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How can you get rid of bad breath?
Bad breath is not something that we want, but when that happens we need to get rid of it some way or the other.

I guess the best way to get rid of bad breath is to frequently visit the dentist. The first cause is usually the sign of a damaged tooth. There may be some damages on the tooth that causes these really bad smell as the enamel, which is the top part of the tooth gets rotten. Bacteria attacks and secretes acid which burns away the upper layer and slowly expose the inside. Once the inside is exposed, it usually produces a really bad smell. Like rotten flesh. The more the number of rotten tooth, the worst it smells. So do get it checked at the dentist and then have fillings if it is still possible to cover up the cavity.

The second way is to make sure to brush the teeth often. Not brushing would lead to the teeth being rotten. You can floss out any food that is stuck in between of the tooth. Sometimes there are rotten food particles left in between that has gone bad and usually would produce bad smell. Even brushing just the outside won't help. I did not know that until some of my tooth rotted from the sides and it made my tooth really painful I had to extract it. So nowadays, I floss every single day. Get the floss from Colgate. I tried other brands of floss and it is really incomfortable. Really hard and painful. Then brush the teeth for more than three minutes which helps alot.

Then there is the diet. Different diets can have different effects on the smell of the gas coming out of the throat and from the insides. Drink more water and maybe always prepare some mint gum or sweets that are of mint flavors.

Well, out teeth are really precious and it's our first impression. Good teeth means a person is really hygenic. Hope this helps.


i am sure the people who have answered before me have said it all, i would just like to add 1  very simple remedy that has been proven to be effective and that is the very simple use of lemon/lime . either adding it to your water, or whichever way you choose to have it.  Lemons are known to be good at eliminating bad odor not only with helping  bad breath but also any other form of odor, e.g vaginal, armpit.

thank me later. 


Bad breath not only discomfort you but it gives ugly message to your surroundings. The solution is simple. Try a good mouthwash. and Atleast used it twice a day. Beside using mouth wash used tooth brush twice a day every day specially before going to bed. It will help to get rid of bad breath.