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If you were to advise a newbie on what his priority should be on the steem blockchain should be, what would you tell him or her?

I'd tell a newbie that Steem is a blockchain-based content delivery platform where everyone who has Steem Power is a stakeholder. You need a minimum amount of SP to interact with the blockchain which means that everyone with a Steem account is a stakeholder. Being a stakeholder makes you one of the owners of the blockchain. Treat Steem as if you owned a piece of it. Treat other users respectfully as they are effectively your business partners. 

Steem is at an early stage. It is far from being a finished product. Expect technical glitches, imperfections and disagreements over how it should be developed. Being on Steem at this time is like being working at least part-time for a startup. Interact with other Steemians in a spirit of collaboration. Build your communities. Strong communities are a bullwark against us turning into weak hands, powering down, selling out and throwing our hard work away when there's a bear market and the price just keeps inching downwards month after month.

Steem is a complicated ecosystem. There is more than meets the eye to it. Always be ready to learn more. Development is rapid. The already complicated blockchain and its rules get updated fairly often in hard forks. It pays to keep abreast of what the changes mean. 

Steem is an open ecosystem and anyone can develop apps that use it without asking anybody's permission. New apps keep cropping up almost on a weekly basis.  Find out what's out there and always be on the lookout for a new app to help you earn.


Hi Nonso,

I just remembered when I joined the blockchain and what everyone told me or keep saying is, focus on the community and the reward will come.

Well sometimes that's usually ideal and most times not the case, you might follow different communities for months and still get nothing from them.

My advice would be, the user should look for a niche he/she sure to get attention from be it music, blogging or gaming.

Just try to get your fit, follow users whose vision align with yours, dont follow blindly cause the user have high sp and they might notice you one day only to find out you wasted your time all this while.

Follow because you have something to learn from them and their works/post inspires you.

Also, unlike before, the steem blockchain now has a lot of dapps were you can earn from, no longer just steemit but we now have dtube, dlike, steemhunt, mussing and many others.

They should try to understand how these dapps operates and how best to use them to their benefits


Definitely quality. Steem as I like to say is the blockchain of opportunity and Dapps and there are several ways to make yourself know around here and to diversify your posts. We have Steemit, through which most of us have joined the blockchain, we have Steepshot that for this blockchain is somehow a version of Instagram, there is DTube, musing and so on. 

No matter what the newbie might want to post I would advise him to be of good quality. If he likes to share a photo through Steepshot it would be great to spend a bit of time and choose the best he has and why not edit it a bit and throw the best he has. If we're talking about blog posts I would advise him to make them quality ones and by quality I don't necessarily mean long. 

Even a 500 words blog posts can be a qualitative one if it has a core in it, an idea on which the entire article is written upon. I would also advise the newbie to upload pretty good quality pics to that blog post and relevant ones of course. There is also very important to write it good and respect as much as possible the English grammar. 

It's not hard to score some good blog posts that can bring you some pretty nice upvotes. Then in order to help one newbie grow there are the comments that he shares and these have to be of a good quality also. By quality on comments I refer to the fact that he read the post he is commenting on entirely, he has understood what the author is writing about and he is offering relevant opinions that are on topic and bring value to that post also. 

On musing I would recommend the same thing as in the case of comments while on DTube quality of the videos and the message ro scnerey shared make the difference between an upvoted video and an ignored one. Overall my advice is to make everything he does on the blockchain of a good quality and to be persistent. At beginning it's a bit hard to attract followers and create yourself a community but in time if you are serious about that you will definitely succeed. 

That's my take on your topic. Hope you will find it interesting and wish you a great day!


Almost everyone who started steemit came with the mindset of making quick money, and so far, this idea had crippled patience and persistence in newbie making them feel frustrated and most times end up "giving up" on it when the money isn't forth coming

With almost 11months experience on steemit, I will advise a newbie to prioritize in building his interest in writing and learning new ideas and skills from other authors than focus on the financial independence. Only after newbies are able to focus on learning will they easily be persistent and contribute largely to the growth of the blockchain even if money seems to not come early


To focus  on the Dapps! New people often (me included when I joined) think that Steem and Steemit are the the same thing. Steemit is just one of a number of websites, and dapps that run on the Steem blockchain.  There are many opportunities for people to earn rewards, such as product reviews, fitness tracking, answering questions and many, many more! To stick just to limiting.

Some of the great dapps I would reccomend new Steemians check out are:

@actifit - get rewarded for tracking your fitness and steps

@musing - get rewarded for asking and answering questions

@steemhunt - get rewarded for hunting down and reviewing new and interesting technology.