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Why are some people so lazy?
Because the "environment" they were raised in allows them to be so.

Most people whom one would consider lazy are mostly the ones who have an "average to rich" lifestyle. These people are mostly teenagers who relies too much on their parents fortune. Since they know that even if they didn't do anything, mommy or daddys fortune and business would still be theirs in the future and will ensure their survival. They simply just don't have any motivation to survive or to improve themselves.
Laziness sometimes is just a bad habit that some people do have,i used to have a friend that is very lazy and he is so lazy till the extent that he cannot

work for just one hour,he is so lazy that if she should wake up by 7am he will not leave the bed until 12pm,yeah you heard me correctly,that is

how extreme the guy laziness is,so i believe no one was born lazy,i believe that laziness is just a habit that some people started while growing up due to

an enabling environment which gave room for laziness

Laziness is not a good thing anyone should encourage,laziness is one of the factors that have

increased the crime rate in the society, a lazy person most of the time end up being a criminal especially when he or she wants to be wealthy but

do not want to hustle or work in other to earn a
living,someone that wants to be wealthy but do not want to work will definitely think of crime
someday because that would be the only option

they have and that is why laziness needs to be
discouraged totally,i believe some people are just lazy because they lived in a society that encouraged their laziness
because they are smart , lazy people always finds the way to easy the things that are difficult
Some people are so lazy till the extent that their laziness is becoming irritating,some people are so

lazy till the extent that they rather starve for hours

than walk down the street to get something to eat or cook,and you will be surprised at the number of

lazy people we have in this planet,many lazy people with different cause of their laziness but i

believe that the major thing that causes laziness was because they had a society that encouraged

them or let me say they were surrounded by people who gave them the room for laziness...


Laziness is usually bred from postponing something that needs to be done. It might be urgent or not but why postpone it while you can do it now?

When lazy people are faced with a simple task such as dish washing that they can do right away they postpone it for later. Before they know it, another day has come and the dishes are still piling up in the sink. The more they pile the less likely you are to get started as the task has become so much larger.

Procrastination only makes things harder and entertains laziness. The main thing to overcoming this is, if something can be completed now and you have the time then do it now! It really is a state of mind, that enables you to get it done. If the task takes longer and you don’t have the time to do it right now then schedule some time to get it done.

For more information on 40 super effective ways to beat procrastination, click here.

2. Distraction

When working, does your mind wander over to other things that are totally unrelated? If yes then you are distracted. The more you get distracted the less likely you are to complete the task.

The most common causes of distraction is social media, talkative friends and thinking about exciting upcoming events. In order to overcome laziness in this case, switch off all sources of distraction. Focus on how much time you waste on on these sources of distraction and then determine what you could achieve by using this time effectively. I’m not saying to cut your self off completely but you may need to moderate the time you spend on these distractions.

Today’s lifestyle tends to have us busy from dawn to dusk and we hardly have time to think clearly and plan for our future.

3. Poor Lifestyle Choices

Laziness caused by poor lifestyleSome people live unplanned and totally careless lifestyles. They stay up late doing things that are not important at all such as chatting on social media, watching movies and texting. Most active people on social media can confess that hours pass by without their noticing. Before they know it, its way past midnight yet they’ve got to be up early in the morning for work.

Social media tends to consume too much of everybody’s time. It keeps you busy just trying to stay up with what other people are doing and prevents you from doing what really matters. If you are a victim to this, you will experience a drowsy day whereby it is characterized by laziness and inability to get work done.

Your mind needs adequate rest and when it doesn’t, it dramatically affects your ability to perform tasks in an effective manner.

4. Exhaustion

Sometimes we work ourselves too hard at work. By the time we’re get home, we feel exhausted, we can barely take our shoes off, let alone spend some quality time for ourselves, our family or our friends.

Activity even mental activity requires energy and a clear mind. When we are exhausted, our mind is dulled and prevents the body from functioning effectively. It is therefore advisable to plan how you are going to spend your time, and divide your responsibilities wisely in order to get the important things done.

On the other hand, lazy people exhaust themselves doing non-important things such as partying, roaming and playing video games hence leaving the important things undone.

5. Indecisiveness

Life is all about the decisions you make. Some people’s minds are never made up or they can’t decide, and this can lead to indecision or laziness. You might start thinking about things to do in the morning and by noon, you still haven’t decided yet. This means that you have wasted half a day. By the time you decide, there isn’t enough time left to do it. This is a wasted day and the fact that no chore or duty has been done constitutes to laziness.

6. Poor Nutrition

What you eat determines your energy levels and brain activity.

If you don’t eat a well balanced diet, you deprive your body of the fuel that enables it to perform and hence your question ‘why am i lazy?’

When you are feeling too weak or rundown to get things done, laziness sets in. A minor chore such as filing papers will exhaust you so much that you will require a lot of rest to recover the energy. At the end of the day, you will have very little to show for it.

7. Lack of Motivation

Motivation fuels you up to do whatever needs to be done and in good time. If you love your job then you will be motivated to get things done correctly. If you don’t have motivation, you will always find reasons as to why you cannot get things done.

Some people especially those that are stuck in dead end jobs find all manner of reasons to explain their lack of performance. Such people never get things done and the more stuck they feel the more lazy they become.

8. Lack of Self Worth

If you believe in yourself, you will have the drive to get things done at home and at work to make your life comfortable.

On the other hand, those that don’t value themselves find no reason to even observe simple self hygiene. They live in dirty houses, wear dirty clothes and generally live lazy lives simply because they do not think that they deserve any better.

9. Irresponsibility

Irresponsible people tend to be lazy people. A perfect example of this is people who hire others to do tasks that they can do but don’t want to for instance nannies, gardeners, personal assistants. Having everything done for you makes you lazy and disabled.

Children brought up in families where everything is done for them end up living very irresponsible lives.

10. Too Much to Do

When one is overwhelmed with things to do, your brain tends to become confused and slows down.

The person convinces themselves that they simply cannot do it. When one is convinced that the task at hand is too much for them, they see no reason to even start hence entertaining the idea of laziness. Doing a never ending chore is also likely to de-motivate you and lead to procrastination.