this makes musing more active.

4)PROVIDING QUALITY ANSWERS: This is what I do mostly with my time every day on Musing. I love providing quality answers on Musing which adds more to my wallet and knowledge. The more we provide answers, the more we are supporting the platform because it makes musing more active and lively. I am always happy when I see people answering different questions on Musing as it adds more to the development of the platform.

Let's always make sure we answer questions on Musing and don't forget to click on the "post to blog" icon to enable more Steemit users to view the Musing also don't forget to share on your social media handles.

5) STEEM POWER DELEGATION: Don't be astonished about this because I am not a whale and I don't have much steem power. I am still a minnow who is earning very little on Steemit but I wish I had more steem power so that I can delegate to Musing. I had to make use of that heading because I believe I will surely gain more steem power one day even though I just have to keep hoping for the best to come. If I have huge SP, Musing is one of the best platform I will delegate to. I also use this medium to employ Steemit users with huge SP who don't know where they can delegate their SP to, I recommend Musing because this platform has impacted the lives of many steemians positively by making them learn and earn.

In conclusion, Musing is one of the best project on steem blockchain that I love to support and I am also showing my support on the platform even though I don't have much SP to delegate since I am just a small earner on Steemit.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Currently, I am supporting musing.io, Steem-ua, partiko and dpoll.xyz

√ musing.io

Arguably the best initiative, musing is certainly one of my best dApps on the Steem blockchain. I see musing.io to be a center for learning on the Steem blockchain. Moreover, earning from asking a question or providing an answer to a question is a motivation to musers or musing users.

Personally, I am still starting off my journey on musing because I do not always have much free time but I always read and learn from answers provided to some specific questions on daily basis.

I will continue to support and promote musing by posting some of my answers to my blog and try to always visit on daily basis.

I wish there exist a resteem tab where one could simply click to resteem some amazing answers.

√ Steem-ua

Steem-ua is a project I see to be amazing. It ranks Steem users according to a user authority score which is gotten from the computation of many factors that are geared towards engagement on the Steem blockchain. Personally, I love steem-ua because it encourages me to engage more on the Steem blockchain through it comments.

I have delegated 100SP to @steem-ua just so that I can always receive upvotes and see my statistics four times a week.

√ Partiko

Partiko for me is the best mobile application to engage on the Steem blockchain. I am a "partiko lover" (like it is said) and partiko is basically what I used to interact with fellow steemians.

Aside promoting partiko by having "posted using partiko Android" at the end of every post or comment, I am equally supporting @partiko with a delegation.

√ dpoll.xyz

dpoll as the name indicates, is a poll dApp on the Steem blockchain. It is somewhat similar to musing.io just that we get to vote on answers in a poll. dpoll is still very young and has started to gain traction.

I am currently supporting dpoll by creating polls and making sure I vote on every poll as it does not takes up to 30s to cast a vote. I have managed to vote on every poll ever since I got to know about dpoll some weeks ago.

Also, I am currently ranked among the top 5 dpollers both in category of polls created and poll votes.


I feel steem dapps have gained more traction in the past month than the whole of 2018

This is the first time in my year on steemit that I enjoy some dapps built on the chain. Which is incredibly exciting, because I actually like them. And I think other people would find them appealing too.

From being on the internet from a pretty young age and playing games, we where always exploring and looking for new things online.

I remember joining myspace just as it's time in the spotlight was coming to an end. The emergence of Facebook, YouTube, whatsapp and all the other social media's. 

We where always ahead of the crowd, because we quickly became bored. Once the platform hit mainstream we would have already moved on to something new.

Here are some of the dapps I am using on steem, and how I am  supporting them:

 1. Steemit

I joined steemit about 1 year ago. Powered up a little and kept earning. I have multiple accounts and have tried to board my friends to Steemit.

I hope to invest more in the future, because that is ultimately how I learnt about Steemit. 

2. Musing.io

I love ready websites like gotQuestions.org so I think that is why I fell in love with Musing so quickly.

I started using Musing.io about 3 days ago. And WOW I'm impressed. I love to give my two cents on any subject and I tend to think I know a little something about everything.

Musing.io is a question and answer dapp much like Quaro, but on the steem block chain. I was casually scrolling stateofthedapps website, because the dapps of steemit has been published recently and stats are being tracked on the site.

I thought I would see if there are not any other dapps I have not tried and might be interested in. Musing.io was one of the ones I found.

I love reading and writing and I honestly did not know @musing actually curates content. 

I noticed they do after being notified on my @partiko app of a unexpected up vote. 

At the end of the day I had multiple upvotes and was earning a decent amount! I actually started feeling bad, because I think I spent 2 hours that first day writing a question and multiple answers and only then noticing they curate content. But I am very grateful for being rewarded for something you enjoy doing.

I hope I can support Musing.io by writing good content and deserving of the reward. And I do not know if they have any way of supporting them. I follow them on steemit and I always try to remember to up vote the Question to thank him/her for their efforts. Musing.io has a large SP so I do not know if they did delegations.

3. Steem Monsters

When Steem Mosters was being promoted on steemit. I was quite aware of the development and when the alpha was released I bought a starter pack and I think 2-3 booster packs. I wrote a blog post on my @somegaming channel and I remember calling it pay to win. 

So I was not really impressed with the dapp. But revisiting it a month ago I actually enjoyed the game play and started grinding some ranking points. I reached bronze last season and I have about 600 rating currently.

I do a daily quests every now and then. But hardly play anymore matches after that. The collecting and selling aspect is state if the art. And the fact that it is immutable on the block chain almost making it as if the card actually exists.

I will HODL my card much like a HODL my crypto's, because I have some nice cards. And they are like an investment.

 4. Partiko

I was extremely impressed by @partiko and decided to delegate to them in their 1st round and I wish I delegated more. Because it is so easy to use and it has been gamified so I can earn Partiko points for posting, liking, commenting and even checking in.

I just wish they could combine both Musing.io and Partiko. That would be awesome so then I can earn my partiko points while answering on Musing. I guess you cant have all the cake and eat it.

5. Vimm.tv

I almost have 700 rating on @vimm with my gaming channel @somegaming. But I can sometime stream for hours on @vimm and only earn 40 cents. Where as I can write informative answers on here and earn that in 2 or 3 questions. Sometimes on one answer if I am diligent enough. I only stream my game play on @vimm when I am actually gaming, which is rather rare these days. 

I blame the gaming community, because they are so large, they could have reached out to @vimm and delegated more. Only rewards will attract more streamers.

6. Many more!

There are many more apps I use for steem that I won't go into that much. But the aforementioned would be the ones I use and enjoy the most. Others include @actifit , @dtube , @share2steem , @busy  and SteemAuto.

I highly suggest you take a look at https://www.stateofthedapps.com/rankings/platform/steem for more fun dapps on the steem blackchain.


Hi there,

My name is Amar and I am using Steemit from last 6 months. I hope you are doing great. Well, there are many Steem Blockchain based projects are going on such as Actifit & Steemhunt and Musing is also based on steem Blockchain. 

Actifit- It is fitness tracker dapp based on Steem Blockchain in the hope to make everyone happy and healthy by rewarding them for there effort. First time when My friend told me that suppose if you are running and in the return you are earning money Honestly speaking I told him 'Are you kidding me' but now I am using actifit from last 2 months and I not only building my heath but I am also earning money from it.  They have AFIT tokens which is its native token. well, there are two ways to collect our reward on is General way in which your 50% reward you will get in the form of STEEM upvote & rest of 50% in AFIT tokens that definitely gonna have some worth in the future. The second way is you you can maximize your all reward into AFIT tokens that is again a great option. 

SteemHunt:- It is again a unique and amazing Steem Blockchain based project that is the a universe of Unique and amazing innovative products. If you love innovations and innovative products then you must visit steemhunt you will definitively gonna enjoy it.  Basically, Here daily 150-250 hunters post their hunt and in return then SMT tokens which is a temporary tokens of Steemhunt and Steemit upvote based on their ranking by steemhunt bot. I am using it from last 4 months and I really had a great experience with it and I enjoyed with the community. :

Musing.io-  I hope you are already familiar with musing.io and I don't think I should write about it. 

Okay, Let's talk about support Well I don't have good SP to delegate them  and support the project to reach to the moon but I am supporting these project by beiing a part of this initiative.  I hope these projects will be a Shining Star in the near future. 

Thank you & Have a Good Day/Night :-)


Steemonsters and Musing

I support them by

1. Actually using them. These dapps need users to make them work. I believe my time is a way of supporting them

2. Referring my friends. I refer friends a lot to these platforms. It's only fair considering that I learnt about these platforms through friends.

If I have large SP holdings, I could have considered delegating SP


I support Partiko. It has made my Steem experience much much better.

They have next round of delegations should be coming soon. You may take part in it to support it. You will receive upvotes to as a thank you, so it's win-win situation.


Oracle-d and steemhunt.

Not difficult to see why, oracle-d brings in investors into the steem Blockchain by utilizing the ranking and priority google gives to the steemit.com site. I gor into the dapp and became a writer there specifically just to grow steem.

Steemhunt is badass, creating an alternative to popular services like indigogo.

You want to launch a product? You will soon be able to crowd fund with steem and hunt tokens.

Mad I say.