Do you thin musing should have blacklist for people who are constantly abusing this platform?

Define what you consider abuse.

Abuse is open to interpretation. When someone gets black listed, What is to prevent them from creating another account and doing the same thing. History has shown, That those who will abuse a system with intention will create multiple account to pursue there objectives.Β 

Is putting up a picture and a small text. Then going to the bots and boosting it up abuse? Are bots them self abuse? Is your friend always voting on your postings abuse?

My own opinion is it will look good on the surface. It gives the appearance that abuse of the system or playing the system will not work to your benefit in the long term, Will it prevent the same abuse, I do not think so, placing an obstacle in the way of someone. Will only lead to them trying to find a way around the obstacle.

This has been seen on Steemit with the creation of multiple account by users to perform assumed abuse of the system.

The truth is those who are at the top in control abuse the system more than others. The majority of the big projects out there, filter money and power to those already at the top. They are the ones who have the finance to provide the services, While the rest of us try to build a stake through interacting with others, Most everyone is in a popular group that gives them crumb returns for support.

Steem has replicated the system in the physical world we wished to move away from. Where those who control the finance dictate how everyone should live. Just like life, You equality to others depends on the balance of your bank wallet.

The abuse is everywhere all levels. Β 


@Ocupation, Not particularly MUSING but in my opinion every platform should have the system which can stop negative environment and negative Actions. So yes, there should be some system and i believe that over the period of time we will see more developments. Stay blessed. πŸ™‚


Yes, but they already did.

You can join musing discord channel from here : https://discord.gg/prAz9J - and go to #abuse channel. Β There is a lot of peoples who already blacklisted because spamming, copy paste (plagiarism), etc.