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How do you motivate people to be more positive in life?

Feeling positive and transmitting energy to others is a great thing. As you look around, you can see and feel just the opposite. 

Many people are leaning towards the negative aspects and also tend to pass this feeling to whoever comes into contact. My advice - stay away from such people and even if you have to interact with them, make it clear that you do not want to get into the swamp along with them. 

Before getting to your question, let me first tell you about the basic nature of people which is to spread or listen to tall tales and gossip about others. Never does anyone bother to think that they too might become the target the next day. Spreading slander is bad and could hurt the reputation of a person. Even if we do not do good, why cannot we refrain from doing bad?

How to motivate people to stay positive 

  • do not talk to people who try to discourage you always 
  • stay away from gossip mongers
  • chart a timetable for daily activities and include listening to music and light exercise in the schedule
  • never give a moment's time for bad thoughts and even if it arises, ignore it and concentrate on physical work
  • try to be involved in volunteer work and help people who deserve it 
  • try to develop a hobby and be dedicated to it
  • stop reading trash or watching it on telly soaps
  • motivational material is good for activating the mind, body and soul
  • never laze around to the point of becoming lethargic 
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"How to be happy?" We have been trying to answer this question for thousands of years. Many say that by being more positive in life, and seeing things on the bright side, something that is not so easy for pessimists.

An Israeli professor who is an expert in positive psychology highlights 6 main aspects for achieving happiness: celebrating failures, thanking for the good things that happen to us, doing sports, not wanting to cover too much, meditating and being resilient, in other words, overcoming adversities with optimism. However, when you have a pessimistic or anxious personality, it can be a puzzle to apply all the advice you propose.

More or less often we have to resolve situations that may upset us, or feel that the days pass without anything happening that satisfies us. The way we perceive what happens to us, that is, our thoughts, influences our actions and our level of fulfillment. 

"Everything is in our brain"

The priming technique

It consists of drawing up a list of positive aspects about yourself and your environment, highlighting on paper aspects such as "I am in good health", "I have a family that loves me", "I am good at my job".

That technique works for me a lot, especially in evaluations, I trust myself, and I have good thoughts.

Well, in order to motivate my pessimistic friends, I simply talk to them seriously and try to explain to them that thinking they didn't achieve anything, it will happen this way. I usually guide myself with examples of people who set goals or who managed to do things that seemed impossible, or who fell but accepted it and tried again. Always motives persuasively.


Optimism comes from within. My point excatly is that, you donlt actually need another person to be positive in life. Most of the time, our negativity is from our anxieties and or from our bad experiences in the past.

So is it irreversible? Of course, it will be up to you on you can hack your life and see the good things around you.

Some of us are having difficulty appreciating even the simplest form of positivity ~ sunrise. Some would say, it's just a simple sunrise and it has nothing to do with me. It won't even affect me. I personally don't think of that response to be sensible.

If were that person I'd rather appreciate the warmth of morning sun and the bright day ahead. The morning sun would also help to sanitize my clothes and the interior of my room if there's a sunshine going through my room. As simple as that!

It is simple to teach possitivity to a person, but it will take time & initiative for a "pessimistic" person to flip and be more appreciative about life.


Now,if you want to motivate anyone, you must first of all equip yourself to have a ground to do that. And how do you do that?

Build your Reputation; You can't go about trying to motivate someone with a bad reputation. A bad reputation in the sense that, alot of people know that you beat your wife, and you want to go give motivational talks on marriage, it doesn't work out like that .

Have a Career: From your career, you will be able to live a comfortable life. You can't be looking weak and hungry, and expect anyone to listen to whatever you have to say.

Live Responsibly: Living responsibly is simply having a family to take care of. As a motivational speaker, some things about you will be analysed to know if you are actually what you are talking people into.

You can't be a wife beater, and you expect people to listen to you when you talking about marriage.

Thereafter, you can start motivating people to be more positive in life. You can start by using yourself as an example.

Tell them about your experiences, and how you got to where you are now.

Tell them about the importance of being optimistic towards life situations. Tell them the need for perseverance.

Motivate them by saying that there is a great reward through hardwork.