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If the steem blockchain was to shut down today, what will you miss most about this platfrom?

I'm sure this is definitely not going to happen. But it is a good imagination. We really cannot be judgemental about the crypto world. Anything can happen in the crypto world. From what we see, there are some great decisions made by the whales and at the same time there are also some stupid decisions made by the whales and major stake holders. If this continues, we might have to end up digging our own grave. No doubt about it. But I still have a strong feeling that steem will never shut down and it is going to be one of the top content based community in the web world. Lets just think through this imagination. If you ask me what I will miss, I will miss so many things that this platform has given me for the past one year. 

Writing habit

The first thing that I will be missing here is my writing habit. If the platform shuts down today, I'm not sure if I will continue my daily writing. As I have musing now, I'm able to get a good topic every day to write. I make sure I write a minimum of 1 article per day and at times even more than one. I think I will not be doing any separate blogs if steem shuts down. I was a content writer and after I got busy with my full time job, I was unable to continue writing. Steem really helped me bring my habit back to life. And of course I was also able to earn from my writing. This is really a great achievement. If steem shuts down, I will be really missing this. 

Reading Habit

Before I got introduced to steem blockchain, I definitely had the habit of reading articles online. But I was not very particular about commenting on others post or following someone seriously. After joining steem blockchain, I really follow few good writers here and I enjoy reading their articles regularly. And I still feel that this is the right place to learn more about blockchain and what the future is going to be. If it was not steem, I would have not got more exposure to blockchain technology as such. If steem shuts down, I can't assure that I will have good reading habit to this extent. Today I really spend so much of time reading contents other members share. Of course it is quite challenging even today for me to go and add my comments on all the posts that I read. 

Reward that we earn here

I don't think there will be any other platform that will have so much of active members and that can reward like steem. Of course the price or value of Steem is really not good. But I still remember the days when it used to be 5 $ per steem. Those were golden days. When it had high value, I used to wonder it will be nice if the STEEM value falls so that I can make a purchase again. But today as we see the price is very low. But not as low as 7 cents like how it was once before few years. This is definitely a great time to invest. If you are someone who believe in steem blockchain this is the right time to invest. So coming back to the topic, I will definitely miss the rewarding system that is active here. 

I have also been curating some of the posts for the effort that an author makes. If the community is no more, I will be missing the curation part as well. I have not seen any other platform that has a good rewarding system like steem. Even though we have so many flaws in this current system where there are many people who trick the system and get maximum out of it, I still feel that this is one of the best rewarding system that we can see in the crypto world or even in the real world where fiat is involved. I really believe that we will definitely move more towards cryptocurrencies in the future and those who are current stake holders of steem is really going to have a great time. 

Consistency, Persistence and Determination

I learnt to strengthen my consistency, persistence and determination only from the steem blockchain. I have been able to consistently write articles and read articles every single day. This has improved so many things inside me. I have been able to be persistent even if crypto prices are falling and the price that we see in market is not really convincing. I have so much determination to share my thoughts and I was able to be successful in writing at least one article per day. But really more than the writing and reading habit, I was able to get more friends from several parts of India and also from many parts of the world. These friends and the conversation that we have in discord is really a treasure.  I think even if Steem blockchain shuts down, we will still continue to have the discussions in discord. 

I have invested so much of my time on steem blockchain for the past one year. If anything like that happens I will be regretting a lot. But in a way I will be happy because my efforts will definitely not go waste because i made so many great friends here and I was able to gather so much of knowledge from this wonderful blockchain platform. 

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I think that I would miss the hope that I have.  Real life is pretty boring - work, pay bills, pay off debts, work some more, trapped in the treadmill of life.  Since I have been on STEEM, I have found some new hope for escaping this.  A little while ago (before the current price crash) I saw a couple of posts along the lines of "what if?"

What if STEEM went to $10 or whatever.  I think these kind of thoughts, along with the opportunity to earn a stake from knowledge, and effort, and some networking, give a sense of hope.

I definitely think that it is this hope, these dreams (realistic or not) that I would miss the most.


I truly hope it won't happen but if it does, here's my answer: people, posts, the earning and learning opportunity. 

"Been there, done that", it happened before with another platform that went dark overnight. Now I'm more experienced, I have a backup plan, I know how and where to contact my friends.  

I would miss this game of buying, selling, trading, powering up, calculating, planning. This is the first platform that offered me the opportunity to do this. Before this I did some Forex but that's different. At first i didn't consider the money in my wallet, i mean I knew I had to have as much as possible, but have never thought about it as I could use it to buy something because I'm here to stay, I'm thinking long term and have no intention of powering now. So the money in my wallet is untouchable. 

I would miss the posts a lot. It's great to see so many great photos, art, stories. I got to see so many beautiful places i could never visit in real life because basically it's impossible to travel everywhere. 

Thanks to Steemit i started to draw, which is a huge step for me because I don't have any talent and have never thought I could draw. I'm learning and Steemit is a great source of inspiration for me. 

The other very important thing is that I can practice my English. Thanks to Steemit and Musing, I'm able to write long texts and diversify my vocabulary. 

I hope Steemit will have a long life and we can do a lot more in the future. 


I am certainly going to miss a lot of things. Steem is now my second home and my family where I love to spend time and engage with others. In the span I have did many good things and have many sweet memories. And I am not going to forget them till my end. 

My Family!

The first thing that I am going to miss is you all. You guys are my family and I share a lot of things with you all. You are like my virtual family and missing a family will going to hurt me a lot.  I don't think that I am going to find such a home anywhere else on the Internet with such a great and dedicated people.

My Passion

I don't used to be a writer or blogger. Pressing keys on keyboard was just limited to google search or such things. But after joining this platform I found that, that I can be a good writer as well. And after all these months and days I can say myself a blogger who writes what he likes without any pressure.

Freedom on Internet 

The best thing about steem is the freedom that it gives to any blogger or  writer here. You can even call out @ned if you don't like his works. Have you seen anywhere, where small people can call out their CEO or such high profile people in public for a debate? This is freedom!

My handful cryptos

Tokens are the best part of this blockchain and which makes it stand different from any other social platform. At least it gives me a sense that I am making something instead of sitting. I am doing something which is better than doing nothing. Steem has taught and introduced me to this crypto world!

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Freedom. Being able to contribute in a manner and time of my choosing while being compensated for it in a meaningful way. 

Hope. Having stake in something that has potential to grow tremendously. 

Friends. I have never been in a regular contact with people from so many different corners of the world at the same time. 



If steemit will shut down I will miss many things here.I hope it will never happen.


First I will miss everydays writing blog habbit.Because in steemit we try to make one nice blog everday.We can see ours friends special thoughts, their work from their blog that I wil really miss every day.For us steemit one regular habbit in our life.From many people blog we can learn many things.


I will miss also answering in musing. Everydays question really so interesting. And we need to answer also when we see many thers lovely answer that's really looking cool.This system also so helpful for our recent life because our english writing also developing for answering question. Its also now one good habbit I will miss lot.


In steemit peoples everydays good habbit to read blog. Everyday we read many blog that we like so much.From many good users blog we can see many new things new technology . Thats really help lot.in steemit we can see also many profuct ranking site like steemhunt.From their site we can see everydays new new product that's will really I will miss.

I will miss lot many things if steemit shut. I ish it will never happen.Because for us steemit is now our habbit.



It will never happen. But in steemit wwe so many friend and also in steemit we did lot work.we willl obviously miss them.Also so many work now in habbit. Also every morning first checking steemit website for notification,Timely posting new new many content that we can see that's we will shure miss.In steemit platform e can see many difference people. That we never realize before.Its difference feeling that we got here If one day steemit will shut down we really miss it so much..

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What I will miss will be the community. In my life, I have never imagined to witness an amazing community like Steemit. The way the community works here is so much amazing. Well, it might be because its a platform that let's us earn. So "network" is really an important factor that determines your success here.

But more than that, I've seen a lot of charitable and humanitarian works done on Steem blockchain. If you'll see some Steemians here who were helped by the community contributions, you'll pretty much see how a thriving community.

Plus, with Steemit having a very hard time now. The community is activing, pushing, and pressuring Steemit inc, to do more for the community. Even if Steemit inc does not perform well, the community is there to outperform them.

But, the big "BUT" here is - Steem blockchain has a very low chance to shut down.


I will miss the sweet notifications I get from Gina when something happens on my blog

I will miss my friends that we only communicate through post

I will miss just everything


For some reason I was immediately reminded of that dreadful day after Hard Fork 20 was released, The day where Steem was inaccessible for over a day! XD

What surprised me though was how incomplete and empty I felt for not being able to browse Steem for a day. Now, it's not like I'm 24/7 when it comes to interacting with other Steemians nor I have many close friends that I talked too on a daily basis but for whatever reason I just felt incomplete and empty and I can't exactly pinpoint out what is making me feel that way.

Going back to your question as to what I will miss about the platform, in all honesty I really don't know what. XD What I do know though, is that I've already invested a significant amount of my time on this platform that the moment it does shut down, it would leave a void within me that cannot possibly be replaced. I would genuinely feel empty and incomplete once again. XD


Firstly it won't happen and will just carry on as per normal. There are way too many smart people on here who are more addicted than us. This is their life and they wont admit it.

I would miss everyone on it and the sense of accomplishment growing my account. Steemit is like an adult game to me and I get my kicks out of it by doing well. I don't have enough Steem just yet to take it too seriously right now but as I accumulate more I am sure my attitude will change.

I would probably look for something similar as I wouldn't know what to do with myself. Musing is important as it is just fun and relaxing. I honestly wouldn't know what to do as I would have to find a new hobby I suppose.


💵 💵 💵


I will miss you @nonsowrites [joke!]

Haha ok, i will miss the unique question on musing.io platform. 

Beside that, i will miss all the knowledges which has been shared by other people here. I have gotten various new knowledge (especially about blockchain) from this platform.