Do you schedule your post for certain a time and why?

Hello Nonsowrites

Yes I schedule my post.

I mostly post within a complete 25 hour interval and it's mostly towards 7pm gmt or 6pm.

The reason for this is that,

First of, I use the esteem app to publish my post. As you know esteem votes a user once in 24hours and their voting weight increases relative to the amount of vest you have. So often times I get a solid 1 dollar from them which is an extra boost to my earnings. So I drop a post once in 25hrs so I don't get the time mixed up and miss out on such valuable rewards especially now that it's difficult to get users to vote you because of the amount of quality post everywhere and limited steem power to go round.

Secondly, I drop my post in the evenings because it gives me a better chance for community curators to see this post as it won't be hidden with the thousands of other post that would be dropped during the day. Most community curators have a specified amount of post they need everyday and often start selection in the evening up until mid night. So the faster they see my post, the better my chances are to get selected for curation.

So that's why my posting on steemit is scheduled. You could take out your time to observe this and possibly try it. It would be of good use to your blog.


At first, I did not have a strategy to post on steemit until I came across an article about a tool called Steem Activity.

By accessing to this site through my nickname, it will analyze my followers base and allow me to see what is the time when the activity is the strongest in my followers.

I'm going to have two areas with 7 graphics in each.

The first graphs show us our voting activity and how much reward is given on average per day, but this is the second area that will interest us!

The site will show me after analysis the times in the day when my audience is the most active, for me it's Friday at 23h (if you have a lot of subscribers it may take a little time):

We can also see the activity of the daily rewards of our followers on the charts, for example the day when my followers give the highest reward is on Wednesday:

The advantage of this tool is that it allows you to study your follower community at, and to have personalized results and know when you will have the best chance of matching follower activity with your posts.


No I don't do that but I used to do it when I was at the beginning of my Steemit experience. I was posting multiple times a day and sometimes I would have had two or three posts written in advance and I would post them at certain hours. There wasn't Steempeak at that time so I would have to do that manually. The reason was that I wanted to be very active and to come with something new in what I thought as being my key hours of the day. Now I am totally away from doing that. I don't even post every day anymore and I don't really care anymore about the time of post. I just open the page, share what I have to share and that's it. People will find my post on their feed anyway and if it was something they liked they will upvote it at any hour, if not they won't. I do still appreciate the engagement of such users who post at certain times. It gives a sense of professionalism as blogger. Feels like I am following a famous news outlet or something like that. 


I do. Planning ahead is good and writing a post take time.

Sometimes I post for contests and challenges that have a certain day for posting, determined by the challenge hoster. These days must be respected.

Another reason is when I'm traveling and don't have time to prepare a post. It's happened to go abroad and I didn't know my schedule. It came handy that eSteem has a schedule option. I could make a post for each day that were posted accordingly.

The time is up to each of us. I guess it depends on the followers location and time schedule. Some people think it's best to post in the morning, others prefer evenings for more exposure.


I try and stick to certain times and it is normally my evening time when Steemit is busier.

Steemit is a worldwide platform so timing to get everyone around is impossible so targeting European evening time is where my thoughts are. This could change when more users join and we have an influx from America or the Far East.

If your articles are decent it shouldn't matter as your followers will see it anyway. In order to get new followers it may be advisable to change up the times and just post. Overthinking and planning may be our downfall instead of just posting naturally when the post is ready.

I use the busy.org app and they only vote once every 24 hours so that was my first concern but since this last week have started using esteemapp and i am not worried about timings anymore.