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If you had to pick between steem and whaleshares, which would you pick and why?

I already joined Whaleshares, and I admit, I am loving it. But not as much I love Steemit where I am a part of through thick and thin. I saw the peak of Steem up to its lowest point, and I am still here.

With regards to community, almost the same people in Whaleshares are in Steemit too. That's why it is not a big adjustment in my part. Though, I don't get much support there if not by joining contests, then my posts would be earning cents.

Another thing I loved about Steemit is the dapps built on Steem blockchain. You can even earn SMT, which will surely be revolutionary upon its launching. Also, you cannot even withdraw your money immediately on Whaleshares where they encourage holding your stakes. What if you need money,and it will take you time to get the amount earned.


Honestly, I believe only few people would prefer whaleshares over Steem. I'm not against the whaleshares platform but it's got a long way to go before I can consider it a match against Steem

First off, Steem has got first mover advantage. Steem is the trailblazer. It's like bitcoin. There are so many bitcoin clones out there but they can't reach bitcoin. You know why? Because you can't really improve on bitcoin. You can only take one or more features and give them more attention

It's the same with steem. Have you stopped to wonder why everyone is either forking Steem or creating something close to it? It's because Steem is the perfect example of what a Blockchain based social media platform is.

Plus, Steem has more liquidity. I know there are some other platforms with liquidity like golos. However when you talk about a Blockchain based social media platform with a wide range of users and liquidity, it's Steem

Lastly, I love Steem. I think over the two years, Steem has achieved the state of cult following. It has its shortcomings, there's no denying it. But I'm sticking with Steem


I would go for Steem by all means. 

The specific reasons for choosing "STEEM" are 

  • Two year+ start in compared to Whaleshares
  • The userbase of Steem Blockchain is strong and is getting stronger everyday.
  • The Crypo that is backing up the Steem Blockchain is out in different exchanges which holds value for the investors (Both content creators and people who have invested money) they do know what is going on about the currecy whereas as of now most people do not even know where to trade Whaleshare token. 
  • Marketting/publicity of Steem is much more than Whaleshares
  • The upcoming projects of SMT which will be backed by Steem, it will make a positive impact in the Steem base platforms aka the price.
  • The main platform that is backed by Whaleshares is whaleshares.io where whale tokens can be earned and those tokens can be used to boost Post where the quality is not preferred over the tokens. So yeah abuse of power will be seen over there sooner than later.

This are the basic reasons while for choosing Steem over Whaleshares.


I like the Steem network better.   A better name, a better user base, original content on Steemit. I rather have Steem which warms me up and soothes an aching throat, then sharing a whale any day :)


I would definitely choose steem. Here are the reasons :

Steem is available on many exchanges therfore trading volume of the steem is bigger than whaleshares and you can buy/sell steem easily.

Steem has a lot of dapps, games which you can kill your time and make some money.

Using whaleshares is more complex than steem.


I choose STEEM.

Why?, because almost all dApps still using it before SMT launch. Beside that, i still can't understand how whaleshares work XD [my bad]