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Share something new you learnt today?


Learning lessons from your daily routine and the experiences happening in our life is a very good thing as if someone is helping someone for someone is demotivating someone. when is doing good for others and someone bad. Someone is trying to make the country dirty and someone is trying to clean it up.

 All we have to do is only that we should learn lesson from these guys that if they are doing bad  things we should avoid these things and if somebody is doing good things then we should also follow these things . this would make our whole personality a complete a kind in a person who is trying to improve his  character. 

# happened today:

                     Today when I was going with my friends in market I saw a transgender Walking besides me.some people  were  calling him names somebody abusing him and some people were trying to tease him but nobody did came to help him to support him and to save him from these guys .I go to the transgender  hold his hand and take him to a coffee shop.  I asked him then do people mostly behave with you like this and he said “yes” .

#people's opinion:

                           he told me that in this age of freedom and in this free country where everybody has his own choice to live however he wants to still there are some peoples I have bad thoughts for us he said to me that one night he was walking alone on the road two boys came to him and sexually  harassed him. He said that there are still some People who feel has has a  curse.

#judging  someone:

                               it is not our duty look on every single guy that how he is walking and home he wants to be with him. and what kind of his fashion what kind of his talking style  is its own business who the hell are you to judge him God has created him and he would be payable for all of   Deeds in front of God. 


                  The lesson I learnt today is that we should not judge people  that what they are wearing, what they are doing, from what religion they belongs from and of what colour they are. what they are going to do and what is their sexual orientation  whether they are gay, lesbians, bisexual or  a transgender.   We should not pass any judgement on them and should  mind our own business but only  till if somebody is not hurting in front of you. 

Image source : https://pixabay.com


Today, I learned that the statistics of having a seizure while undergoing Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation are 1 in 5000 people and that the University of Pennsylvania is now using the treatment on pregnant women to reduce the possibility of postpartum depression. If the helmet is put onto the patient's head wrong, it induces seizures. And those seizures aren't fun. 


Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash



We learn something new everyday. Oftentimes, we do not pay so much attention to details and that is why we feel we haven't learnt anything.

I used to think there was nothing new to be learnt but until I changed my orientation, my mind became open to learn and I started learning new things. Most of which were things relearned by me.

One new thing I learned today, or should I say relearned was that If you are not focused, nobody will know you. I heard the word, and it struck me hard, I started thinking about it and came to terms with that fact.

A lot of people are not focused on a particular thing and that is why they are not known. They want to be everything at the same time. They want to be a doctor, lawyer, businessman and fashion designer at the same time. While it is not bad to be multi talented, it is often said that a jack of all trade is a master of none.

Focus on one particular thing, let people see you and know you for a particular thing. Master that particular craft that people will love to refer to you for what you do. 

When you mention Mark Zuckerberg, what comes to mind?

When you mention Ronaldo, what comes to mind?

When you mention Beyonce, what comes to your mind?

I can go on listing all these big names....but the question is, when they mention your name, what comes to other people's mind?

I love a particular saying from a friend of mine which says, Focus on your FOCUS and you will ultimately become the focus.



I just read a post in steemit where they talk about Triphobia and it was something I didn't know until today. As we all know, human beings have, are creating or are discovering the phobias they may have.  Let's remember that phobias are intense fears, hatred or disproportionate rejection that can awaken in us some people, objects, animals or things. For example, there are people who are usually afraid of heights, closed spaces and even some animals (as in my case I'm afraid of cats. The fact is that Triphobia is the excessive fear that a person suffers before the vision of a repetitive pattern of equal and very close geometric figures. For example, holes, circles, hollows, squares, holes, rectangles, etc. If you feel nauseous or anxious when observing images with these characteristics, it is very possible that you suffer from Tripophobia.

  Why does this happen? The experts, who try to explain this curious phobia, believe that the visual patterns that cause this pathology have much in common with the spots shown on their skin by several poisonous animals such as the royal cobra, some spiders and scorpions and the blue-ringed octopus - one of the deadliest animals in the world. And because we're an incredibly visual species, we're afraid of what we see, because low-level visual properties can convey a great deal of meaningful information. These visual cues allow us to make immediate inferences, whether we see part of a snake on the grass or an entire snake, and react quickly to a potential hazard. When we look at these joints of holes or circles we associate these images with others that we already have in the brain and as a result of those associations, we emit a response.

But it is believed that more than fear, many of the reactions have to do with disgust. if we look at these images in detail, surely what we will say is: It happens that, I do not want to see! This is more than fear, it is repulsion. Although many people do not know the term, it is apparently very common to suffer from Tripophobia, especially in these days when it has gained popularity thanks to the Internet, where people share images full of geometric patterns and hundreds of social network users share their repulsion. 

As you have seen, this is a very interesting subject that I was particularly unaware of and if you've just read this answer, then you've also learned something new today, and you may even discover, as I discovered, that I suffer from Triphobia.  


I just learnt that a friend of mine is going through a rough time and she just told me about it today. I always looked at her and i concluded based on what i saw and how she presented herself that she was ok. Listening to her tell me what she is going through has been an eye opener really.

I know i have to help out in anyway i can from now on. I need to be really supportive since she really needs me right now. That's what friends do and that is just exactly who i want to be to her.


Today , I was very busy meeting up with my friend and boyfriend . I have learned that no matter how busy I am in my work I should always find time to catch up with my love ones and precious friends. I should not take them for granted and talk with them every once in a while . :)I really had a great time with them and it was a happy day for me .


Today I learnt that everything is possible if you are willing to make an effort and that I'm capable of much more than I think. 

The day started out very badly. I was experiencing some health issues that can make my day miserable. I was ready to give everything up and rest but then i made and effort, found a solution and  did everything I had to, took care of everything. 

It's amazing how much you can achieve when you trust yourself and are willing to get out of your comfort zone. It's not easy, you have to be willing to experience discomfort and pain, but it totally worth it. 

Now I know I'm capable of more and I'm stronger. 


I learnt that in whatsoever we do, patience is the key. And any one who wants to be successful in life must be patient and not give up hope easily. Many things go wrong because of lack of patience but if we do not want to be a victim of this, then we have to learn how to keep calm at tough times and be patient in our day-to-day dealings. We never can tell tomorrow might just be better and greater.

I know that this quality I have bee able to possess will definitely take me somewhere positive someday. I also hope to instill the character/attitude into my children as they are growing up.


Today, something has happened to me, whose morality, as I see it, is: never give your attention or your time to people who do not deserve it, and it is easy to detect them except if you want to test even if you are sure of it, and in all that, be sincere and proud of yourself.


Well I don't really say or write this kind of answers but I could not stop myself writing it 

"I was able to see a pinned post today on My Feed on Steemit.com"

Being a CEO does really helps.


That I’m not the only one who feels - based on some of the questions here on Musing - that the, “there’s no such thing as a stupid question,” perspective may be complete bullshit.



Well actually earlier this morning I went to a forex trading seminar which was organized by someone who used to be my colleague while I was still working at a bank,

at the seminar I actually learnt how to become a forex trader,I learnt all the basic things which I need in other to understand the forex market and be able to trade

successfully and make money from the forex trading business,I was also taught about how to use some certain tools which would help me to make the right decisions when doing forex trading....forex means "foreign exchange"...


Endeavor to make a rundown of all that you adapted today. It's most likely simpler to list the things you set out to learn; e.g. "I have to figure out how to change a light (without the 15 individuals who more often than not encourage me!).

In any case, shouldn't something be said about every one of those different odds and ends of data we absorb during that time however don't really consider, or mark, as learning? The learning, data and abilities that we don't generally perceive or index as cognizant adapting however mystically seems each time we require it, from that great store of a lifetime of learning – the mind! How? Why? Since we live and learn! We meander through life like a Google road mapping vehicle with a 360° camera on its rooftop, gathering, recording, and documenting a million bits of adapting at all times.

Learning encompasses us. It is all over the place. It's in all that we do and is thusly unpreventable and unavoidable. We marked it in past articles as 'inescapable learning' and to this wonder we included 'unavoidable innovation' which is ostensibly the best empowering influence of the procedure of ceaseless learning.


Learning to say "No" to friends when they ask you for things or favors that will cause me problems later.

A friend of mine called me out of the blue claiming that he needed a certain amount of money urgently even though i told him i did not have such amount of money at the time,he told me to borrow from my other friends that he would transfer the money at the end of the day.

Well i helped him with the money,two days which is today. i am still waiting on him plus i had to pay the friends i borrowed money from out of my own pocket.

So yeah i have learned my lesson.I won't be sticking my neck out for people unnecessarily.