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How has your musing experience been lately?

Here's another usual Pixabay image. 

I figured it's about time I updated my feelings about @musing. I started using it when the project was in its earlier stage. Well, before the hefty delegation from STINC. I took a brief break and came back to it when the number of users increased.

Overall, I would say my experience was all right. Sure, it was no Quora, but it was a decent alternative and a familiar niche to me. Like any dapp that relies on delegations, the lack of revenue would prove to be devastating. This happened to Musing. The activity rate went down fast.

Of course, this sudden drop in activity revealed several bad actors. Ones that used Musing to hide them milking curation trails with nonsensical inputs.

These days, I only see few well-thought out answers from people like @neil96. The rest feels like regurgitation from googling information. Hell, I have seen better writings from people hanging out at @ifc.

There are times I want to start an alt for the sole purpose of asking intriguing questions. Similar to my other accounts, the names will have to be a parody of Musing. I will think of something. But dang, there are few interesting new questions asked by the Musers (see what I did there?).

The lack of communication from @jonching and the staff (is there still a staff?) is irritating. The platform has not updated itself in months. There could be many more functions, Steem-Engine solutions, etc. But, we are here. Stagnating at what could have been a crypto Quora.

Sometimes, I want to flag/downvote all the half-ass answers I come across. They are lucky because we don't have subsidized downvotes yet and my flags tend to go to abusers.

Yet, I still write here. Musing gives me an excuse to write about my thoughts about the most mundane nonsense I could find. It's not nostalgia. It is a writing prompt generator. If I wanted to journal, they would be private and offline.

And for goodness sake, can we attach images already? I am sick and tired of linking images to Musing. I don't understand why we have the current limitation on formatting. I will complain more later, but this will suffice for now.

In short, my latest experience with Musing is an astounding "meh".



My Musing experience so far has been awesome plus amazing. Making it awemazing.

Since the price of Steem went really low, I decided to come back to Musing as it is one of the easiest means to earn and accumulate more Steem pending when the prices jump up.

I have been asking and answering some really cool questions and I must say that I have really enjoyed every bit of it.

Asides getting upvotes for my questions or answers, I have been able to learn a lot.

Even when I see a question I know I clearly do not have the answer to, I click on it to read the answers provided by other musers and I must say, the experience has really been worth it.

Now, I can give detailed and meaningful answers to questions confidently. My answers are even very well articulated and I am more proud of myself. 😌

I realize that I even get to learn a lot when I answer questions as I search deeply within me to provide well detailed answers to these questions.

Overall, my musing experience has been one of the best experiences during this down time.


 I think it's a brilliant concept, because asking questions and sharing answers is bringing the community closer to each other. Because now we get conversations about anything with each other, what was different from with creating post.
I also created some post in the past to open a conversation or dialog, but most of the time people either agree or stay silent, and i don't want to complain but i prefer to go in a conversation with someone.
But ill bet more of us think like that, because that's how we really get to know each other and come closer to each other, what on the end could make this community very strong.
And personally for me, i love to answer questions and i honestly was searching for something, because the crazy part is, if i have to think of something then nothing comes in my mind. But on the moment someone asks me a question, then a complete story appear out of nowhere, and i knew this for years, but never found a good platform to fulfill my needs, until i saw the musing app. Then it was like chargeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 


I have noticed it getting quieter and quieter on here and the platform itself. It goes against everything we should all be doing.

When it is quiet we are meant to double our efforts to take advantage of the drop in price and fewer users. The less users the better as the reward pool still has to be shared out with everyone.

It has been draining as I cannot keep this pace up forever. I am doing way more than normal and it doesn't feel like it has made  a difference. i am sure it has though even if I can't see it.

Why do people leave when the price drops. nothing changes as you still make the same amount of Steem and in some cases more. I am glad you are still around though and  a few others.




Earnings can be generated fast here. Not that I'm earning anything, due to activity.

I see that it's the active participants here that are keeping the flame burning, which will blaze into a fire storm. 

This is a social platform, so if one don't have loyal followers, or followers for that matter, questions go unanswered.  So, I don't know how beneficial this is at getting our problematic questions answered at this stage. More real active users will increase usefulness as time goes on though. 

Platforms are echo chambers, traditionally, Steem is trying to change that, through unification.

Follow me so I can get some of my random  questions answered too, when they arise. Unanswered questions are discouraging for new users.

Please upvote if you read this.



It's fun being here

I enjoy the interaction and the knowledge sharing

Plus we earn Steem for asking and answering questions so it's s win win for everyone involved.

I actually had to be dragged here as I didn't expect to enjoy it. I felt it was one of those platforms that would be filled with folks hungry for Steem without contributing anything

Well, I'm wrong

I mean, I expected to find spammers here but so far I've found none. (maybe it'd because if the drop in Steem price)

Well, so far, it has been wonderful

I wholeheartedly recommend this platform to everyone that wants to learn, contribute and earn Steem


A bit boring I have to say. Especially today. I felt like in a western movie until this evening when some "cowboys" like you came with some questions around here. A few weeks ago I was answering about 15 questions a day and now I am hardly getting over ten. 

I guess it's the low price of Steem that keeps people on stand by and I don't understand why. This is the time to accumulate and to earn Steem. When the price is high everybody is posting and using bid bots and it's a bit harder to earn Steem when lots of us are "milking" the rewards pool. It's also that probably people are not affected only by the Steem price but also by other cryptos as almost all seem to be "on sale". However my musing experience is still pretty decent comparing it with my Steemit one. 

Over there I really don't have any mood anymore to write articles. It's like I've got used with musing that much that I am dedicating 99% of my time spent on Steem to it. I also have to admit that I thought that yesterday would have been a boring day but it was a pretty active one. I hope that people will come back again and ask that many questions that my hands would hurt of so much typing. That's how I felt a few weeks ago. 


It has been fantastic so far and honestly it is the only DApp on the steem blockchain(for me) at the moment for which I am so much active otherwise I had certain other plan to prioritize my activities but ever since I came to know about musing, I prioritized musing in my daily schedule before the other activities.

The simplex interface and ease of use in musing has really been the attraction and reward wise it is quite accommodative and non-biased. 

The Q&A are also going great but I want to see more question outside of crypto world & I feel it is more crypto oriented Q&A platform(I may be wrong though) and I want to honest and fair on this front of musing and it may not be the fault of musing as it is still in its adolescence and it might take some more time when new users will join and make this place more wide and versatile. 

I usually tell people on steemit and other DApps that if you are getting bored, then come and join musing and have a taste of it and at the same time make some value addition to your information base, because it is not the platform only for the person who ask or who answer, even people can read so many questions and their answers and can add a lot of information to their knowledge base.

I think it is here stay and it has the potential to become the most ideal and valuable DApp on steem blockchain.

Thank you and Have a great day.


Fantastic. It is by far the easiest way to gain STEEM for me. I'm loving every minute of it. The fact that I'm getting paid for something worth money for doing what I love is awesome. How's yours?


I just got started

I think it's fun though.

I'm yet to earn Steem but I like the intellectual exercise. I have to deal with questions on varied subjects and share my thoughts.

I hope to enjoy this in the long run


I've just barely started, but the community so far seems pretty chill and I can see myself using this platform a lot more often! So I would say that it's been incredible so far!

I'm hoping to be able to get to know more from the conversations this kind of dApp can provide. Plus, we're all in this together as far as Steem is concerned!