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Is this good opportunity for Steem blockchain to grow and become more decentralized.?
Would like to Hear you thoughts.

In the form SP, I would say yes absolutely.....

Earlier the SP were in more of a concentrated form with very limited number of steemians which are called whales and their numbers are very less also and with this low price of steem I think it is a perfect opportunity for those who missed the chance earlier or could not stake because of higher price of steem at that time.

Therefore it is a perfect opportunity for redistribution of steem power and we want to see more number dolphins at least(if not whales) this time and it should be reasonable to say like that considering the low price of steem which is 0.34 usd at the time of writing this answer.

Technically blockchain is always decentralized but when it comes to its functioning, it should be noted that fundamental economic structure should also be decentralized and the power or stake should not remain concentrated with few players or with few whales as that will not be good for the community to keep the spirit of decentralization. Although the wish or capacity to become a whale or dolphin or minnow absolutely lies with the discretion of the person itself, but when an opportunity (like now steem is 0.34 usd) knocks, then encouragement should be made so that we can bring the distributed form of stake.

Now the time has come to realize this essence of blockchain and take the low of price of steem as perfect opportunity to make it further decentralized with a number distributed dolphins (if not whales) all across the steem network, that will really bring the true essence of steem blockchain.

Further if with this low steem price we will be able to see more dolphins then it will create a more conducive atmosphere where the content will be curated more effectively and the proper purpose of steemit and steem will be established in a true sense.

Thank you and Have a great day.


What is “this?”

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@Ocupation, Yes, it's an good opportunity and when we move into more Decentralised Economy then we will going to see more independent actions and everyone will going to reiceve the inspiration to take the responsibility because when we will grow and become more Decentralised then it just not limited to few instead everyone hold the equal responsibility to work towards the growth of the Steem Economy.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


I believe we currently have a very decentralized platform. However, "out of the box" innovation is needed which is able to attract investors back, so that the adoption of the STEEM network is faster. This will also help to increase market capitalization, so that the value of STEEM crypto currency is raised again.