Is it true lawyers are the biggest liar?
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Lawyers are not the biggest lairs. Lawyers mostly present cases in a twisted manner not too implicate their clients. A lawyer would rather say the truth about an event but will present it to the judge in a way too make their client look not guilty or less guilty.

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Lawyers certainly have to stretch the truth a lot at times. As an officer of the court lawyers are less likely and less often going to lie while in court session but outside the court is a different story.

There are rules and ethical standards that lawyers have to live by or else they risk having their license to practice law suspended or get disbarred. If lying in a certain situation doesn't violate any rules or standards of practice and the lying would help the lawyer's client the lawyer is obligated as the client's advocate to do so.

Source: https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/standards-for-lawyer-attorney-01956.html

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the truth is not the biggest liars are the poker players because according to their movements actions or words have to move and have the other create different movements that will lead them to victory.

on the part of the lawyers they have to lie according to their career since sometimes they have to tell the truth to get their clients out of trouble and sometimes they lie but if these lies are discovered it would be quite bad for their prestige