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What are the reasons for manufacturing guns and bombs ?
A gun is defined by the dictionary as a weapon incorporating a metal tube from which bullets, shells, or other missiles are propelled by explosive force, typically making a characteristic loud, sharp noise. The purpose of a gun is as bellow; if I am been plain and without been bias –is to kill something someone. It's an instrument that has enough power, when used properly (and most times improperly) to kill. Hunting rifles and shotguns are for killing animals which can be used for wild reserve. ... But guns are only for killing. A Bomb is a anything filled with explosive materials or incendiary material, designed to explode on impact or when detonated by a timing, proximity, or remote-control device. Looking at the definition above it's human to provide solutions to human need which this two instruments has great solutions too and also it's also a source of income to the manufacturer who must have seen business opportunity in it's production.

Guns and bombs both are the invention of China and the purpose was nothing but killing. People often mix bombs and dynamites but they are not the same. Their work of action is same but they were made in different place in different time and to do different jobs. It is necessary to tell that dynamites were made for mining, construction works, quarrying and demolition.

But Guns and bombs both was invented and manufactured and still going on and on just for killing purpose.   

In China gun powder was first made which had a name black powder. In 9th century Chinese chemist made first so called gunpowder mixed of sulfur, saltpeter and charcoal which was actually used for treating skin infections. But military quickly find out it's another purpose and that is destruction.

In 10th century first gun was  made of bamboo or metal pipe to blow flames or shrapnel to kill. Day by day guns were modified and toady it's easy to find any kind of guns.

Bombs were actually made on 12th century. It was first made with bamboo tube and gunpowder inside. Later in 13th century bombs were made in cast iron shells poured with gunpowder. It first use in the battle between Jin dynqsty against song dynasty in China. 

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Because it is a business that generally always makes a profit. Ideally guns and bombs are like an insurance policy because you have them but hopefully don't need to use the. Unfortunately there are criminals who are a threat to the police and political leaders that think ruling a few hundred thousand square miles of land would be even better if it also included their neighboring country's land.

Guns and bombs are manufactured because they're the weapons of war of the 21st century. A nation that lacks weapons to defend itself, is the equivalent of a lamb surrounded by a pack of wolves. The manufacturers of these weapons also make a ton of profit from the sale of their products. So they'll keep producing more to meet the demand.