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Some words of encouragement for someone who is about giving up on life?

It is quite an unfortunate situation where people easily give up on their life. The situation arises for almost everyone in the world. And the confusion lasts only for few mins. If they come out of those few mins, many suicides can be easily prevented. According to the record almost 90 percent of the suicides that happen all over the world are for stupid reasons. Well I would like to say few things for someone at this stage of life with lots of frustration and confusion.

World is very big

People who easily give up on life usually forget the fact that the world is very big. I think that there is nothing left for them in this world. It would have been the case that, they would have got a failure only on certain aspects but they completely forget that there are lots of other options and opportunities available for them. After all we are part of just one corner of the world and the too tiny place without knowing the full picture of this entire world. Especially when any problem arises our mind is completely isolated and we even think that we are lonely.

If you tried something and it did not work, there are always better things to try out. We have to keep trying different things if we see a failure. Nobody in this world would have been highly successful in their first attempt. We should also learn to move on with the life if things are not working out. If you think that any of your life event is creating and uncomfortable surrounding for you you can always look forward to move to a different place that will give you lots of peace of mind.

Speak to someone who really motivates you

Whenever you are depressed the best thing to do is to talk to someone. Definitely not to someone who will again reduce your energy level. The conversation should happen with someone who can really help you get out of your frustration. during tough situations it may not be necessary that you will have to speak to an expert or someone who is doing counselling. It is fair enough even if you speak to your parents or just close friends that can really help you a lot. If you have a habit of writing things down you can also look forward to write your painful aspects in a paper and just throw it away. When you sit and write it down your mind gets a great relief because you have already expressed it out.

Focus your mind on something you like the most

Usually when there is a problem our mind will continuously think about the problem. It is quite natural that we will not be able to stay positive when we are frustrated. Our mind will again and again go to the negative aspects and try to solve the problem. But actually when we are down we will not be able to easily solve the problem but we might complicate the problem. So it is always better to focus our mind on something that we really like to do instead of focusing on things we hate the most. Just simply staying away from negative thoughts can provide great results.

Everybody is with some problem

will not be able to find even a single person in this world without any problems. The extent of the problem or the way we take the problem should be taken into consideration. Successful people don't really give too much of attention to their problems but they look forward to convert their problems two achievements with the help of hard efforts. When we are depressed we can also do a short comparison with people who have other problems. Not out of curiosity but just to know how they handle their problems and also to get some learning out of it.

There is this very famous proverb "A busy will never have time for sorrows". If we keep our life busy like a bee and work really hard we will not be depressed if we encounter a problem. We will already know how to come out of the problem. even if we don't know how to come out of a problem you will still have strength to face problems in our life. We can compare our life with someone who is way lower then our level. That is when we will know that we already have a sophisticated life.

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Get some 5-HTP.

Take twice a day. Should feel a lift of spirits within a week.

Motivational jargon is useless if basic body chemistry is out of whack first. One small step at a time.


My dad would always say do not ever presumeto know what someone is going through or feel whatever someone is going through isn't so much to feel they should give up. Pain differs in everyone and how they deal wotheit is even more different and difficult to understand.

So if i were to talk to someone who's giving up on life i probably would not start with telling them it can't be that bad. I'll try to understand their point of view, see things the way they do and do all i can to be a friend.

After a quick evaluation of their situation, I'll begin to explain that this life has so much to offer and how they are a big part of someones life and how important they are to alot of people. Reminding such people of valuable they are alive is very important as this will convey a message of need and finish of with letting them know that where there is life, there is hope and that they might just be tge biggest hope someone has in life.


Almost everyone feels the same way. You're not different.

However, you can choose to let these trying moments be a challenge to overcome or be a wall you can never scale through. You can either be a source of motivation to others (friends, children, spouse) or a reason to quit

It all boils down to how much you're willing to give.

Failure is never final until we call it quits. And remember, humans are like miners. We might just be one dig away from hitting gold. If we give up, we would lose out opportunities


There are a number of things that can and should be done if someone is in a suicidal crisis:

  • In the first place IT MUST TELL him. Sometimes the person does not dare to approach the subject, out of fear or shame. If you speak to him, he can be relieved.
  • Then you have to encourage him to see a professional, a doctor, a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Indeed if your loved one is in suicidal crisis, he probably does not, in his current state, an esteem of himself sufficient to think that he can be helped. He will need help to succeed in getting out of this situation and see the other solutions available to him. Without help things can get worse. It is therefore essential to make an appointment as soon as possible.
  • And in the meantime, you can be there for him, listen to him and support him in his suffering.

Keep pushing forward. You'll always see a light at the end of the dark tunnel. If you feel tired and all worn out, you can always pause for a while and rest. But never ever stop. Don't stop believing in yourself. Don't stop believing that tomorrow is a promise of a brand new day, a brand new hope. And know that you are not alone. Keep fighting.


Imagine I was sitting face to face with someone who is about to give up on life, I wouldn't just run up with encouragement and motivational words, sometimes he might have heard similar words thousand times and it's still not working out. So I do like to start with a conversation asking him "why he really wants to give up on life" obviously the answer will be focused on his failed and rejected trials and how he feels luck is far from him , this is when I do ask him a shocking question "do you think you are the only one who had passed through this tough moment"? Then go ahead and tell him of RICK who 155 failure did not stop him . Alexander Graham who introduced telephone also faced failure and rejection in a point in his quest. Angie Everhart who started modeling also had rejection and failure, Faraday also had failure in his life, co-founder of Google Sergey brin and Larry page also faced failure and rejection but what make them known today was because they never gave up.

Then continue, what then will you achieve fighting for nothing, great philosophers says "it's better to die for something than live for nothing" . Then I do add a reminder that failure isn't the end road but an indicator that we aren't yet doing the right thing, so he should see failure as a lesson rather than an end road. No one ever succeeded so cheap, they faced failure to become tougher where they are today.

I can go ahead and tell him or her about Faraday who said "I did not fail 99 times, I only learn 99 ways how electricity can't be generated" , this implies, our mindset toward failure becomes either our strength or weakness and I do advice you to take it up as a strength.