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What are the best form of investments in 2018?

I believe the best investments to do right now are buying stocks and cryptocurrency.

Things i wouldn't invest into right now are bond and real estate. This is because over time interest rates will go back up causing some downward pressure on those markets.

Over a long term period stocks have always been the best investment. They go up more than any other asset class. Especially the US stock market has been doing great. The current stock market bull run is coming to an end but can last for a few more years. 

I also like cryptocurrency as an investment, with this current bear market everything has become cheap providing a buying opportunity. I see cryptocurrency as an alternative to stocks. Smart people buy stocks because it protects you against inflation over the long term. But a lot of people have become afraid of stocks since the last crisis in 2008. Equity tokens can provide an alternative to stocks. 


Hey, that's an easy question! 2018 will be a difficult year for stocks, bonds and other investments, and a terrible year for cryptocurrencies. I recommend the US dollar, US real estate, health care stocks, and for specific stock picks: Microsoft, Nike, Visa, Cisco, AMD, TripAdvisor, Chipotle, Red Hat, World Wrestling Entertainment, AMD, Lululemon, Netflix, VeriSign and Adobe.

Binance Coin is one of the better crypto opportunities, but will still be down a bit at the end of the year. Only unknown altcoins will have a positive performance, like Smartlands, Odem, Pundi, Huobi Token and Metaverse.


1. Gold Bars

Gold prints impressive price growth throughout 2017. Its price growth in 2017 reached 26%! You can weigh to place funds in gold so that the value of your money can grow far above the rate of inflation.

2. Peer-to-peer lending

For retail investors, there are more opportunities to develop funds more effectively, namely by being a funder or lenders on the Peer-to-Peer Lending (P2P lending) platform. Most P2P lending platforms allow you to develop funds through loaning money to borrowers in short tenors under a year. Payables The results of borrowing money are also tempting, averaging over 16% per year.

3. Stock mutual funds

The composite stock price index in 2017 has set the highest record in history. You can try investing in equity funds for long-term financial purposes. Although the stock mutual fund index only grew below 6% last year, some equity fund products managed to grow above 20% per year.


If you want a higher return or the results of developing funds, you can directly invest in stocks. Of course, you also need to weigh the risks, Stocks Including aggressive or high-risk types of investment instruments. But, if you run investments in stocks carefully, you can pocket big profits.

5. Property

Real investment options that are promising in the long term are property. In Indonesia, demand for property will still be high due to the gap between housing needs and the availability of housing is still very wide.


Here are the best investments you can try:

1. Gold

Gold is an item that always has high value and is well suited to be used as a type of investment for beginners in 2018. No wonder that until now gold is still the chosen type of investment. The reason is, this gold investment is a long-term investment and almost certainly its value is increasing, of course this is very beneficial for you.

2. Mutual Funds

Mutual fund is one type of investment for beginners in 2018 which is being talked about. The reason is, this mutual fund is a forum for a group of investors who want to invest in instruments available in the market. Later, the funds you invest are then managed by a trusted Investment Manager in the form of shares, bonds, money markets, and others. For this type of investment, you only need to determine the type of mutual funds without the need to think about stocks or bonds that will be purchased because all of them have already set it up.

3. Deposit

If you have a large amount of money, there is no harm in choosing this type of deposit investment. Deposits are a type of savings that has a period of time. Unlike ordinary savings, you can only make deposits and withdrawals in a predetermined time. Deposits are a type of beginner investment in 2018 which has a much greater interest than ordinary savings. The greater the money you deposit, the higher the interest you get after the due date.

4. Property

Not a few people also choose property as their investment. Like gold, the value of property prices that are increasingly rising is the main reason for them to invest. If you do have a sizeable amount of money and want to manage the money with faster results, there is no harm in choosing this type of investment. You buy a house or apartment, then rent it out and indirectly you will get additional funds every month or year.