HAve you been banned from any group? What was the reason for your ban?

I was and the reason is one I find particularly funny.

When I was younger my father and stepmother were very religious, and despite my lack of interest in their religion they thought they could force me to participate and maybe that would somehow change my mind. So I was part of a youth thing that the church put on for anyone under 18 who didn't want to sit with their parents during the 'boring service' and have more fun while still being very Christian and all that.

This group has a Facebook page and regularly hosted giveaways for the kids. Basically on Sundays while in this group the guys in charge would let new kids join the page and make sure they were who they said they were and stuff and then make sure they had parents permission to be part of the giveaway and such. The only requirement was to be part of the Facebook group and to show up on the day of the giveaway, and what they were offering as prizes was stuff I was very much interested in like gift cards to stores and restaurants (and sometimes Christian books, CD's/music and some other stuff I wasn't so interested in but eh).

At the time I had a Facebook so I joined the group after a few weeks of being forced to attend the physical group on Sundays. I didn't think much of it, honestly, because I didn't get much use out of my Facebook other than chatting with a few friends and playing some games. But I was no Christian, in fact this happened during the first time in my life I was dabbling into witchcraft. I wasn't one to post pictures or anything, but after a month of being in this group one of my friends finally noticed and posted something on my timeline to the effect of "Why are you in a Christian group for your local church? Aren't you like a Satanist or something?"

Now to be fair this was well over 15 years ago when I myself didn't understand the difference between Wicca, witchcraft and Satanism and many people just lumped the first two into the last one. I know lots of Satanists, they're perfectly nice people and not at all what popular culture tries to make them out to be and I'm not trying to throw them under the bus but I was just a teen at the time as were all my friends so we didn't know any better.

Anyway I commented back and I was like "No, I'm a witch. I don't think they're the same?" and that started a conversation between us about it, including how I was being forced to attend the church by my dad and stepmom and was only part of the Facebook group for the giveaways. Again I didn't think much of it, my parents were not on my Facebook page, in fact none of my family was. Just a few friends that I could have such a conversation with and no judgement would be passed.

What I didn't know was that Facebook, as it likes to do, had changed my privacy settings to public so while I thought this conversation could only be read by myself and my friends it was in fact open to anyone who came across my page. And it was my luck that someone from the church group did (not sure if it was another kid or one of the adults) and my dad and stepmom ended up getting told.

I was promptly banned from the Facebook group by the youth group, and then banned from the youth group by the pastor who suggested that my dad get me into a 'private religious education' if he wanted to 'fix' me and that their church would not take me back until I could prove I had 'repented from being a witch in the eyes of God'.

Thankfully as my parents were divorced and my mother had primary custody my dad could not do that to me and when he tried to bring it up with my mom she laughed in his face and said "That's what you get for trying to make her follow your religion" and dismissed him.

So yeah, that's the story of how I was basically banned from a Facebook group, a youth group and a church all in one go :)


Yeah! I have that experience and I am not actually ashamed of it. 

It happens on a Facebook group. One group is related with "workplace equal opportunity". They were talking about how women are not that much responsible and serious in the work and why they should not employed in some area of work. And as a women you can guess how hart I am. So I made some comment to let the people (men) realize how wrong they are thinking, and how wrong their perspective is. But as you can guess, some of the admin of that group feel offensive for my comment and banned me immediately without any reply. How coward they are!  

Other group was related with "encouraging Muslim men to keep two-three-four wives simultaneously This topic seems so much offensive to me that I could not resist myself to do some comments on that group. My comments was obviously very objective without any offence. But as they were fundamentalist they could not tolerate me and banned me. 

That was my experience and I learned that I have to say what seems right to me, no matter what happen and what obstacle came. 

**Stay Blessed.**


The recent one was my beginning days in Steemit. A local discord group that advocate financial literacy through the blockchain without any clear goals on what they were doing. As a person that went beyond basic financial literacy training, I could tell it was all a lip service. The real opportunity they were giving was limited to what they really could do. But I wanted to help the group at least but you know changes don't come easy when you don't play the politics game. Even if my ideas were good and were aimed at what they had intended to do so, it wasn't accepted because I'm not part of the inner circle. I called out their BS and got kicked out.

Now they all left the blockchain because there's no value in it. They also left a lot of members hanging for some direction. Bunch of BS and lip servicing. It's a pet peeve of mine to hear people get disappointed about this blockchain because they were sold to the idea that it's going to be easy money here. 


The progressing one was my beginning days in Steemit. A close-by difference amass that advocate budgetary training through the blockchain with no sensible targets on what they were doing. As a man that went past crucial cash related instruction setting i up, could tell it was every one of the a lip advantage. The veritable open entryway they were giving was confined to what they genuinely could do. In any case, I expected to help the social occasion in any occasion anyway you understand changes don't come straightforward when you don't play the authoritative issues diversion. Notwithstanding whether my contemplations were incredible and were away for what they had wanted to do thusly, it wasn't recognized in light of the way that I'm not part of the internal circle. I got out their BS and got kicked out.

By and by they all left the blockchain in light of the way that there's no motivating force in it. They in like manner left a huge amount of people hanging for some bearing. Pack of BS and lip altering. It's an inconvenience of mine to hear people get baffled about this blockchain.