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WHy are most Website not making money?

because the business carried out by the website owner has not been maximized so the website cannot make money. Even though a website can earn dollars by applying the following methods:

Direct income

Bloggers can put AdSense ads on their website and promote some products on Amazon as affiliates and the more readers, the more revenue starts flowing. As traffic grows, income also grows, and you can experiment with other forms of direct income such as selling ads directly to advertisers.

Indirect income

When a website and profile start to grow as a result of blogging, you can sell services as speakers and consultants or get an offer to write books from publishers. You can also hold an event that also makes money. All of this income does not come directly from your website but because of your website.

Although the income from the website can be from a combination of direct and indirect income, many bloggers focus only on one of them.

Making money on your website depends on how experienced you are and what your website is all about.

There are some websites making money while some aren't due to the kind of content they provide.

I also sometimes wonder why some websites make money compared to some other sites. I was able to get the following results.

1)CONTENT: The type of content you provide matters alot. It's just like Steemit. Your content will enable you to have more audience visiting your site which can increase help you generate more traffic and increase your income.

2)USING SEO:Making use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO ) is one of the best ways of getting more income on your website because it helps you generate more traffic and enables you people to visit your website.

3)CONSISTENCY: Always make sure you are consistent in producing the required content on your website. Most website aren't making money due to the above factor.

4) AWARENESS :Most sites aren't making money because most people haven't heard about them. The best way to make people know about it is by advertisement either by organizing contest or other means. This increases your number of views.
I think you are wrong on the notion that most websites don’t make money. The ones that don’t are generally spammy or just not promoted.
Some ways that websites can be successful promoting is strictly through ads. For example by placing a Facebook ad or a YouTube ad, one can get most likely 10-20 people per $1 spent to check out their website. From their it is up to the website to shine and get people to pay (or have ads on your website).
One way of getting ads is through Google Adsense, that pays a decent amount per click on an ad. The only drawback of Google Adsense is the fact that one can only withdraw after reaching $100 however.
Another way is by luring people into purchasing something. If it is an ecommerce store, having deals and flashy headers are a great way of attracting people to spend money. However if you website is just a blog or something, the only way to make money is mainly through ads or donations,
So when it comes to why websites don’t make money, there are obviously some that are not for profit, or are just bad at promoting. Remember, in order to make money you need to spend money (no matter how small the amount is). Hope that helped!