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Do you feel like what you post matter??

Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don't.  

There are times that I post something just because it is something I want to post.  I may get a ton of views and upvotes or hardly any at all.  If I feel compelled to post something I am going to do it either way.

There are other times that I post something and I instantly know it is going to be a hit and I am going to get a lot of feedback on it. 

I try to make sure those times don't detract from the other posts where I know I won't get much love.

In fact.  A large portion of my upvotes are from delegations and other groups that I am a member of.  If it were not for those upvotes, most of my posts would probably only gather about .50 in actual upvotes from people that are actively following and reading my content.

That seems like a pretty sad number, but it doesn't keep me from trying.  I am still going to put my content out there and give it 100% like I do every day.  It is important to be consistent and to not give up.

My hope is that one day I will be rewarded for all of the hard work I have put in and the persistence I have had in posting my content whether I think it matters to anyone or not.


It may not matter to everyone in this platform since I'm not consider as one of the influencers of this platform. However, it doesn't mean that it won't matter to someone that might be looking for an opinion about a topic.

I feel that there are other users who might not even relate to my posts or maybe they have a different interest that they don't think of my post as a relevant compared to other posts.

There are times that I find myself reading posts that completely change my opinion about a certain topic while there are some posts that I don't really agree upon since it doesn't align to my opinion. So, I guess other users also feel the same as me.

For as long as there are people who think my post is relevant to them while some don't really take my posts seriously then that's perfectly fine for me. We are all entitled to our own opinion & beliefs :)


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Only sometimes. I am being brutally honest some days are harder to write on something than others.

When you have been writing articles for 8 months or a year how much can you really write that matters. There are one or two a week that matter as in important information regarding something or something to add for a conversation.

Do our posts matter though, I would say 5 % probably do and the rest are to keep your numbers ticking over. You have to keep your blog ticking over or you will lose traction and not grow. The busier you are the better.


It does. I strongly believe so, be it for the upvotes or the comments my posts matter. And the proof of this is through the upvotes and comments I get.

If my post didn't matter, I won't get upvoted neither will people comment on them. I've gotten lots of appreciation from the answers I gave people who sought advice through their questions. Even if I don't get upvoted, it's nice to know that the advice you give is accepted by those whom you give it to.

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For some people it does, for others does not. It depends. I know my answer is confusing but I'll explain. 

I specialize mainly in photography just like many others. However, I never post just a photo, if it's possible, I make sure I post more than one photo and some text with it, the more the merrier. For those interested in photography, my post might matter. 

When it comes to articles, things get complicated. Writing a good article is not easy, picking a subject that's interesting for the majority is even harder. 

Each of us has a small group of followers who are active and commenting on a daily bases, for those people your post matters, that's why they are following and commenting. Growing this group is a real challenge. 


Yes and no.

I feel that it matters in the fact that I write what I am interested in, and so I am more likely to continue on here. In saying that there are some days when I get low engagement and it feels like no one even reads what I post, so whats the point.

Anyway I am moving away from traditional 'posting' and blogging, and more onto dapps such as Musing, Actifit and Steemhunt, which are abit more 'niche' and have their own communities.


It matters to me and that's all I really need to know in the minimum. It's a big cyberspace out there but on the blockchain, the records are permanent. The blockchain becomes a witness to how I lived, thought, think, and maybe even record my interactions with other people. It's an online diary of a given moment about yourself if you weren't shallow about contributing value to the blockchain like posting shit.