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Who is your all time favourite writer?

  It is very hard for me to pin-point an all-time favorite writer. I love literature, have always been like that all my life. I learned to read when I was 4, through comic books and started to read Greek myths when I was 5 or 6, thus all fantastic literature is great for me (with some pitiful exceptions). From that genre, J. K. Rowling is probably the one writer who has done it the best. Her Harry Potter series amount to more pages than the whole life work of many authors. Those books can be read once and again without ever getting you tired or bored. It's fast-paced, well written, light and deep at the same time.

That being said, I love all kinds of literature and have read all genres, including some experimental writing that makes little sense. From the non-children’s lit genre, I’d say Gabriel Garcia Marquez is one of my favorite. 100 Years of Solitude is probably the best novel I have ever read. It combines all the formal elements that make fiction worth reading plus it has humor, gore, eroticism, and historical references that can ignite anybody’s curiosity and imagination.

I love most American authors’ work, which I have studies since my graduate school years. I especially like Poe, Hawthorne, Twain, Frost, and Fitzgerald. I learned to appreciate good literature from all periods, races, and genres and by doing so I have been able to see that literature makes all human affinities connect. All good writers have the same vision of an egalitarian and just world where justice and beauty are revered over any ideology or religion.

From modern times, I love writers as diverse as Kurt Vonnegut, Roberto Bolaño, Toni Morrison, Stephen King, Dave Barry, Julia Ávarez, Junot Díaz, and Sherman Alexie. There is also this one book from Norwegian writer Jostein Gaarder, Sophie's World, which I'd recommend to any youth or adult. From my country’s literary tradition, I will always keep in mind Romulo Gallegos’s Doña Bárbara, Arturo Uslar Pietri’s Lanzas Coloradas. Classic novels that bring the best of Venezuela's history and culture.


Danielle Steel and James Hadley Chase.. Damn! I need to start reading again. I literally grew up on their books, those two are the best to me till date..


Ruskin Bond! I love his works. He is one of the wonderful writer as most of his writings are like masterpiece and have reflection of growing India, struggling India back in 1940's era. Night Train at Deoli, Skeleton in the cupboard are some of his masterpiece. When you read his stories or writings its like you are entering in his world, the more you read the more you will deeply sense the stuff he written. You can actually feel the India in his writings. Night train at Deoli is a short write so give it a try you will get it what I mean! 


My all-time favorite writer is Hasan Tiro

Full name: Dr. Tengku Hasan Muhammad at Tiro LL.D Ph.D

He was a prominent figure in the founding of the Free Aceh Movement (GAM), a movement that sought to fight for Aceh's independence from Indonesia. The movement officially reconciled through the Helsinki agreement in 2005 and disarmed them.

Died: June 3, 2010, Banda Aceh

Child: Karim di Tiro

Nationality: Indonesia, Sweden


I have not read so many books and literature like most people but a writer whose books i have loved is William Shakespeare for sure. I enjoyed most of his books and they are very captivating and immerse you into the scenes as they unfold.

One time in secondary school when we treated his tragedies of Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Othelo; i really got angry the way they ended and i nearly fell out with him on that occasion.

I was young then and all i wanted for my stories was a happy ending even the tragedies hahahahahhh.


Stieg Larsson; He wrote the first three books in the novel series Noir, Millenium. In his work the film "The Girl of the Tattooed Dragon" is based. Only wrote these three books because unfortunately the saga was supposed to have 7 books but Stieg died of cardiac arrest when the 3rd was still in issue. Luckily the 3rd book ends in a way that does not leave us with an existential emptiness and although other writers have continued the saga I prefer to do in my mind that they are only three (I am a fussy eater).


My favorite writer is Michael Hyatt. One of the books that is very popular and is popular with that is "Your Best Year Ever". Book that contains goal setting and achievements in personal life and career life.


@jayplayco is my favorite writer on steem blockchain (and Steemhunt).

Nah, if your question is about the writer of novel, i love J.K Rowling,