Can someone explain what 'vest shares' means and its implication(s)?

"It's a relatively inexpensive tool, which allows both to retain, pay and motivate"

The principle is as follows: the company issues shares, usually by capital increase, and sets objective award criteria, such as seniority or salary. Between this award decision and the moment when the beneficiary actually becomes the owner of the shares, a so-called "vesting period" takes place, which is at least two years. Free shares are then blocked for two more years.

Thus, only loyal employees at least four years after the distribution can sell them and benefit from them. For these, it is a guaranteed bonus (unlike stock options that lose interest if the price drops too much). Indeed, even if the value of the stock falls, the employee owns a title he obtained without paying a dime.

And it is only the day he decides to resell that he will have to pay taxes. One, at a rate of 41%, is based on the value of the securities at the end of the vesting period. The other, 27%, relates to the capital gain on disposal.

On the employer side, the distribution of shares to all employees makes it possible to deduct their amount from the base subject to corporation tax.


In simplest terms, Vests are another name for powered-up Steem, i.e. Steem Power.

In more technical terms, powering up Steem purchases Vests which can be considered as a share of the overall voting rights of the Steem reward pool, hence the term "vesting share."  

One interesting point is that the amount of Vests purchased by a Steem Power power-up remains unchanged over time. However the amount of the Steem Power purchased actually increases over time due to interest being added. 15% of the Steem inflation is used to add interest to Steem Power holdings. Thus over time each 100 Steem power-up actually purchases fewer Vests.

When you look at the blockchain transactions, the author rewards and curator rewards are not expressed in Steem Power but in Vests. Your Steem Power holdings are also actually recorded in Vests. 

But broadly speaking, Vests are Steem Power.


Vested offers mean offers that you claim, regardless of whether you're terminated or you quit. They're a type of remuneration. You frequently catch wind of them as a major aspect of the reward for workers at hip new companies, however that is by all account not the only sort of organization that offers them. Vested offers can likewise be a piece of a general remuneration bundle at a set up and traded on an open market organization or part of your retirement bundle.

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