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How would it look like if musing and dtube make a partnership?

I think the two are non-relevant and non-collaborative with each other mainly because of how their own platform is designed to be.

Based on the thoughts I present below, I think it would be difficult for the to collaborate. What I'm actually looking for partnership will be @musing x @dpoll. Its a decentralized polll created by @emrebeyler.

D.tube is one of the successul Steem dApps that focuses on rewarding video contents published on the Steem blockchain. It also removes third party advertisements and use the data for some purposes. It provides a real great avenue for users for their vlogs and videos and receive rewards in the form of cryptocurrency Steem.

On the other hand, Musing has its different purpose. Its a question and answer platform focused on rewarding users participating in the network. An answer and a question is rewarded by cryptocurrency in the form of Steem via upvotes.

So if you compare the two, its completely different for me. Videos are for Dtube and on the other hand Musing has merely texts as a content. Our answers and questions are text-like features different from Dtube.


While it may be odd, it is possible for musing and dtube to form a limited time partnership.


Via a video series of question and answering sessions.

Where a set of questions are prepared down and it is answered via a dtube video.


I think if this happens it would be like Questions & Answers will start having faces around. As there is a famous proverb which will best describe Musing and Dtube partnership - the proverb goes like this

"Picture Speaks a Thousand Words"

Image Courtesy: businesshorsepower.com

So this partnership will put videos around the questions and answers. The great advantages and never seen before would be a platform that is having textual and video representation of questions and answers. This altogether will give a different angle and perspective to both the platforms i.e. musing and Dtube ultimately leading to popularity and success of both the platforms.

Finally I would say that - This is Million dollar Questions than can lead to Billion dollars of Deal.


What would be great In my point of view.

If they make a partnership, we will have questions in the video and format and answers in also in Video format.

Why it is great?

Well, we know that, videos attracts the most as compared to the simple writing text. and We will have more traffic then we are getting nowadays, 

first of all a Question attracts the People and on the other side Video ( visualization ) will increases interaction of the people too. @musing and @dtube collaboration will be great.


Musing and DTube both are DApps. But these are not the same. Musing is a Steem blockchain based platform  where people ask questions and answer those questions. 

On the other hand, DTube is a Steem blockchain based platform where you can upload and share any video. 

Both platforms are doing pretty well. On Muisng, you communicate in text. If you want to ask question or answer question, you have to write it. But you express yourself in video on DTube although you can also write there. 

If musing and dtube make a partnership, there will be a lot of changes in this platform. Then we might see people making video to answer questions. And you will also make see many video only for asking questions. We will see a different dimension then.

Whatever they do, that should stay on the basic and follow why they are starting their journey for the first place.



Musing and tube partnership would be an odd partnership to me. Musing is a question and answer platform and tube is a video sharing platform, so such a partnership would really seem odd. Musing and yahoo answer partnership is what I would consider to be a wonderful partnership or musing and quora partnership because they are all doing same thing, not musing and tube partnership

  • It wouldn't like it that way because musing and dtube are two different dapp with different purpose

That sounds horrible. It would just be a bunch of stoners sitting around making videos about  their deep thoughts where they would ramble on for hours about nothing and never actually answer the question. 


I don't think it is required, because of the following points:

  1. whether it is dtube or musing, both are functioning at the top of steem blockchain, so we can say that the engine is same , only the vehicles are of different brand.
  2. Be it musing or dtube, the users of both are getting paid in steem coins, then what is the need of a collaboration between the two.
  3. With SMT, there will be many distributedprojects which will all be working on the top of steem blockchain and so steem blockchain itself is working as a medium of collaboration or partnership indirectly.
  4. Video questions and answers can be enabled by embedding IPFS, only question is the data storage.