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What do you consider as spamming or abuse of this platform?
I think we need to understand what these terms mean to various users because it seems we all are not on the same page on this.

It's natural that we are not on the same page because we are subjective individuals. By now musing hasn't defined in a way what spamming or abuse is on the platform. However I have my version about the topic. The first thing that comes to my mind as spam is repetitive questions or questions that are inspired by others and written with other words. 

Then there are questions that are addressed with absolutely no interest in reading answers after that. The type of questions like what are the benefits of bla bla bla or why is causing the X disease. Those people have no interest in finding the answers to such questions, they just put them out here for the opportunity of getting some upvotes. Then there are the questions that have absolutely no sense or have a really bad grammar and you have to first figure out what the author had to say and then answer the question. 

Last but not least is the plagiarized questions. I've seen users practically copying content from different blogs and just paste it on musing as a question. Normally on Steemit that would be definitely flagged but in here they can get away with it. I tagged musing a couple of time on such questions and once they reacted but not always. I understand that we all want the rewards and that it's nice to be able to answer as many questions as possible and to also ask ourselves but these would have to have some gem in them, some value. 

The kind of spammers I mentioned above are easy to spot from a mile. They don't care about anything other than upvotes. Even if you answer their questions they will never come back with a comment of appreciation or to at least let you know that they read it. I don't comment on all of my replies but I read about 90% of them and really try to give my best to this thing. I can understand that it is hard to not be spammer and abuser when you have a poor English and you come from a poor country and not so civilized one, but I still don't like it. I like clean stuff and order and this type of practices mess up a bit musing. We will have to live with them and ignore them I guess. 

I am becoming more and more immune about them and developed my skills of quickly spotting what is worth my attention and what not. Spamming and abuse though is very subjective and hard to nail down in a few criteria. 


I would go with all the definitions of spam and abuse as provided by Steemit FAQ, SteemCleaners, and SteemFlagRewards.

However, if I were to characterize spam in simple definition, it would be something like the following.


Short and irrelevant to the topic, repetitive or redundant posts and comments, where the repetitive nature of the post or comment is not necessitated by the context of the content.

In the context to Musing spam and abuse

A spam question would be such that is not necessary to be asked. - The author may have included an exhausting answer within the question, so what's the point in asking?

A spam question would be such that is repeated over and over just slightly changed. - There's 50 ways to ask about our thoughts on crypto-market uncertainty. It don't mean you should ask every one of them, once is okay.

A spam question would be such that redirects you to another website or ask for up-votes. - Musing is for answering questions, not to rally attention, traffic, or rewards.

A spam question would be such that is a re-post of a previously answered question. - I can answer the same question 5 times, I'm an educator, but should repeats be rewarded? Once every now and then they would, just by chance.

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I would consider spamming and abuse the same thing.

I have seen multiple questions with the same question with the one relevant word changed. no thought has gone into it and the platform is suddenly flooded with crap.

For instance the same user saying what causes diabetes? Then the next question what causes X Y and Z. This has happened previously and I hope users dodge them. It wasn't a pleasant period for users on musing as we all had to become doctors to answer questions.

You are not a spammer by the way and ignore whoever called you a spammer. take it as jealousy and see it as a compliment.

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As far as I'm concerned spamming on Musing means asking the same questions more than one time, and giving irrelevant answers.

However, this is only my opinion, there are no clear rules here, but we are not new to this, so we all have some previous experience.