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What should one be doing at this point on the steem ecosystem? Where should one be investing their time and what type of relationships or collaboration should one be seeking?

I think, at this point of time, one can follow witnesses, and old-timers on steemit so see what updates are coming to the platform, what are people discussing. It helps to increases ones knowledge further about the steem ecosystem. Follow utopian and various other dapps. This is great time to build a like minded community on steemit, as user content is low and only those interested in the community exist more or less. 

I think in terms of investing their time, help build musing bigger than quora. if you are a developer, then please think of another idea and try and implement it for when SMT is fully ready. Explore other interesting dapps, help build those. We together have the power to build the steem community into a phenomenal force. After all, it DPOS. We have stake, and we are responsible for its growth. 

Do check out all the dapps on steemit blockchain. Right now, after seeing the bear market, price drops don't matter. Its time to focus on the content. Learn and help build it. 


People should focus on those that remain and consistently adding more value to the blockchain. It can be another steemian or community to frequently keep in touch with. Why? when almost everyone is pessimistic and leaving, the few the remain are noticeable and these people need more support as much as you do to grow. Believe in the thing called reciprocity, some may give back the favor and some don't but favors will come back to you when you least expect it. I think getting yourself involved with more people by commenting on their posts than making content of your own is more valued.


This is good time to buy some Steem for your account.

Once you get hold of some stake, you can delegate it to other projects which rewards you in form of upvotes.

Start commenting on people's content, some will follow you and some don't.

Then start posting good content. If you get resteemed by your followers, it wil increase your audience, and with some you may create long lasting relationships.

Take part in project discussions on their channels, that should also help.

Good luck.


The steem blockchain is much more bigger than what most people do see

Now it's the time for us all to invest relationships. Any steemian who wants to be successful in the blockchain should surely work hard to gain the success by communicating and building a good relationship with others.

Visit others blog, drop a good comment and give unending support where needs be

Also belong to a community, there is no successful steemian who don't have a community behind him

And lastly for one to achieve this, he needs to put in more time and dedication