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Can one buy steem via paypal?

As far as I know, there is no such facility yet available. For this to happen, we need to have one exchange, which has steem being traded and it should have means to accept funds from Paypal. I have heard about exchanges, where you can sell steem and convert it to Fiat via paypal. But not one where you can buy steem / sbd. 

May be @blocktrades need to have a look at this and build such capability to make steem more popular. I am sure, many people will find it easy to buy steem then, because its easy to fund our paypal account by using our local currency. And more ever, legal restrictions will not be applicable in that case. For example, right now buying crypt is not possible in India, because of the central bank putting restriction on any bank providing service to crypt exchanges. 

But if this happens through paypal, then it will not come under their regiment, and we can easily buy steem. It will be similar case for other countries I guess too. 

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Yes it is possible and you could try @steemexchanger 

I think it has paypal feature and many are also using it.

It is worth trying their services and they are not new as on date, and many have been using their services.

If you are really keen for exchanging steem/sbd to fiat like paypal then go through their blog page.

Thank you and Have a great day.


Yes if you go to their "how to " page it will walk you through it. It is a relatively new process that has been added.