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Would you consider your time and investment in crypto a gamble? Are you certain of its future? If not then why invest?

There are various answer to this questions and I do believe that we all have our own opinion in this particular matter but as we all are here still at this downtrend of the market which usually suggests that we might have something in here that is keeping us in here. ( Be that it may be positive or negative )

Well to take crypto market as a full time investment which is very much unlikely for a new investor or a new person who is getting into this market. As this market is highly volatile and a person can go bottom to the top or even top to the bottom within a difference of moment. 

As a matter of fact if we consider it a gamble than it could be right as well. As in gamble there is a high chance that you will not win and you will loose the amount that you are gambling. Nevertheless as we are talking about the whole crypto market than there are various projects which has given plenty of profits to the investors in the past. For instance when Steem Boomed to more than 7 USD than most of us were blessed for those particular moment. 

When it comes to future we never know what will happen (with any condition even in our life as well) but compared to the past this kind of situation have happened in the past where whole crypto market crashed and even the investors who have invest their all, lost what they have invested but yet they choose to be here with the Blockchain and they believed in the infrastructure of it. As a result they were able to make a lot of profit by taking the risk or in a way staking what they have over this technology.

So as of now I am still here and I will be here in the coming days as well. Like I said if we get something out of the crypto world than it will change my life (which I do believe will happen) and if any chance this does not turn out the way it was to do (not that I am saying it will) I would consider my self wasting some time of my life but I sure will give myself comfort that I tried my best and did what I could do within my grasp.

As for Steem Blockchain (as we are talking here now) we do not know what it will hold for us in the coming days but as for the past years Steem Blockchain has been holding still and firm and has been  showing ways for many of us and I am here and  you and other Steemians are here as well . 

So let's hope for the best and do what we do best and I do believe in crypto. 

Note: This is just my point of view of the current/future situation.

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No one can ever be 100% sure of anything in life, at all, ever. The benefit of investing in any financial market is to learn and to grow in your knowledge. Investing should never be a gamble because gambling is risky. Instead, invest money that you can afford to lose while paying your bills and maintaining your lifestyle. Learn how financial markets work and focus on the technology and businesses that are being built in the crypto space and will be built in the future. Look at the societal problems that are being solved using blockchain technology and figure out possible ways that you can contribute to the cause or learn from those that are actively contributing. For me, it has been about sharing ideas and developing myself personally and professionally. I have learned more from the mistakes that I have made than from my successes, truthfully. Because no one ever WANTS to lose money. So you learn from the mistakes that you make so that it doesn't cause you to lose money next time. I invest in crypto because of my long term vision and because I have seen so much happen in the crypto space that I would be a fool to not believe in the possibilities. I am not a financial professional so please don't consider this to be financial advice. I am sharing an opinion. 



No. Though then again, it might have been that type of naivety which led to “losing” over 90% of my net worth this year by keeping everything in crypto.

Though, I would not have done so had I not been certain about its future.

And perhaps the long, painful beard market has been a healthy reality-check to balance the optimism with the direct experience to better understand the value of a pragmatic approach and further conscientiousness in aligning the investment management strategy in accordance with a broader set of needs and goals.


I don't see it as a gamble even if I put my own money into it. It's an asset and I consider it as my investment into something usable, new, and easy to acquire thing in the future. Failure or not, it is good start for us adopters to have tried this new technology and service over the internet. It will fail at certain point that you'll lose your investment, but it will never be gone as an emerging technology instead, it will be reinstated . It will longer prosper though I am not certain about it, perhaps not all of it. But I am sure that there will be more of it around the internet; well developed and managed. Same question will still be there in the future for upcoming cryptocurrency assets, 'is it a gamble of time and investment?", and yet same answer will follow, "no..".


Cryptocurrencies have given me a lot of opportunities and received plenty of profits when it reached its peak period. I can say it made my time very worth. Earnings that are beyond imaginable, network that has expanded exponentially, and most importantly to discover new emerging solutions that the world needs - Decentralization.

I can say everything in this world needs a time investment. Even if you court a girl, you need to invest your effort, resources and time just to get her "Yes". The reality is that time is constantly moving and spending it with crypto isn't a gamble at all but an opportunity.

While things are uncertain in the future, I'm sure blockchain and  cryptocurrencies will continue operating because of its purpose - Decentralization, Automation, Transparency. It has everything that the world needs, only that the evil ones are stopping it because it brings back power to the people.

To sum up, I am not considering it as an investment or a gable or whatsoever. I just loved how much I spent my time in the cryptocurrency world and to be honest, I became more mature in life. I never imagined I could be more mature than I am as I thought. I learned a lot from the past and will use it to make me better in the future.


In these current times I think that yes, it would be a gamble.  I don't think anyone can say that they are certain of the future of cryptos.  It is just too volatile.  Here are some things that I know though:

The concept of blockchain that crypto is based on is gaining a lot of popularity.  It think the use cases for it outside of crypto are pretty well laid out.  Whether you like him or his projects specifically, Dan Larimer noted the other day that any business that uses or hosts a database could benefit from blockchain technology.

The reason I think this is important is because the more validity that blockchain in general can gain the better it is going to be in the long for for crypto currencies in general.  The more data that they can gather which points to the established use cases for blockchain should just give more validity to crypto currencies as a whole.

That is part of the reason that I continue to invest.  Even though I am not certain of the future of crypto currencies, I am certain of the future of blockchain and the success in the one gives me hope for the success of the other.

Likewise, I think the fact that there are so many groups continuing to explore blockchain and cryptocurrencies is a definite plus.

If you follow any news lately about blockchain or cryptos in general you will see a lot of people and groups developing new products, implementing new features, etc.  The fact that time and effort continues to get pumped into these projects despite the fact that the price continues to decline is a huge win in my book.  

I think it speaks to the general consensus that crypto and blockchain is a viable, beneficial product and we should all be accepting it as opposed to being skeptical of it.

Finally, because the markets are so volatile, it is important to use a measure of cautiousness when you are investing your hard earned money.

I would never invest more in crypto currency than I would feel comfortable taking to a casino and losing.  That is the main part of the reason that I view investing in crypto as a gamble.


To a large extent, yes, I do consider it a gamble. No, I'm not certain of its future. I invest because if this stuff pans out, the rewards will be life changing. Also, it is important to remember that crypto is not one thing. What I love about STEEM is the total ease and seamlessness of trying out different ways to create value or to just have fun. Each holder of Steem Power is simultaneously an investor, a content creator and a consumer. The degree to which you are any of those three things depends on your level of SP, bought with fiat or earned, and the effort and talent you bring to the table. You don't have to sign any stupid inflexible agreements for any purpose. You can do what you want, when you want, and the community will reward you as it sees fit. It's simple and beautiful. It's what freedom is all about.


If its being unpredictable whether you will gain or lose is considered to be a gamble, then I would agree that investing on it is a gamble.

I have been investing my time and effort in accumulating crypto coins. Although not sure if it will be always worth it in the end, the process or experience dealing with these coins is somewhat useful for future dealings.

When investing, I believe in the sayings, "do not put all your eggs in one basket" and "only invest what you are willing to lose".

There will always be risk so better that we have backup such as having some savings or multiple investments.

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This here is exactly the reason why I am not investing any of my own personal money on crypto, because of "uncertainty".

This might be a little hypocritical of me as I am one of those who is always saying here how I believe on Steem and how the Blockchain technology will become in the years to come. But truth be told I always play it safe whenever real money is involved. The only crypto I know and is active in is STEEM.

The Steem Blockchain is marketed as a platform that works together with "proof-of-brain" concept and what I intend to do (and is doing for months now) is to hold unto that belief, that "proof-of-brain" works and will still allow one to earn money here without investing any real money.

Which is why all I'm investing is my time and knowledge about things. I'm also not in a hurry to get rich. XD

Contrary to popular belief, crypto is not and will never become a quick to get rich scheme!


Like any investment activity, the risk is to lose some or all of your money. This can happen if the crypto turns out to be only a speculative bubble, and eventually explodes.

Currently, there is no real consensus. According to the impression I have (and this is not based on any precise statistics), economists are rather reserved in their majority and think that the course of crypto will collapse once the fashion has passed. That said, some economists believe in cryptocurrency.

The community of crypto-enthusiasts - who believe in cryptocurrencies - is quite varied, but involves, it seems to me, more "hard" scientists (maths, natural sciences, computer science, etc.) than economists. The most optimistic among them think that Bitcoin for example can climb up to 500,000 dollars.

My personal opinion now: I think that cryptocurrencies in general have a bright future ahead of them, and that we do not yet see their full potential (especially for the ether, in my opinion). That said, rather than trading, I would rather recommend buying and waiting for the price goes up, simply, without selling and buy daily following the course of the course. Many former crypto's favor this method, which has a similar profit and a lower risk.


Well I am in long term I guess. I put what for me was a good amount of money into steem and it is at about a quarter of the original value. I just bought a slight amount more which is terrible gambling. But still, it's not really much of my overall savings or anything. I'm a low risk gambler.


Crypto is a gamble as there is no mechanism to protect the investment or secure the investors stake. It will only require a bad day and the investment will become dust here. 

There is a paradigm between crypto and the technology that it uses. The government sector or bodies are positive towards the Blockchain but unsure on the fate of cryptos because nobody knows what will happen and compared to real world investment, crypto investment are more dangerous because government do not support it which can make anyone uncertain on the future of cryptos.

Cryptos cannot be compared with fiat currencies which are more strong and secured along with the perfect market circulation. Unfortunate events can happen anywhere whether it is crypto or fiat but the thing is the security and the integrity of the investment.

This uncertainty over cryptos caused a lot of ETF rejections by SEC. But the future isn't that bad if we learn to use this things or  adapt this financial infrastructure in our daily life. 


I would consider my time and investment in crypto a gamble. The crypto world is a world of gamble. Today it's at its high, tomorrow, its at its low. It is not certain so I can never be so sure of what might happen tomorrow. 

I am only investing because in the future, it might boom. This has been said over and again that crypto might boom in the future. That in the nearest future, cryptocurrency will take over. 


Yes i would consider it as a gamble but a gamble with a robust future.One of the gambles i would regret not taking is buying bitcoin when it was still less than a hundred dollars and also trading the bitcoins i had formally to settle one or two pressing concerns.

There is no running away from the fact that cryptocurrencies is the future of money despite the bearish market which certainly won't stay bearish for lung eventually there is going to be a bull run.

I can say this because this is not the first time cryptocurrencies have been in a rut.It i believe will find its way out of it.So yeah we have to stay strong


I would consider my time and interest in crypto a bet. The crypto world is a universe of bet. Today it's at its high, tomorrow, its at its low. It isn't sure so I can never be so certain of what may happen tomorrow. I am putting in light of the fact that later on, it may blast. This has been said on and on that crypto may blast later on. That in the closest future, digital money will assume control.