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What are your thought about Ned not being able to communicate with the community after he promissed to do so?
Personally, i find it a bit unprofessional

I'm disappointed. Like I have been for a long time. Steemit Inc currently holds about 20-30% of all STEEM. By having such a massive take, they are burdened with a lot of responsibility, at least morally. What that means is that if Steemit Inc does an incompetent job managing the development of the Steem blockchain or worse, that will reflect very badly on Ned professionally. My impression of Ned judging by his public appearances and some of his blog posts and his style of argumentation when he defends his views that he is very sure of himself to the point of arrogance. I know his type. What these people have going for them is the ability to push through opposition and stay the course to implement their vision if need be. But their weakness is their tendency to not consider other people's opinions even if they really should.

Ned is obviously also quite young and inexperienced in business and in life in general. What I think Ned would be very wise to do is listen to other people's constructive opinions and revise his strategies based on intelligent and constructive feedback. 

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Actually to me, it is not quite right. Many people who will be waiting for him will feel disappointed and it shows a little bit of low charisma of profession. He should have made or keep to it.

In another way round, maybe something urgent comes up and he need to change his mind but he should have inform everybody about it.

So to me, I feel it is disappointing for that kind of attitude he showed.


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