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How can I buy these following coins with steem: tron and xrp?

My friend you can easily and with a better effective exchange rate can buy TRON & XRP with your STEEM.

Visit -  https://onepagex.com/ 

Please note that here in OnepageX, you don't need to register or signup and you straightaway make an exchange very easily and effective exchange value is also better than any other available. Further everything happens in a single page and so you can perform multiple transactions in a single page in OnepageX.

(1) Select the incoming coin on the left side. OnepageX allows 9 coins at the moment to exchange which includes STEEM. You can exchange to as many as 150+ cryptocurrencies which is showing on the right side in the page. So simply select STEEM on the left side.

(2) Then select TRX(TRON) on the right side.

(3) Then put the TRX withdrawal address in the relevant box.

(4) Then click on "Start Exchange".

(5) After that you will be able to see a Transaction Card which will appear just below it where you will given the details of steem wallet where you have to send steem along with the memo details and once you send that you will get your desired coin. The exchange process is almost instant if you are exchanging with STEEM. In a similar way you can also exchange your STEEM for XRP.

Hope this helps !