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What's the cheapest and easiest coin to move around?

BAT is one of the coin cryptocurrency projects that has a lot of potential nowadays, because it aims to change the way companies interact directly with their consumers. When you think about the future, many things are uncertain, can change, and depend on uncertain conditions. However, there are also things that will never change, and one of them is the fact that large companies will always depend on their customers to stay in business. Bat is also one of the cryptocurrency that can have a big potential for the future, because this coin is predicted to continue to rise as the price of coin king is bitcoin.

This is why each of them has to spend so much of their resources on marketing this coin cryptocurrency. In this digital era, most of the marketing of several new coin cryptocurrency launched was by giving customers free bounty or airdrop at the start of the coin launch to introduce the coin to their new customers. However, these advertisements mostly annoy consumers, and therefore they use ad blocks and similar tools to get rid of them. This is bad for the company, because their voices are silenced. However, intermediaries, such as popular websites, social networks, and the like, are still paid for displaying these advertisements.

This system has a lot of potential, and is likely to be large in one or two years when this idea matures. When that happens, BAT will likely be quite large. Coinbase recognized BAT's potential a few months ago, and they have added it to their exchange, which is further evidence that the project might have a bright future ahead of it. Therefore, if you have enough capital, please do an investment using a cryptocurrency so that you can get a large income every day from the investment you make on some investments that use cryptocurrency.


For me, STEEM is easy to move around and will have great impact in the long run. If you’re an investor, try investing in STEEM by delegating to dApps like SteemHunt, Actifit, Partiko and etc. 3 second transactions is a beast and is the advantage of Steem with zero transaction fees.

But if you are looking another coin or cryptocurrency aside from Steem, I’d recommend CARDANO (ADA); it is great platform for smart contracts and is very cheap right now at around 0.08 USD and have a relatively great roadmap. Just like STEEM’s SMT release, people are waiting for the upcoming Shelley phase release and the staking features.

Hopefully, this helps you.